Multidimensional Living: You are Inheriting the Earth

It is time to understand what the biblical phrase “…the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11, KJV) really means. Up to this point the programming for this phrase was so deeply entrapped by religious overtones and hardened into the hearts of humans that what I am going to tell you could not be allowed by you into your psyche. Until now.

Who are the meek? In contemporary ideology, WE are the meek as highly sensitive, intuitive, deeply loving, kind, caring and serving souls. We are ‘service-to-other’ beings. As such we are easily dismissed and rejected. The word ‘meek’ has become synonymous with weak, ineffectual, and subservient. Being meek commonly connotes being powerless. And power is a singular dynamic in the predominant ‘power-over-others’ paradigm that underlies our institutions and harms humans all around the planet today. With this definition the meek never stood a chance.

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Over time, this definition for meekness and what it said about who we are and our roles on the planet kept us in the dark about ourselves and the nature of true power. This commonly agreed definition efficiently encouraged us to stay hidden away, perceived as weird or offbeat and rarely heard from in modern leadership and governance. With some exception, when we meek souls ventured out into our communities this definition helped us cloak our true natures in order to be perceived as not meek but strong, effective, and capable in a ‘power-over-others’ world so that we too could be rewarded with acknowledgement and acceptance in the common culture.

In energetic quantum mechanical terms, our meek community tuned into and assumed the vibratory resonance for what is commonly thought of as ‘meekness’. We aligned with it often with some degree of assumed shame cementing the frequency. We quietly meditated, conducted healing sessions, provided intuitive insights and tuned into the unseen world. We talked mostly amongst ourselves. Fortunately for those of us alive to see this happen, what it means to be meek is now rapidly changing. What is happening?

We are the meek and we are inheriting the earth and taking the rest of our human kin with us. We have quietly been growing in knowing who we are for many years. We have been sharing akashic knowledge with each other via many narratives and methods one person, one teacher, to another. We have been healing each other. And we have been healing the planet. As with every other system on the planet, the immediacy and accessibility via social media has quickened this reach into what is now our Collective.

This reach has ignited a swiftly growing body of souls world-wide who are discovering, many for the first time, that true power has always resided within them as ‘service-to-other’ souls. Indeed, it is precisely by being meek by common culture definition, misperceived, and unaccounted for in the larger culture, that this quiet revolution is taking place.

As was predicted very long ago humans would make this very shift. They would change en masse. You have changed. You have come to understand that healing the planet and her people begins with what you are willing to heal within yourself first. You have come to understand that thoughts are things. What you think, you become. You’ve started taking better care of yourself via many methods. You are no longer waiting on someone to save you because you are not a victim who needs saving. You’ve taken more responsibility for how you want to express your life versus what someone else tells you about who you are or should be.

What you are now ready to accept about yourself is that the light that shines from within you changes those around you as you go about your days. You are no longer ashamed of your loving heart or your pursuit of peace on our beloved mother earth. You are no longer willing to stand on the sidelines and watch our planet be degraded and harmed. The kind words, the heartfelt support, your ability to listen, willingness to share  are slowly helping all of us heal and grow. You take this ability to hold love for others with you in your workplace, you share it at the supermarket and you take it with you when you volunteer to encourage voting or attend your child’s PTA meetings.

You are no longer hiding true power. All large-scale changes are preceded by turmoil. As humans awaken and begin healing as a collective, all that is dis-ordered or dis-eased will come to light in order to be healed. There is no civilization for which this was not the case. Now it is our turn. Just as you are having changes in your personal lives reflective of a growth in your own consciousness, so now too come the societal and cultural changes.  More revelations are coming both here in the US and around the world. In fact, visitors to my Light Council as well as that of many others, have been putting us on notice that intense events are on their way that will continue to help us question status quo, serve one another and activate mass change.

We are the meek. And we are inheriting the earth.

Much love, Amber





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