Multidimensional Living: #Me Too

So much revelation is occurring it is hard to keep up. What is occurring in the US right now is an amazing outing of a human planetary condition that was set in motion in linear history so very long ago. In fact, some esoteric narratives (non-linear history) can describe why this is the case and identify its point of origin. Fascinating reading. Up until now sexual predation in every form has been quietly harming, dividing, and draining the populace in such a way as to hinder access for entire generations of humans seeking a thriving and well-lived life on earth.

I bring this subject to your attention as an excellent example of ascension in consciousness unfolding. While many of us in our community tend to make consciousness a highly esoteric endeavor given its florid and other-worldly attributes and experiences, many of us also yearn to SEE, in third dimensional terms, what this rise in awareness and human change looks and feels like.


I’m grateful to have lived long enough to see and hear the mass outcry with regard to sexual predation that is rampant in our collective cultures. Yes, rampant. In the US the secrets started to explode in the last several months when Hollywood figures were called out for their aggressive predatory behaviors. This led to a broader bellow from the American workplace. And then #me too happened. This was a moment I’d been waiting for all of my life: to see something contributing to human suffering ferociously come to light AND be grabbed by the grassroots with unrelenting velocity.

In that #me too moment people from all over the world started to tell their stories. People called out predatory sexual behaviors they’d experienced. The incidences ranged from challenging us to wonder ‘is that predation?’ to ‘wow, that is truly horrifying’. In fact, I shared my own stories with my tennis partner while we worked on our net game and then later with my in-laws on the phone. My in-laws then shared theirs with one another over the Thanksgiving holiday. Revelations indeed. Up to that moment, I’d had NO idea my father-in-law had been pursued by a pedophile when he was a small boy.

For my part, I related that my highly regarded head of department grabbed my breast at a student/faculty party. And I recounted how my major professor at my graduate school counseling program casually mentioned, not once but twice in two different meetings apropos of nothing, how much men liked sex. The first time was when when I met him to interview as an applicant to the program. The second was to discuss my performance results, a couple years later, in order to graduate. In my early clinical career at a crowded hospital meeting, the seating being limited, a long-time physician patted his knee and said, “you can sit right here”. Uggh.

As students of diverse spirituality themes we are long forewarned of sometimes shocking, disruptive, or revelatory experiences to come as humans make this current leap into unity consciousness. I’d say this one is an excellent example. Yes, we’ve had plenty of other opportunity to grab sexual predation as a public topic en masse before only to see it creep back to it’s hidden-in-plain-sight position. In fact, in the US, we elected a president who is on record for referencing his predatory capabilities with glee. But something is different this time, isn’t it? Here is why.

This time a collective of seemingly unrelated human beings from all walks of life took to their social media and said #me too. When this happened, the usual position for this topic in the universe of human suffering had a seismic moment. Collective emotion coalesced into one voice. Not for a political reason but for a human reason. Humans were triggered by the exposed events to allow their wounding to be seen and also witness the wounding of others. The raw power in this moment is still gaining momentum. When human beings begin to see their privately and often shamefully held injuries mirrored back to them, the dis-ease resulting from sustained injuries begins to heal. And this is where the ascension in consciousness takes hold or more accurately, develops a more stabilized harmonic vibratory resonance.

When healing occurs so then does the injured aspect of that individual’s sovereignty that was temporarily offline or disabled. You can easily see how disempowering it is for human sexuality to be used as a ‘power-over-others’ motif. Understand that sexual predation is NOT a sexually expressive action, it is an overpowering action. Human sovereignty is the divine birthright for each soul arriving to earth. Indeed we arrive to the planet a fully sovereign being. It is also the core of a human’s power architecture, blueprint or matrix.

Break into our individual sovereignty codification and the human loses some or all of its bearings (aligned frequency) to participate fully in their own choices making them susceptible to groupthink and other externalized psychological programs.  As the population heals this overarching condition, sovereignty is re-established which reduces individual disempowerment making individuals less susceptible to outward influences relative to how life is self-responsibly lived. THAT changes everything.

Sexual predation is only one subject coming into the awareness of many humans now. We have a number of in kind societal ills, such as hunger and access to clean water and healthcare that are coming up for healing. The fifth dimensional life is one of cooperation, integration, balance and service. It will take time to establish, but first the institutions and programs that have had a chokehold on the sovereignty of the human population will come to light.

I write this with much love and appreciation for you. Amber

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