Practical Energetics: On Exquisitely Sensitive People

“Wow, I am watching you stab yourself over and over again.” This is what Isabelle, one of my longtime consciousness teachers said to me over twenty years ago. With me living in Maryland and she in Washington state, she was remotely watching the energy pattern in my field as I dealt with something painful that had happened that week. I don’t recall the specific circumstance but I know it had to do with something that was said to me.

Isabelle went on to say that most humans circulate instances of suffering,  such as this one, in their energy fields a  number of times in succession. Pain reverberates. She told me that I was circling it back around in my field about eight or nine times. To provide relief, as she often did in those days, she worked with my Guides to place supportive structures in that area of my energy field to allow me to soften yet another of the painful blows of daily living.

I tell you this story in order to illustrate the nature of highly sensitive people. You are one of us or you would not be reading this at present. When something hurts us emotionally, it really hurts. In fact, it can be excruciating. And the routine slings and arrows common to life are the culprit. Since this is the case, I know you already understand clearly why more extraordinary and also common wounding is almost unlivable for our kind. As I have stated many times, many exquisitely sensitive souls simply find living here on earth intolerable for this reason.

pablo (96)

I write all of this today to put a fine point on who comprises the front lines during this awakening in human consciousness. You and I do. We were born knowing that how humans live on earth today has to change. We did not need a proliferation of handguns, sexual assaults, effects of climate change, or any other bellwether to tell us so. We felt the pain, yours and our own, of human life from the moment we arrived. We felt the results of a pervasive lack of self love and love for others showing up as rejection, isolation, and degradation although it may have taken years to name it as such.

Our consciousness community at large, regardless of the narrative approach– empaths, reiki masters, intuitives, crystal healers, etc. is made up of naturally exquisitely attuned beings. Many of us serve in conventional roles, as teachers, social workers, nurses, physicians, etc. Most of us have understood very well the depth to our experience of pain and suffering, both experiencing our own and witnessing it in others and our world. Indeed much of our  drive to Service is predicated on our understanding human pain and all of its nuances. We also know something else: Life does not have to be this way.

At this particular point in our planet’s evolution more of our kind is coming together. It’s not easy to do so. We are used to being separated by our historical need to hide or take cover in many ways. We are long judged for what we feel, see and know. We are long derided in mass culture. As ‘canaries in a coal mine’ we are easily overcome with exposure to excessive negative conditions. In this time of coming together, as in any growing community endeavor, there is dissent based on narratives, intention, and methods. While fully expected, it is sometimes alarming and sends many of us back to our hiding places where we will not be seen nor harmed. I struggle with this feeling quite a bit and know others who do the same.

Yet, those of us who are still here are increasingly driven. You will find many more of us participating as agents of change in our local communities and beyond. As the planet rights herself, we know that humans are healing too. And we know that our perceptions, insights and ability to serve and support the greater community is why we came.

To all of my beloved exquisitely sensitive readers, may you care well for yourselves in these amazing changing times. — much love, Amber




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