Your ‘Energy Management’ Recipe


Here is where it is going to get a little weird for some of you. As I often disclaim: you are reading this because you were directed here by your Higher Self. To be clear, your Higher Self is a catch-all name for ALL that is available to your consciousness. As I have, you will eventually come to name aspects of your Higher Self more accurately as your awareness grows. But for now, we will stick to Higher Self because it is expedient.

You are wondering what ‘energy management’ means. You have an idea that if you eat well and exercise, as many of you do, that you will have sustained physical and mental ‘energy’ across the day. For our purpose, I am referring to your total energy system from the standpoint of your Energy Body, that is, all the aspects of you that receive and emit information consistent with being a person. I am referring to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. For those wishing to go deeper into the subject of the Energy Body, you can easily research that and see a much more expanded explanation about the human energetic system. You will be surprised at the composition with which you came to earth.

I am asked today to share with you my own fundamental energy management routine as a way to show you what is possible. What I will share with you is my own amalgamation built on years of experimentation and learning. It works for me such that I am calm, centered, and focused (most of the time). My intent on sharing it is not that you do it my way, it is that you create something that can work for you over time. Caring well for your Energy Body, contrary to much of what you will read, does not have to be burdensome or time consuming. It simply has to be done on a daily basis to establish a habit, much like all the other habits you acquired.

Your energy management routine is more about expanding your personal hygiene. You brush your teeth and comb your hair, right? Well, imagine what I am about to tell you from that vantage point. Some of you will want to explore for yourself a number of the items expressed here for better understanding about what they are and why I chose them. I will bold those. Here are the elements I use to manage my Energy Body for any given day in my life:

  1. From anywhere at anytime, but usually in the morning, I imagine a crystalline pillar running through the center of my body, out the bottom of my feet and out the top of my head.
  2. From my feet this pillar runs to Inner Earth where I embed my pillar, sometimes into pink quartz. Often I take more time here, but that description is for another day.
  3. From my head this pillar runs to Source where I embed my pillar there, also sometimes into pink quartz. It simply does not matter how you define Source.
  4. I extend another crystal pillar across myself horizontally to infinity.
  5. Then two pyramids, one above, one below (turned upside down) are brought over me in such a way they form a Merkaba, a multi-dimensional star shape, with me at the center.
  6. I then align my Energy Body to Source declaring that all I come into contact with that does not belong to me, be returned to Source. Many of you reading this are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) or Empaths such that this step alone is going to change your life for the better.

This entire process takes a matter of moments. The key is that I do it There are a wide variety of other activities I engage in, including fitness, nutrition, meditation, smudging, and chanting to name only a few, adapted from an assortment of Teachers and Schools. I use any combination of these depending on what I intuitively need or want to accomplish but the above ‘recipe’ is my baseline in order to stay grounded and well within myself.

I am sending you Love and Knowing you will find an energy management routine that is just right for you using any and all elements that intuitively feel right for you.


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