My Multidimensional Awareness: On My Walk Today

It has become important to many in our consciousness, esoteric and metaphysical energy communities to share more personally about how we go about our daily lives knowing what we know and doing what we do with that knowledge. This is especially true of our lightworker, grid worker, and healing energy service-to-the-planet and service-to-other souls. This call to share is particularly clarion for those of us with Unity and Christ Consciousness missions. Many of us now are being asked to tell our stories, not just our past experiences, but our experiences as they unfold.

The reason for this is that you are changing a lot lately. You are being called, pushed and moved to release people, jobs and beliefs at such a rapid pace it seems more than a little disorienting. You are watching others do the very same. Plus you are having new awarenesses and understandings changing you in ways you could not previously have imagined.

Skills and abilities that used to be firmly only in the realm of intuitives, channelers and healing artists are becoming more evident in your own experiences. For these reasons, many of us are asked by our own guidance, to the extent with which we feel comfortable, to show you what it looks like to be a person participating in the world who is also highly conscious and awakened to their energetic life.

Why is this important to share? Because humans are being greatly challenged to balance their own personal changes and awakenings with their routine existences. At no other time in human history has consciousness taken the leap it is in the midst of right this very moment. It is true that the planet has morphed in quantum ways from her beginnings, but humans have never sustained– lived through, those leaps. This time, we are leaping with Gaia. And it is causing unparalleled change with variable rates of disturbance in our psyches.

On my walk today one of my guides asked to speak with me. For the record, I am clairsentient which means that my guides are mostly ‘felt-seen’. In this case it was Aga who came calling on me what with all of her lovely purple and green hues. She waited patiently as I finished my morning energy alignment before I turned my full attention to her. I asked her what it was she wanted to convey to me. Here is what she said, with a bit of paraphrasing.

“Amber, we have been watching you struggle to integrate all of your new awareness lately. This summer you had a lot of growth in your talents and abilities and at the same time you had other very challenging things occur.”  She was right. I did have some fairly large leaps in my consciousness awareness and energetic skills and I did, at the same time, have some serious family themes to address. I had, by the end of summer, become fairly overwhelmed and drained.

pablo (81)

She went on to advise me to “take life very slowly now, be very gentle with yourself. Understand that the changes taking place are simply occurring because it is the time for them.” Aga encouraged me to allow myself to just let all of these new experiences integrate themselves and avoid ‘overworking’ them, which is my previous survival-based habit. She said all of my guides had been watching me wrestle with what had occurred. They all wanted me to take it easier on myself.

Then later in the morning I found myself in a short conversation with another lovely lightworker. She volunteered, when I asked how she was, that she had felt she was really making headway on her own consciousness growth in the last few weeks but felt disappointed things had not progressed as she hoped. She guessed she had more work to do.

When I heard that I felt compelled to remind her that she is, as I am, as you are, enough. If you are reading this, you already hold an enormous amount of light on earth. You already Serve beautifully as an energetic conduit in all the ways that are unique to your blueprint. Much of the way you Serve is not quite known to you yet. Aga was only telling me what I have told a number of people lately: simply being you, with your loving and compassionate intent and actions from day to day is enough.

As humans we are programmed to virtually sprint through life. We are encouraged to use ourselves up, drive and overwhelm ourselves to achieve and produce in ways that set us apart from, in opposition to, or over one another.  The power of quietly being who we are IS changing the earth, is bringing healing, peace and advancement to humankind. We are reacquainting ourselves with who we truly are and in so doing helping ALL of us merge beautifully with All That Is.

Our job today is to seek balance within this new place inside ourselves. Thanks to many gates and triggers of late, a lot of heavy lifting has already been done for us. We are now shaking out the effects, aligning and integrating. We are free, sovereign in fact, to carry on with earthly duties and engagements that fit our lifestyles, relationships, interests and needs. Your light goes with you and shines from within you everywhere and anywhere you determine it to be.

Wishing you peace, comfort and ease today. It’s my pleasure to share my experiences with you, to encourage you, and love you in this way.  Namaste.- Amber




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