Practical Energetics: Your Sovereignty

Want to know a life altering condition that humans are programmed to avoid? If you decide to take complete responsibility for yourself and begin to live from the awareness that everything occurring in this incarnation was agreed to prior to arrival to earth and you engage this agreement on a daily basis, you will achieve sovereignty.

Freedom comes from taking complete self responsibility at all times. There is complete freedom in knowing that everything existing in your life at this very moment, you manifested for your own soul’s experience. Everything.

Use the phrase ‘self responsibility’ with your average person and be prepared to be looked at with at best a blank stare, or at worse, bitter resentment. If you sit there long enough it’s likely the person will begin to argue why they are NOT responsible for their lives and what has happened to them. They will tell you all about their victimization.


For most humans the mere suggestion of what I have posed here is utterly unacceptable and abhorrent. Much argument ensues around ‘what about abuse?’ or ‘what about earthquakes and people dying?’ and ‘what about the job from which I was laid off?’, etc. From the level of self responsibility to which I refer, yes, all of this is YOU too. All agreed. All. Of. It.

In fact, the most sacred aspect of my human life today is the absolute assuredness that I am responsible for every manifested ounce of my life. This means I have nothing going on in my life that I did not at some point in my soul consciousness agree to experience or explore.

This understanding makes me resilient and hearty accepting every light and dark nuance this third dimensional life expresses. It also calls me to look outside of this dimension in order to make sense of and work with that which we humans are confronted sheerly by living here. It is both horrifying and delightful living as an embodied soul.

When I dip into my sense of sovereignty, which I do daily now, I literally feel weightless and free within this knowledge. Some of you reading this are having all kinds of questions and resistance to my words at this point. I completely understand this. But I will continue. It is my job as a teacher to do so.

This sovereign state makes me free to make changes when and where needed to the degree that I am conscious of what I am creating and choosing. Therefore I am acutely interested in my ability to be conscious of my power and capability to choose. I nurture this interest and have an insatiable drive  as a mystic, student and teacher to seek tools and insights to gain more conscious capability to create and build from within this condition.

I hold this to be True: I am, as you are, an expression of Source, and am the creator of my own life. I am the builder. I am the magician. I am the Divine Self that vibratorily holds all aspects of my nano-atomic blueprint, forgotten or remembered, within my energy body.

To be very clear, I observe you to be a reflective manufacture of my elected magnetic experience too. That old boyfriend who said “Amber, you act like this is your life and we are all just passing through it” was one hundred percent correct. Only he was complaining.

It is not popular in the predominant culture among humans to espouse that I am responsible for every aspect of my lifetime. It’s not accepted programming among humans that I, not someone or something else, holds power over me.

It is unacceptable to most people that I am as free as I know to make myself of false belief systems that limit my self perception, curiosity and imagination. It is not popular precisely because it requires self responsibility. Others do not want to hear this from me because they innately know I am talking about them too.

We agreed to become entrained at birth to be primitively adverse to assuming responsibility for ourselves. We elected to forget our sovereign selves upon which the remaining Cosmos and her Families operate. We were asked to experiment with forgetting this and many other aspects of who we are in favor of limitation, shame and suffering of every nature. Indeed we elected perceived powerlessness. In some ways we began to prefer this condition having become so familiar with it.

Once you lose the programmed belief in victimhood and messianic patriarchal ideas such as waiting to be taken care of or saved by other human or benevolent beings, you begin to face your shadows. And this life is front loaded with shadow in the name of pain and suffering. The shadows are light too but are moving energy at a lower rate than that which we refer to as ‘Light’ and are inherent to the third dimensional life.

There is no way to achieve this sovereign condition of existence without metaphorically coming face to face with many ogres at many gates. Myths are loaded with the ‘ring pass not’ aspects for reclaiming something lost hoping to be found.

Yes indeed, some of these shadowy monsters are real human beings, others are ephemeral results wreaking havoc on you mind, body and soul. Insert the concept for the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ here. For some, dark nights are a lifetime that only death resolves. For others, the achievement of sovereignty provides an imminently livable condition from which life becomes an amazingly strange delight.

There is no way around this heroic journey of self exploration.No drug, no drink, no food (or lack of it) or sexual experience will get you to a sovereign state of being this lifetime. There is no academic or professional achievement nor money or external power structure that can assist you to jump over the abyss of pain and suffering required to achieve the sovereign state while living on earth.

Why have I achieved it? Because I have complete self responsibility for my existence and what I have and continue to  bring into my life. Warts and all. The pain at times has been alternately numbing and excruciating but I know with certainty that agreed to it, created it, built it and at times, destroyed it. I know that in this same manner I invited you, reader.

I am, as you are, exploring and experiencing my life as Source coming to know itself. Am I perfect in sovereignty? Not as long as I am in human form, no. The nature of human living in the third dimensional form precludes perfection.

This means that my mates, my friends, family and professional life are all manufacture of this exploration. In this understanding is my ultimate sense of freedom. Herein too  lies the achievement of peace. It is truly a peace that surpasses human understanding. I now witness my life from a slight distance, one that neither overly joins nor overly disconnects. One that mostly observes and loves while consciously self-correcting  my course from day to day.

Sovereignty is a highly encoded vibratory condition that requires daily service. It is a quantum mathematical condition requiring a narrow focus to which I attend throughout my days. The frequencies for this state are specific just as are any other manifested state of being. As with anything immensely pleasurable I am devoted to this condition and sustain it above all else.

In fact you consciously or unconsciously work equally as hard to sustain the suffering you have in your life today. This is the impersonal nature of Existence. You build it, it will come. You create it, it will exist. You destroy it, it will change its nature in your life.

I hope this post has exposed some new themes to you or taken you a bit further in your own explorations for what it means to become sovereign too. The time is now arriving that earth’s inhabitants gain ground on who they are in the Grand Scheme and how to operate more fully as the powerful souls they truly are by Design.

Sending my love with this writing, Amber


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