Practical Energetics: Human Consciousness Ascension Symptoms

I am called to take a break from documenting my own lifelong path to multidimensional consciousness to offer some basics for what I call practical everyday energetics. Many of you already have a keen sense of the ascension experience but it may serve as a helpful and functional reminder for what you have been experiencing or are going further into these days. Plus, like me, you likely have peers who may not be as versed as you are asking you questions about this subject. Please feel free to share this plainspoken description with them.

At this time in earth’s history human beings have reached a ‘tipping point’ as a species such that many more of us are no longer leading lives dependent on external content, beliefs, institutions and ideas. We are self-responsibly going inside of ourselves for new ways of perceiving and experiencing who we are and why we exist. We are beginning, in much larger numbers than ever before, to awaken to our innate talent, abilities, awareness and choices.

When this more sovereign way of living occurs for an individual, you are more prone to create a life that is more satisfying and more aligned with well being for yourself, your relationships, families and all. As more and more people do this, even seemingly independent of one another, they are affecting both their own lives and the lives of those around them. This way of living, as more people make this shift, begins to change whole communities in the very same way. You’ve heard and seen the ‘be the change you want to see’ theme a lot lately. The concept of ascension in consciousness, which then impacts externalized intent and action is one way of understanding what that means.

On ascension symptoms. I am writing here on the very basic symptoms humans are now reporting relative to the rise in human consciousness typically referred to in the spiritual sciences and multi-path energetics communities. Any internet search on the term ‘ascension symptoms’ will provide what I am sharing here but I will do so in my own plain language. If you go out to the internet, for the newer and intermediate student, the content you will find that surrounds the concept may be a bit distracting. Of course I am a firm believer that you attract the information you need that will take you further on your path. 

Since 2012 I myself have had and continue to have most of the following conditions occurring so I can attest to what is generally accepted as being true in the broader community. Remember, this expressed content is not a traditional health and human medical sciences concept, not at all. If you read this with that in mind, you will easily dismiss the intent of the content. Instead read with your sensing self, your creative mind, and your inner aware-self. 

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1. A withdrawal from historical routines with media in various forms to include news in every format and television programming that repeatedly demonstrates violence, suffering, mean-spiritedness for entertainment of any kind. This includes a withdrawal from previously enjoyed gaming that included the same.
2. A marked increase in the inability to withstand negative conversations with friends and family that in the past used to be a routine part of your communications and relationships. In some cases, this had led to your choosing to begin to limit or closeout those relationships, some of them with love relationships and close friends.
3. A deepening restlessness relative to your working life. A noticeable aversion to putting going into a job in which you experience yourself as an unseen commodity that works within rules and limits to your expression and whose role is to perform and produce for money without the return of enjoyment, fulfillment, sense of meaning and connectivity to others.
4. An increased sense of urgency to enjoy your life more than you do today. In the past, you were able to bypass this urge when it popped up. Today it is louder than ever.
5. An increased call to serve in your community in new ways. For some this is a call to work for peace, justice, and well-being for all humans, nature and planet.
6. A growing awareness that an entire cosmos exists inclusive of our own solar system and the multiverse beyond. For some, this includes exploring what is known both in our earthly sciences and in our metaphysical systems relative to the galaxy and life therein.
7. A new or renewed advanced interest in caring well for yourself. This includes creating daily habits that may include focused nutritional improvements to include added attention to a plant-based diet, new exercise routines less focused on how you want your body to look and more focused on how you want your body, mind and spirit to feel, added interest in the use of natural nutritional supplements via essential oils, minerals, green superfoods, etc.,taking classes or reading to advance your personal well-being, and the re-engagements or additional exploration into yoga, meditations, crystals, and spiritual energy work of many kinds.
8. For some, intense buzzing in the ears. Whereas I can tell you more about why this is happening and what this is in a future post, the right ear buzzing relates to personal content, and the left ear is planetary/cosmologically based.
9. A curious sense that time has sped up somehow. Time feels as if it is passing faster than ever. Historically older humans were the only people who tended to notice this and say so. Now, many people will remark at how fast time seems to move.I will also write more on why this is occurring in the future too.
10. Unusual body aches and pains in muscles and joints, head aches, nausea, bouts of fatigue at time points severe, and flu-like symptoms that seem to appear and then recede on their own. Some of these symptoms will (and should) send you to your physician. Better to check out what is happening. For the average human, these are not based in physical pathologies.
11. For the more highly sensitive humans who always had keen extra-sensory awarenesses that they more or less kept to themselves, the are having a significant uptick in those empathic, intuitive, insight oriented experiences. In some cases, they are experiencing more phenomenological experiences than they ever have in their lifetime. For them, this is a Call to Service but initially it can become overwhelming, especially since these humans tend to be isolated with what they are experiencing.

Okay. Yes. I realize that is a long list. The fact is, the list could be made much longer. For the newly emerging, intermediate, or even advanced consciousness student, of which you fall somewhere here, the ways ascension symptoms are expressing themselves are as vast and unique as you are. This process is happening to every living being on the planet today.

Most of all, care well for yourselves. This is a time that has been expected to arrive for humans on earth for eons and is written about in many esoteric systems and expressions. For a great many of these paths, it is a time of great celebration and joy for we are returning to who we really are how we are all meant to live as loving, powerful and unified souls in human form and in harmony with all that exists.

Much love, Amber

If any of this is happening to you and you want support with what is happening, I can help. I provide Skype consultations on this and much more, as a clairsentient intuitive channel and former psychotherapist, I teach about and address this content in support of your growth and integration. Please email me at or call 571-969-6904 to make an appointment for 1.5hr/165.00 (USA) 


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