Practical Energetics: You Are Source

To many in our larger collective telling them that they are Source by any name and having an experience as an embodied soul as Source can get you into trouble. This is exactly why I say often that you, reader, are of a much smaller but growing subset of consciousness students and mystics that are embodying or about to embody a staggering level of awareness not seen on earth in thousands of years.

To be more specific, it has not been a prevailing thought for about 26,000 years. Just writing that sentence is provocative I know. And that is precisely the point. I wish to provoke you to do your homework. To look more closely into who we are as a species and who YOU truly are too.

This homework is the kind ONLY you can do. No one can really tell you all about it. The time of the guru is gone. You are your own guru. You begin by seeking within and allowing yourself and TRUSTING yourself to lead yourself into key awarenesses that have been a part of our human history since our inception.

About twenty years ago I began to awaken to the fact that I was an expression of God. And as that expression I was having experiences this lifetime as a way for God to know Itself. All humans were doing the very same. This conceptualization was a huge leveler for me. My humanly programmed ego began to diminish quickly when I understood that All experiences were of God. There was and is never anything that is not God.


As years went by I grew further beyond my framework to understand that-which-is-God is Source. For me the word Source felt more inclusive of All That Is. Source for me became less a Being and more a Totality inclusive of geometries, matrices and binary code, for example.

Source was inclusive and beyond the Alpha & Omega. Source had planes, dimensions and zero-points. Source had worlds within worlds, entropy and fractals ever spiraling. And once I arrived to this Knowing, I found Home. I relaxed for the first time in my life. The infinitude of Source gave me comfort and peace that did surpass all understanding.

I feel Source energy all the time. I feel it in the air I breathe, the wind that blows, and the warmth in a hand I hold. I hear Source in birds chirping, leaves rustling and children laughing down the street. I taste Source in sweet fruits, roasted root vegetables and in kisses. And I perceive Source via many intuitive and esoteric forms and functionscom of color, sound, images, vibration and dreamstates.

My experience of Source is of being One. When I venture too far away and start to feel separate and alone, bereft, overwhelmed or silenced, it is to my remembrance of myself as Source I return as fast as I can remember to do so. My relief is immediate. How do I do that?

The same way you do. I call someone I love and who I know loves me, I read an inspirational poem or passage, or I write in a journal. I take walks in the woods, cook nourishing food or simply drink a big glass of fresh water. Anything that comforts me and reminds me of who I truly am, an embodied soul having a human experience as Source.

I invite you close your eyes when you are finished reading this item. Allow yourself to imagine Source in any way It comes to you. Explore those images and sensations. Let them take you where they ask you to go in yourself. THIS is your real life: your perceptions and knowingness. After you open your eyes, remember what you experienced. Then do a little research on one or two of the things you were shown. You will be amazed at where that leads.

Reclaim your place at Home too. Well within yourself as a reflection of Source, never separate, never forgotten, only having experiences neither good nor bad. Just experiencing this life and adding to the richness of the Akash. All that is Ever Known as Source.

Always written with heart and love, Amber


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