Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

“Tell them that now they transmit.” That is what Aga told me as I breathed in the morning air in my neighborhood today. My Council of Light and I are settling into a nice rhythm such that each week, at some point, they will ask me to write on a topic they feel is important for you to understand about who you are as a human now.

My council is calling on me to write from a daily living point of view. They know I understand this issue in my own life. Like me most of you live as I do: As a very ordinary person in an ordinary neighborhood attending to a family and doing mundane things like going to the library and grocery shopping. And at the the same time, yes, I have discussions with my Council of Light. Mundane indeed. Wink.

From this perspective they wanted me to help you take some burden off of yourself where fifth dimensional planetary and human ascension is concerned. They know people like me (and you) wired as ‘Service-to-Other’ souls keening toward Unity & Christ Consciousness have a tendency to overdo it sometimes. We tend to be very hard on ourselves in terms of why we aren’t doing more, faster, or bigger to assist in all the planetary and human changes taking place today. In fact, this pressure alone has demoralized some of our Collective to the point of shutting down their consciousness engagement. I completely understand this having had to take breaks over time myself. Whew.

pablo (91).png

My Council asked me to write specifically about the fact that those of you reading this  are now fully and quietly transmitting the current ascension in consciousness frequencies (light codes) as you go about your daily lives. It may assist you to know that I am aware of who is reading this because I know my own mission. Those of you who are reading this are ‘Service-to-Others’ humans. And my mission is to teach transitioning fifth dimensional daily living fundamentals to you.

You tend to be highly self aware and sensitive souls. You naturally operate out of a set of attributes with which you arrived to the planet such that you are frequently kind, loving, giving and helpful. You’ve often suffered mightily given your level of sensitivity and empathy. Many of you are in careers as such: teachers, nurses, physicians, social workers and human resources personnel. You may also be healing artists in other ways too: Reiki masters, healing touch providers, massage therapists,  or lightworkers for example. Many more of you volunteer your time in support of people in your communities in all kinds of ways.

Regardless of your current Service-to-Others expression, my Council wants you to know that yes, you have downloaded (the common term) a lot of new attributes (to keep it simple) such that your inner life has changed significantly. Given these inner changes, your outer life has changed and will continue to do so as is reflected in your relationships, work, and worldview. You are increasingly aware of the power of your ability to know and love your truest self and then love and support each other. Some of you even know exactly what has been happening via any number of available narratives while most of you only have a sense of things being different. Anywhere on this continuum of awakening is perfect by design.

pablo (92)

What you have downloaded, whether over years or just recently via your own soul’s mission in this incarnation, is now being sent out from you. Transmitted. It is being transmitted in electromagnetic energy by your very atomic structures. You can imagine this as light energy being beamed from your body to those around you as you go about your routines each day. You do not have to work at it. You do not have to intend it to be so. It is literally happening effortlessly, as it was planned long ago. One person to another. Awakening each other by proximity.

The point of the message today is to allow yourself to simply ‘be’ more. Quiet the voice that pushes you to ‘do’ more now. You came to the planet this time to do exactly what you ARE doing. You, and all souls here today, are a part of this powerful time on Earth. Each of us are playing our roles in helping the earth and humanity release thousands of years of human bondage. I am grateful you are here with me. We ARE doing this. Together.

It is my continued pleasure to write to you in this way. You are living miracles, each and every one. Treat yourself and each other as if this is so. Love, Amber

2 thoughts on “Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

  1. Amber,

    Thanx for your continued notes from the Council of Light. Appreciate them.

    Is it possible to be more definite about who the Council is? There is still a great deal of “interference” out there, and as always, I like to verify the veracity of those I am being asked to trust…


    On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 10:08 AM, The Suburban Lightworker wrote:

    > Amber Chamberlain posted: “”Tell them that now they transmit.” That is > what Aga told me as I breathed in the morning air in my neighborhood today. > My Council of Light and I are settling into a nice rhythm such that each > week, at some point, they will ask me to write on a topic they” >


    1. Good to hear from you Patrick! And glad you asked this question. I imagined that readers would start asking this one at some point since I am only now letting their content through on my blog and naming them. At this point I only make mention of my higher ‘selves’ that are part of my personal Council. These are Ehtu (Sirian), Aga (Pleaidian), Jamay (Arcturian), and Alantiria (Arcturian). Others are teachers, like Anthor (Ancient Lemuria/Agartha). As for veracity & trust, only you can decide that within your sovereign framework. I do completely understand your question though. Not sure this answers your question, but hope it gives some insight. Much love, Amber


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