Return your Mind and Will to your Heart


When you were born your heart was very open and your mind and will were in perfect alignment with it. This is the powerful design with which you arrived. Your intelligent heart was open to everything on the earth and accepting of all the humans who were caring for you.

As has been the path for human beings for thousands of years, by the time you became an adult, your heart was no longer open. And your mind and will had become adrift from their natural moorings within your heart. You learned that to be alive meant to experience daily suffering. This suffering took every manner of form in your life.

While your heart became a poetic idea and biologic function, your mind and will became the predominant players, wrestling with one another for leadership in your life. Your mind, doing as it is designed, bombarded you with options and ideas and your will  dutifully pushed you hard to achieve and succeed. Sometimes your mind and will worked together. Sometime they did not.Without your heart leading the overall effort, you took thought-based and driven action in life surprisingly and repeatedly feeling the same way: at first curious and hopeful, then hurt, sad, angry, and defeated. I understand what happened to you. It happened to me too.

If you are reading this, you likely know, or are coming to realize, that you have been in quiet shock for a long time. You may also know that you are experiencing grief over sustained injury and loss. Shock and grief, hallmarks of psychological trauma, are the normal emotional outcome of living with a mind and will disconnected from your heart, where your true wisdom, purpose, and direction lives. To make the problem more clear,it is from this vantage point that you expressed yourself through relationships, friendships and jobs. Whereas most humans did not fare so well in this scenario, some of you managed well enough. I was one of the lucky ones, if it could be called that. I had love, friends, and good work. But in truth my heart was barely beating.

Take a moment right now. Can you feel your heart beating? Do you have a sense of it there in your chest? Good, because that is exactly where to begin. Awareness. Are you ready to reclaim your heart and call it back to its innate leadership position?

Here is one way to get started:

  1. Allow yourself to gently acknowledge what has been painful about being alive
  2. Decide that self responsibly loving and nurturing yourself takes precedence over any thing or anyone else
  3. Complain bitterly about why number 2 can not be done
  4. Go back to number 2 and argue with yourself and explore the role of victim until Self Love wins then go to number 5
  5. Develop a daily nurturing routine that is as unique as you are
  6. Feel how quickly your intelligent heart comes alive and how easily the mind and will are called back in service to it
  7. Enjoy expressing your life on this gorgeous planet for the first time ever

This path to recovery, while painful at times, is not as painful as what you have already experienced and WILL help you heal quickly and effectively. Be forewarned: your life will change dramatically for the better. Sometimes we become so addicted to suffering it is hard to allow anything else to happen. I wish you Godspeed.






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