Multidimensional Living: Holding Frequency Each Day

In my teaching lately I am on a practical energetics mini-mission. In myself and others I’m finding that we, service-to-other beings, are grappling on a daily basis with maintaining our aligned consciousness frequency. This means that either physically, emotionally, relationally or otherwise we temporarily forget who we are, we go on tangents that loop us into suffering or just seem to fall apart in a million other ways. Sometimes this condition grabs us for moments, sometimes for days. Raise your hand, if like me, you are wobbling in this way.

Forgive yourself. You are, after all, in human form. It comes with the territory. Our Kind can be very hard on ourselves. We are driven by the energy signatures of ascension (rising) Unity and Christ Consciousness. No small body of work. You came to the planet at birth fully loaded with the dormant DNA light codes ready to trigger at their appointed (blueprinted) time. Guess what? It’s time. And now you are invariably enlightened to such a degree that you can’t help but align with your mission to Serve at a more intensified level. Integrating this experience is challenging because you still have to handle your human business in a functional way. I totally get this.

pablo (86)

I spent some time this morning contemplating this very situation with one of my Teachers. Here is what he shared with me and as often occurs now, he directed this to all of us.  “Service to other humans, your time has come. There are more of you polarizing to who you are. You are now able to hold this frequency more capably. More of you are making a daily habit of connecting within Gaia and beyond Her to All That Is.  This alone creates a magnetic engagement that crosses through your DNA in such a way that you become a nodal point for awakening to others.”

What he wanted me to understand is that our drive to assist this planet and all beings that reside on her, is really a mission within ourselves first and foremost. It becomes a daily practice not unlike our other routines for living here. Whereas so many of us have amazing esoteric learning and experiences our mission right now is to get our own habits in place that help us hold the frequencies in a more stable way from day to day.

We have cleared so much lately in ourselves that we’ve made the space that was needed. We have done very well here. Up until this point we’ve been very busy hanging on to our senses while being washed up in the tidal wave of incredible changes inside ourselves, in our personal lives and in our world around us. Now it is time to turn our attention to stabilizing the activated (enlightened) encodements you now have in your energy system.

How do I do this? At some point every day, usually in the morning, I ground my energy into the earth and then send it into what I know to be the Central Sun and anchor it there.  I release any energy that is not mine with love back to Source. Then I engage my surrounding merkabah (matrix) usually inviting a cylindrical overlay of platinum diamond light codes. At times I place myself within a healing chamber where then appears color rays and geometrical forms tailored to my needs.  This general framework has been my routine for the last couple of years. My point in sharing my habit is just to encourage you to develop your own methods if you have not already done so.

The more our Kind is able to hold our humanity AND our multidimensional consciousness within a comfortable range, versus wobbling deeply in one direction or another, the more effectively we are able to resonate the Unity & Christconsiousness template or light codes to our fellow humans along our path. This resonance IS what is changing the planet, along with the earth’s own dedicated efforts to the same end. She is shifting and we are going right along with her. Historically no humans have made this transit.

This story of ascension in human consciousness is told in many ways across the eons. It is truly the most beautiful and powerful experience I have ever known in this lifetime. And at the same time, the practical routines that are required in order to sustain it, for the individual, is tremendous to say the least.

My wish for you, for all of Us really, is that you establish your own way of integrating what is occurring, that you love yourself first and foremost on a daily basis such that your habits help you comfortably become the service-to-others vessel that you know yourself to be.

I write this with tremendous love. -Amber



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