How the Light of Each Day Begins for Me

By now you know the outcome of the presidential election in the United States. As you are likely to be energetically aware, may I recommend putting a pale blue bubble around you for courage and strength for a few days while at the same time surrounding the USA with the emotionally softening and powerful Violet Flame offered to us by St. Germain. The first suggestion was given to me yesterday in a Pleiadian channeling provided by another lightworker.  The shades of the Blue Ray is often associated with Arch Angel Michael. The second one, lovely violet hues, is one of my oft used tools learned in the last year or so.  Be comforted as we are only seeing that which has been very dark for eons come into the light of day in order to be transmuted. You are either becoming increasingly aware of your own role in this transformation or are long in the service to it. Godspeed at any point. We need you, I thank you.

At the moment, I am tucked away in my suburban neighborhood quietly going about my business. Maybe you are wondering what exactly is my ‘business’. Perhaps it would help if I told you what my business is in one small part of my day: morning. Morning is when I lay the foundation for how I intend to participate in the rest of the day: peacefully, centered, and potently. Sometimes I get asked to describe my inner activity in order to help others consider and configure theirs. For many years, even though I was very awake to my spiritual life, I had not yet acquired a level of self responsibility in my daily life that encouraged me to adequately love and support myself spiritually on the planet. In fact, on this planet, that which is NOT light heavily depends upon us ignoring our inner awarenesses to a large extent.

So, here is how I self-responsibly begin my day. Whether during a short meditation or more often, during exercise, I mentally create what is termed a merkaba, that is, I reestablish a union between my consciousness and my current life on this planet. You will find a ton more information about what that means along with its history with a simple search. Before someone writes a long comment on this, I am no authority on merkabas, I’m just telling you what I do for myself, given my own learning, in my plain language. For me, this merkaba takes the form of two pyramids, one above and one below that come together over me such that I am at the center. From the outside it would look like a multi-pointed 3D star. Sometimes varying colored light rays pour in through this very mathematical looking structure given its architectural design.

The next thing I do is send a pillar of light through the center of my body all the way down to Inner Earth. There I am typically greeted by the same older being who will guide me just as he did the first time I visited. I am often told “it is good to see you again Amber”. I either spend some time in a Healing Chamber, which looks like a small pyramid- for-one of varying colors inside, or am asked to proceed into their community. Sometimes I do both at the same time, it just depends on what my escort there recommends. I am also often told “We love you, we have always loved you.” These beings are grateful to be of service.

Just after establishing my connection to Inner Earth, I head due north. I send my pillar of light up into what I perceive as the multiverse, all the way to Source. And for me, that is past the mid-sun to the Great Central Sun, the Source of All That Is. Here is where I align my chakra system and complete energy body to Source. I also declare that “all that is not mine goes back to Source”. This means that, being an empath, anything I come into contact with this day that is not for my own healing and growing, will be summarily bounced back to Source versus interfering in my energy system in any way. My empath readers will completely understand this requirement. And most certainly, most of you reading this item are empaths. If you are unsure, you likely are, and as such, knowledge IS power.

It is at this point that if I am going to be engaged by my Council or if I have a request of my Medical Team that these types of clairsentient interactions begin. I will save some of these experiences for future blogs. Most of all today I wanted to share my morning routine with you in the hopes that I can add something to yours or give you new insights that can support you in some small or big way. Seems just now that some of you are asking me how long all this takes. Mere minutes. Unless I begin to get into a dialogue with members of my Council or others who visit, the daily routine is brief. And powerful. Om shanti (which is an invocation for peace.)




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