My Multidimensional Story: The Arrival of Light Language

Here’s what I know for myself about Light Language. Just as with our human earth languages, whether written, spoken or sung, when encountered, they are power packed with vibratory frequencies and resonances that manifest conditions within your current experience. Think about how and why you use language today and you can apply that to Light Language. Language is evocative, it can trigger ecstasy, provide direction to build grand civilizations or lull a tired baby to sleep. Language in any expression can also heal.

As a kid growing up in rural Virginia I had the distinct experience of witnessing an entire congregation speaking in ‘tongues’ becoming ecstatically overcome by vocalizing the strangest sounds I’d ever heard as a way of connecting with God. I’d stare wide eyed around the sanctuary feeling the energy being conjured but yet shocked at the level of heightened emotion being achieved among a group of about 75 people. I was, after all, growing up in the United Methodist church among souls who made nary a peep during the sermon. These people speaking in tongues were further up the road at the Pentecostal Holiness church. I was there as a guest at times with a friend of mine whose family attended. I now know without a doubt, that speaking in tongues is a very close cousin to what I’ve come to experience myself via Light Language.

I begin this part of my own story by telling you this, you can’t unknow what you know. And this is true of the arrival of Light Language. Once you start hearing it, seeing it in written form and then speaking it, you can’t go back to unknowing it. And trust me, you never want to forget it (again). I am going to tell you what I know about Light Language from my perspective only. From where do you think human languages derived?

I write my experiences here as an act of Unity Consciousness. The human leaders for what is New Earth in the 5th dimension have already been born and are arriving daily. If you are reading this, you are one of them. I tell you this because I am one of many educators on human planetary consciousness and living in the New 5D Earth. It is our job in Service to the Ascension process to tell our stories so that you may have support and comfort in these quantum changes and leaps you are now taking.

In fact, the more you are willing to allow yourself to disclose to yourself more fully who you are and of what you are capable, the more powerful and integrated your conscious existence on earth and beyond will become. During this ascension period on Gaia there are many humans  wishing to shape your conceptualizations about the experiences you are having. Some indeed are excellent Teachers or Wayshowers who arrived for this very moment to assist you. And there are others who have a storyline of their own that they wish, consciously or unconsciously, you to adopt as your own. Most of all learn to trust yourself and be very discerning. I’m sharing my story with you so you can begin or further see who you are, not who I am.

About six months ago I started seeing written symbolic content on line that the posters indicated was from various parts of our cosmos via star systems known in my esoteric community. Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran, Pleaidian, and Lemurian were the most common items I saw. They each struck me as fundamental in some way and fairly easy to understand on whole. I’ve always loved art, am an artist, and from childhood could feel what the artist was conveying as if I was ‘reading’ paintings or drawings.  In most instances, to my reading, the content typically fell into the category of instructions of various types or poetic conveyance. I saw that some of the writing looked familiar via academic and esoteric content documented by the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians– ancient civilizations. I took each at face value and enjoyed that experience.

I noticed that very quickly I became pretty adept at knowing which writing was from which gallaxy. I could see the roundness of the Arcturian content, the conji- like stick forms of the Sirians and the curly forms from the Lemurians. Here is where, yes, you realize I accept that life exists across our intelligent multiverse. It simply made sense to me that all life forms and communities therein put their expressive spin on written and spoken language just as we do here on third dimensional earth. Sometimes I would practice writing these forms and send them out to one of my smaller communities. I knew that at least a handful people there were having their own engagement on this or related subjects. And many more would just be curious. All good.

As I continued exploring the written language, I took a look at a couple youtube videos of people who were speaking in Light Language.  In a handful of videos, some more polished and tonal than others, I heard sounds that made my whole body shake with awareness. Whereas I used to only get ‘chills of truth’ as they are called when something is true knowledge, I now receive strong bouts of physical tremors too, kind of like louder chills.  I understood more or less what was was happening. In all of them some type of spiritual service was being offered, usually a healing for some aspect of our auric field or chakra system. In a couple others content was being downloaded or channelled and the viewer was simply being given the opportunity to receive  information of some sort. Given my many years in esoteric living, I don’t tend to casually consume other people’s healing work or downloads in this way but I understood what was being offered.

I did find one trusted advanced Teacher in my collective with whom I thought I could explore my vocal expressions of Light Language. Here is where I ran into enormous self judgement, a psychic wounding from childhood that said, “ok, it’s one thing to see this and even draw these languages as an artist-type, but is it another thing entirely to open your mouth, Amber, and begin to speak in this way as if you could possibly be conveying anything at all. That is a bridge too far even for you.” I’m chuckling as I write this but in fact it was a hindrance at first. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last that I ran into the wall of my own human self limiting beliefs and programming. My own enslavement. Gosh, I thought, the last thing I need at this time in my life is to be seen as some kind of nut-job just prattling along in some strange “languages”. I mean really, who needs that in their life. Life is hard enough.

Eventually I reminded myself that above all else I cling to a solid sense of hard earned sovereignty these days and that I had to allow myself to go as far as I wanted on this topic. So I set up my session and from there we began to explore who I was from this perspective. And it was here that I received assistance to release my blocks in order to allow the languages to flow more freely. At this point in my life I express myself across three Light Languages, Sirian, Arcturian, and Ancient Lemurian. Some people would argue about the latter and tell me it is really Pleaidian but there is a good story as to why they are quite similar.

When do I use these languages? With myself any time at all. Do I understand what I am saying? Yes, most of all I feel what is being conveyed. Light language, for me, very often skips the human need to conceptualize using our cognitive functions and goes right for the energy system via the heart, solar plexus, pineal gland and thymus. On any given day I am often chatting quietly with myself in Lemurian Light Language. When I do individual client work any number of these languages will occur in response to what my client is presenting to me. When I am engaged in more technical esoteric pursuits, I’ll describe next time, I’m typically engaged in Sirian Light Language. You can find me talking to you in Arcturian Light Language on my YouTube videos labeled ‘Love Letters from Alantiria’. Alantiria is just one aspect of my expanded consciousness experience of myself and these videos are offered just as that, love letters to anyone who happens to catch them. All in Love. All in Service.

It’s my great pleasure to be with you and all of us as we make this historic passage into the fifth dimensional plane. Much love, Amber



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