‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

All my professional life I have been a Service to Other soul in the workplace. That is because I was born one just as you were. It is my natural soul state prior to all of the third dimensional patriarchal programming that was layered upon me by agreement when I became embodied, just as was done for each of you.

Some of you who read this are only more recently realizing who you are and who you came to be. You are discovering, as I did, that the time has come to shed the programming. I know it is tough to allow your True Nature to arise to conscious awareness when it is not part of the dominant culture. It can seem excruciating when doing so amid your working life.

It can be painful as you begin to work this situation out with yourself. And it most assuredly will lead to questions about yourself and how you spend your work time earning necessary money to pay bills and, if you are one of the fortunate humans on the planet, to take a vacation. I know this because I have lived through this. Not easy. At all.

This awakening to our Service to Other selves is happening for a lot of people now. It will continue to do so for many years to come. There are still far fewer of us than there will be in generations to come. We are the forerunners of this condition at this end of the polarity spectrum.


What is a Service to Other Soul? It is the other gradated end of the naturally occurring human living design construct of energy that can be expressed as light and dark, with dark being expressed in this case as Service to Self or Power over Others. One important caution here, neither is bad or good, just different creating differing results for human beings: suffering versus peace, in my best over simplified estimation.

Bluntly, Service to Other souls are naturally concerned with how to support other humans as themselves to thrive as a collective and Power over Other souls are caught up in the programmed game for how to be divided out and seen as ‘more than’ as themselves from others for everything from skin color, region of the planet to money and status. One polarity seeks to merge the other to divide.

In this time of the long anticipated energetic shift away from thousands of the years old Service to Self/Power over Others polarity, we are now acutely and in larger numbers awakening to what it means to go about our third dimensional lives holding this transfiguring condition in place everywhere we go. Including the workplace.

The best news? There are increasing number of us Service to Others types showing up to work. This growth in numbers will only rise as the Millennials and the generations after them arrive on the work scene. Sweet relief I say. I will nod in quiet appreciation as I watch this unfold, participating as I do in this last third of my professional life.

For those of us who have been bringing the Service to Others intent and capability to work year in and year out, it has been a Service to Self world all of our careers. Exhausting. As such, as a normal human response, around us at work, colleagues are in some form of  mild to extreme hurt and anger. They are acting out, creating drama and conflict or  inflicting pain on others generally making workplaces fairly to extremely toxic places to be.

Some of you who read this are feeling the same as you absorb your work atmosphere. It’s costing you sleep, energy and general peace. Some of you feel unwell and literally physically hurting because of it. You might indulge in coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol or binge television or food. You could even be prone to arguments with those you adore because of it. Goodness knows, I can empathize. If you are in this group: seek assistance. It is available to you in many forms and price points from the conventional to the highly esoteric.

Others of you imaginative souls have figured out how to hold your high vibes without dipping into more painful conditions around you. In fact, a number of you have done something even more tricky. You blessed souls, of which I used to be one, learned how to transmute the energy in the office. This means, not only does it not drag you down, but you are able to lighten up the place with your love and kindness. If you fall into any of these  latter types, ahem, you have some teaching to do. Get busy.

For better description about the current Service to Self paradigm, if your colleagues are appearing to feel  great it is usually for one of two reasons: great acting skills, of which I certainly have had to use, or they are truly pleased with themselves, but on closer inspection it would be largely egoistic and at the expense of someone or many someones easily identified or more often than not, not so easily.

To be sure, no one gets off free from the suffering in this predominant paradigm. The seemingly unconscious Power Over Others types are roiling with self doubt, misery, and fear of not having enough, not being good enough or plainly coping with free floating shame and anxiety. These human emotions come naturally with the shadow aspect of the paradigm. Few escape it. I do not think I ever met anyone at work for whom I did not catch a whiff of some of those emotions. I have had them all too.

It is a simple fact that these feelings of pain and suffering by every name  are the most prevalent emotions on the planet at this time. It stands to reason we find them predominating our offices, warehouses and job sites of every kind regardless of discipline. As humans, we do not leave our vibratory conditions at home as we head off to work each day. We take them everywhere we go.

Even when they are not acting out of these emotions, our colleagues, and sometimes us too,  have them simmering unconsciously just beneath the surface ready to be triggered into action at any moment.  People on either end of these constructs feel victimized and worn down by work conditions that are harmful to the most resilient human spirit.

Some of us who chose, like myself, to make our way into the conventional workforce, and who could sustain its blows, are now turning back into it with a renewed sense of service and transmuting skills. These energetic times are healing us, buoying and reassuring us of our mission and complete preparedness for what we face at work.

Before you can make this turn back into business and industry or indeed sustain yourself without relational, emotional and then physical injuries, you will have to examine who you are. You will have to come to terms with what has hurt you, not just in your personal life, but yes, in your work life too.

It took me a long time to admit who I truly was even though most of my work was in the helping professions. Sometimes I would think ‘wow, for people who are so giving and well meaning, they sure can be mean to themselves and others, they can sure create suffering.’ But this is only because a number of them were, like me, Service to Other souls caught up in the heavy programming of a Service to Self world.

Sending my love and care to all of you. Wishing you only the best as you heal and emerge renewed and recharged, understanding your Mission this lifetime.

Always with love, Amber


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