It is Time to Remember How You Arrived on this Planet


Here is the good news. You arrived on the planet oh so very well equipped to thrive and enjoy your life. You came front loaded with the ability to navigate every aspect of living on this spectacular orb called Earth. The challenging news is, once you got here, you forgot all about all the power, capabilities, and connectivity built into your operating system.

Without being anchored in your own power center, which is located in your heart, you began soaking up anything outside of yourself that seemed to help you make your way in life. Let us refer to what you took in as programming. You got pretty far on what you took in, but you also suffered mightily along the way.

In our consciousness world many of us suggest that you agreed to this arrangement before you came.  I will pause here while you make a puzzled look with your face or curse outright, which I am used to because I still do both a couple of times of week for much the same reason you are doing it now. In many of our consciousness communities it is said that say you fell asleep when you got here. That sounds a wee bit poetic. Hardly.

And now, since you are reading this, you are remembering or taking a leap in the remembering of who you truly are as it has been occurring within you for a while. And just like coming in from the freezing cold, warming up to your own suffering, which is the natural consequence in this scenario, is PAINFUL. Seriously painful. Some humans literally do not make it through this situation alive. And you can understand that because you too have already considered taking a hacksaw to the pain or otherwise attempted to blot it out with distractions like substances, awkward relationships, or any other noisy sensations. I know. I did all of that too.

And now you, at almost your wits end, are reading this odd-ball blog. How did you get here? How did you get to such a desperate point in your life that you are actually on the verge of believing even one word of the opening paragraph. What a bunch of phooey. I do not blame you if you stop right here and proceed directly back to the last sentence of the paragraph above and keep doing those things. No judgement beloved.

Your own awakening is just that. Your own. But you should know this. A small but potent number of us volunteered to come here to live just as you are doing right now. We too came to experience what you have experienced and then went about reconnecting our own dots to our true selves. We are still doing that and we had the added bonus of then being wired to tell you what we learned in order to be helpful. Big sigh.

The truth is many of us did not make it either. Many of us left the planet because the task was simply too painful. Can you even imagine agreeing to, as we are told we did, this kind of arrangement? THIS is why I grimace and curse at times. But I do this anyway. Because I, and all the others love you. Literally love you as we too love our selves and are so loved.

If you made is this far, here is what I want you to know today:

  1. You literally have everything you need to live and enjoy your life on earth right there inside of you
  2. You have access to a profound amount of information and support inside of you that is simply awaiting your engagement
  3. It is easy to begin, no long bouts of prayer or meditation are required, no matter what ‘they’ say
  4. Because you arrived onto a ‘free-will’ planet, you will need to make choices
  5. You are free to choose how you think and how you feel which at first will make you grumpy because you thought ‘others’ did that for you
  6. One through 5 are true for you every single day of your soul’s current embodiment on earth

If you are still with me at this point, tune in next week. You are in for more than you bargained for when you start mixing it up with the likes of me. Promise.


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