Fall in Love with Yourself. Soon.


If the title of this post did not make you roll your eyes and run away then you are ready to consider what comes next. Contrary to everything you have been programmed on Earth to believe, self-love IS the key to unlocking a remembrance of the power of who you truly are and who you agreed to be when you chose to come to earth this lifetime. Self-love requires a level of commitment to yourself with attributes that are impossible to be defined by anyone other than you.

Is lavender hair, wearing sparkly flats, or donning a kilt and smoking fat cigars expressions of self love? Could be. Is leaving your joyless job, lowering your expenses, and moving to Indonesia self love? Perhaps. And self love may also simply be saying no to things, people, and places that do not elicit in you sufficient comfort, pleasure and well-being. I am sure you can think of many things that would be clear signs of self love if you allowed yourself to think, feel and behave from this perspective.

In full disclosure, I have not mastered self-love. I still habitually deny myself love in the same fashion you do. Just not as much as I used to. I still shower myself with negative and dismissive thoughts befitting a person in these contemporary times. I enslave my access to joy and pleasure in unique and extreme ways having learned from my family and society in the very same ways you have. And the most painful aspect of  this self-denial is that it is mostly unconscious. I have been, just as you are, an ideal citizen from this perspective. As such, this growing awareness of my lack of self love puts me in an effective position to suggest that there exists a crucial need for both of us to achieve more of  it. And fast.

Here is why I mention the urgency. You arrived on the planet as I did, ready to love and be loved and ready to carry out a life of your own unique design. Then you forgot all of that. Not because of anything you did wrong, but because this forgetting was part of the mission. You learned that fear, separation and survival were the priority of the others you encountered here. You nursed on it. You ate of it. You practice it. And now you are indoctrinated into it. No one need supply it to you at this point. Your free will thoughts reach for it time and again. But now you are awakening. Otherwise we would not be meeting here.

The frank truth is that love is an infinitely higher energetic vibration than fear, separation and survival. Take some time to learn about what the last one hundred years of quantum physics and quantum mechanics tells us about the energy signature of thoughts and emotions, especially the difference between thoughts associated with love and those associated with fear. At a lower energy vibration you are less likely to challenge the status quo, less likely to participate in a healthy family and less effective in supporting your community and beloved Earth. You are more likely to be lonely, have disease, to suffer, and be controlled by what others think of you.In other words, who you came to be, with all the powerful love and intent with which you arrived, can not be made manifest.

With the intent of helping you kick-start or advance your own falling in love with yourself project, here are some things I find helpful:

  1. Using high quality essential oils to support your body,mind and spirit
  2. Grounding yourself each morning both into the Earth and into Source
  3. Surrounding your Energy Body with a protective and supportive Light
  4. Calling on the energy of various Angels to assist healing pain and suffering
  5. Paying attention to your thoughts throughout the day to keep them positive
  6. Asking then eating what your body tells you it prefers
  7. Exercising most days in the way your body asks to move
  8. Surrounding yourself with earth elements like stones and crystals
  9. Listening to peaceful music, reading poetry and engaging any form of creativity
  10. Valuing, inviting and being open to more love into your life in all forms

As one who does all of the things on this list as of today, I can say that my life has an unprecedented quality of self-love evidenced by focus, peace, comfort and groundedness. And this level of self-love allows me to truly love others in ways historically unavailable to me. Sending you Love.



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