Practical Multidimensional Living: Quantum Entanglement & You

OK. I struggled with the title on this one. I mean, just what is practical about quantum entanglement? To me, this sounds a lot like a very bad hair day.  What audacity I must have to even approach this deep science subject, right? In this case the content was brought to my attention two weeks ago by Ehtu, my very technologically minded Sirian Council member.

At that same time, Anthor (Agarthan), my best technical teacher recommended I take a look at something relevant about the subject in order to trigger my understanding. He advised me not to worry, he would direct me to the right reading assuring me that I’d understand what I needed to for the purpose of writing about it here.  I sure hoped so. Gulp.

Here is the conversation I had with my Light Council about this topic this morning after I looked at the material to which I was directed. In fact, it was a Forbes Science article from 2016. While I’ve been personally sorting out technical quantum mechanics for a while now,  I needed this chat to reassure me that there was a good reason to write this one up. As usual, when something needs to be handled in a straightforward, sensible way, Aga, Pleaidian, often gets the job.

Me: I was asked to look at material on quantum entanglement. Why?

Aga: You are specifically encoded to understand these principles.

Me: But these subjects are already out there among the population. Why me, why now?

Aga: Because you have a way of communicating on complex and challenging subjects that is more readily received by your broader consciousness students. More and more humans are now ready to reflect on this type of content. They are primed now.

Me: What is it that you really want people to know about this (quantum entanglement) content?

Aga: We hope to trigger imagination in souls. To wake them up out of programs that have taught them limits that simply do not exist. Your language and writing is highly encoded with light language that creates a resonance which disrupts old programs such as  these.

The above gives you an idea about how I work with my Council from day to day. I engage them over personal perspectives as well as where I am headed as a consciousness teacher. You can see that things get interesting for me on a routine basis. Now onto the topic of discussion.

So I did what I always do. I just googled ‘quantum entanglement’. Not ‘spirituality and quantum entanglement’ or ‘quantum entanglement mysticism’, or ‘fringy ideas on quantum entanglement’, etc. To do so would be to fall down a rabbit hole from which it would be hard to return!

Of the many results that popped up, I chose the second or so item enticed by the title. The article Anthor directed me to is written by Chad Orzel in Forbes Science last year (2016). The Real Reasons Quantum Entanglement Doesn’t Allow Faster-Than-Light Communication.  There in his article he responded to some feedback he had to another article written recently by a colleague in the quantum physics field, Ethan Siegel, about the use of quantum entanglement as a “faster than light” communication tool.

According to Orzel, Siegel suggested that pairs of particles across two people (Bob & Alice), no matter their distance from each other, could communicate via the activity of quantum entanglement. Both articles provide greatly reduced mathematics for this approach, for the actual components are exceedingly complex. Apparently this prompted a reader to ask Siegel, given the math and measurement, “could this (process) be used to communicate from a distant star system. (BINGO) to which Siegel responded “yes, if you consider making a measurement at a distant location a form of communication.” He went on to say more about this function as it is of particular interest to the field of extrasensory perception (ESP). Now I’m paying attention.

But Orzel, in his own response to Siegel’s agreement about communicating with star systems or Bob & Alice’s distance from each other, “you can’t do that”. Why? “Because entanglement only works if you ask a particle ‘what state are you in’? And to force it into a state (in order to align for communication) breaks the entanglement.” He goes on about all the ways entanglement can purposely be broken. He even mentions that he’s heard of the “woo-woo mystical processes to ask a particle about its state in order to make a match with the other person’s” etc. It was clear by the use of the words ‘woo-woo’ how he observed this absurdity.

Then I saw it. I ran right into Orzel’s own personally programmed error. And it is a huge one in science today too. “God plays dice with the universe” such that “results of quantum measurement (are) unavoidably random.” Now I know why Aga said that consciousness students today, particularly moderately advanced ones, of which this community is growing quickly in numbers, will spot the error and begin to come to VASTLY differing conclusions.


You see, once you begin to explore yourself more deeply, especially when you begin experimenting with the notions of sacred geometry, chakras, dimensions, matrices, and merkabahs, frequency, magnetics, resonance and the like, the World opens up to you in very surprising ways. The narrative is here is that your entire being is shifting at a subatomic level which now calls your attention to subjects just like this one. Something that seems as once too fixed and complex, yet, when explored in the ways I just mentioned, appear to be simply elegant and more than feasible.

Happy exploring. What will come over the years is so much more understanding about quantum entanglement and associated energetic tools and functions. While mysticism oriented books have already been written on these topics, it is only now that humans across the planet are beginning to make their own inquiries and investigations. Just like me.

Always written with love, Amber


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