The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

Let me get right into this. With regard to the most widely experienced relationship issues you are having with people you love, its you. All you. And this is VERY good news. It took me a long time to get here in myself on this subject. Perhaps you are going to be much faster than I was arriving to what I am going to tell you.

Recently my sister and I had a great conversation. As sisters we have come to have a common theme between us: how to successfully and healthfully navigate relationships with our mates. Even though I am more than 15 years older than she is, ours are very common complaints  with our own unique storylines that are banked against a shared family of origin story. So this makes our conversations particularly meaningful.

While we spoke I shared with her something I’ve only begun to fully understand, heal and integrate. Here you can see that even as a teacher in our consciousness content, my own third dimensional life needs tending in the same way yours does. And I learn just like you do, one experience after another.

I told her that I knew I manifested my mate, as she had, and am indeed holding him in my energy field, as all humans do, as a reflection of things I am asking to have mirrored to me and then healed within myself. Read that again if needed because it challenges everything we were programmed to believe about love relationships.

This statement of ultimate ownership, all by itself, gives me a lot of comfort. Why? Because it returns the power of my circumstances and choices right back to me. But before I go any further here, let’s review some basics within my approach to consciousness constructs that applies to All That Is. Without having some idea about my viewpoint, and that of many consciousness narratives existing today, it would be easy to misunderstand what I am expressing here.

It is my understanding, I teach from this perspective, that my life (incarnated) is my own as yours belongs to you. What this means is that we all live in a holographic representation of antimatter made manifest. We live out of a blueprint by agreement with Source. Via sacred quantum geometric design we go on to build and then magnetize into our energy bodies our then experienced conditions of living. All of it. We deconstruct within this design the very same way by an infinite number of methodologies.

Indeed, the sovereign Power of Choice is a manifested matter of fact as is abdicating it. What you do not consciously construct will otherwise be unconsciously built for you but without your choice-aware input. From my perspective self responsibility is the engine of sovereignty. This means that to the extent you teach yourself to do so, build your life according to your conscious highest intent for a life well lived by your own definition. No one else’s

What is currently in our field, including our love relationships and associated conflicts, is a direct result of existing blueprints, encodements, and information, similar to that of a computer matrix. At this time in human existence we are evolving our conscious awareness in such a way as to return to Knowing about ourselves to this depth of experience while incarnated.

The prophesied time long awaited is now upon us. We are re-learning how to engage principals for existence that were long forgotten but have lain dormant in our very DNA.  This fundamental ability is within each soul regardless of any artificial status or circumstance and is something we have not expressed as humans on earth in a very, very long (linear) time.



What all of this means for you and your love relationships? It means that the next time things get tangled and dark, unfriendly, and angry remember to step back. Take time to review what happened when you are more calm. Turn a cold eye on what played out and look for the attributes your mate demonstrated that gave you the most pain. Then, with a lot of gratitude for doing so, look for aspects of those very traits within yourself.

When you are willing to do this, you will be shown where you have painful shadow aspects of yourself that need recovery. Then decide to take action to compassionately investigate them, forgive yourself and integrate them with acceptance into your whole being.

Once you take this approach, you will notice a diminishing sensation of suffering on those issues with your loved one. And as you gain mastery in this approach you will do much less of that behavior over time. Your relationship will change naturally.

In my language you “changed the channel” or “broke the vibratory frequency” of that line of code engagement. When that breaks, new constructs will be forged. There are no vacuums in the universe.  This means that you and that loved one grow beyond the old ways.

These premises all point to the fact that other humans in your life are an aspect of you getting to know yourself and making decisions about who you intend to be in any moment.

In some instances this change will bring you into a new more peaceful engagement with each other and in others, the relationship will move away from your life suddenly or over time. This occurs because those we love are only in our lives to the extent that we are investigating ourselves and making choices, consciously or unconsciously at all times about who we are and what we desire to experience during this lifetime.

It gives me joy to share my understanding with you. Sometimes I demonstrate mastery on these themes and at other times I fall flat on my miserable face. Smile. While we are all transfiguring into our fifth dimensional selves, we still contend with our third dimensional incarnations.

Much love, Amber






2 thoughts on “The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

    1. TK I completely KNOW this in myself hahahaha. When I am now willing to look at myself as to what I brought into my life and why, well, that makes my responses entirely different these days. Changes everything. xx


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