Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

 I literally feel driven to share what I understand about consciousness. While I have had this drive simmering since childhood and shoved it sensibly and quietly into an accepted conventional education and career, I have been hit with an intensified level of urgency since 2012. In earth years that’s a long time to have something weighing on a person.

This drive has colored my daily life for so long I can hardly recall how I spent my time before it did so. It is almost all I want to talk about to anyone who will engage me. If I’m not careful I find myself weaving consciousness themes  into the most mundane conversations. Frankly, I’ve lost friends over this. Can you relate?

What has me and yes, many of you, so laser focused lately?  Thanks in no small part to the changes in our earth and atmosphere commonly referred to as Ascension in Consciousness, a smaller subset of the whole of our Collective, which itself is still quite small, is driven to boldly and lovingly support human beings to realize that their lives belong to them.


We want to show and teach others that by learning and practicing a set of fundamental esoteric consciousness principals, they can go on to affect their lives in extraordinary ways. In my case, I am a Service-to-Other being who is driven to teach to this very condition.

My guess is that you are going to identify with what I am writing as many of my readers are also discovering their own mission as healer, wayshower, lightworker, etc. Many of you are also gnashing your teeth over how to angle yourselves into this arena such that the good news and works can be shared. You are seeking new formats and forums and assessing the lay of the land for what, how and where you will teach.

As I will readily attest, our own personal work, especially since the 2012 energetic trigger has been arduous to say the least. You don’t come to earth for this very moment unless you are particularly capable of assisting in these tumultuous times. To be able to assist, you will have had many incarnations of tumult and experience from which to then teach. Old souls indeed.

We are shifting ourselves into this mission on many Paths via raised vibratory states, collapsed timeline Selves, released karmic conditions, and master level manifestation capabilities. We are growing in our understanding (remembrance) of sacred geometry and quantum energy and its mechanics. Holographic, matrixed, blueprinted knowledge now arises.

We are seeking an expression in this life that will allow us to teach the many consciousness related themes that have changed and improved our lives for the better. Indeed, we have awakened so sufficiently to our consciousness themes by many narratives that we have the sense we have no other choice but to find a way to share the information. This is the Unity Consciousness imperative woven brightly into our DNA today.

This blog post came to mind after a recent client session in which I saw mirrored back to me the same drive for the same purpose. He said almost verbatim what I have thought about daily. Humans can have better lives individually and then societally than they do. In order to do so, however, they are going to have to discover, recover and then practice some fundamentals of existence that are for most human beings, best kept secrets.

We are the Teachers. The time has come for the revelation of truths and for full disclosure about who we are as humans and who we have always been by design. Once the fissure in the psyche begins to open and the human heart engages, there is no turning back. You will, as I have been, moved along by forces you will come to know and respect. You will be, as I am, honored to take up the mantle and become a teacher. We welcome you.

Much love, Amber

2 thoughts on “Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

  1. I can absolutely relate to this. Attempting to teach others about this is no easy feat. Most people are not ready to hear about it. I believe as the ascension progresses more and more people will be looking to the teachers to show the way. I’m ready and have spent many lives working up to this! Thank you for posting this as I imagine a lot of us are feeling the same.


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