About Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed.

Amber has been a student of ancient esoteric wisdom and healing arts practices all of her adult life. Her conventional healing arts work and scholarship has primarily been provided to the mental health field as a Master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for individual clinical practice, hospitals, and the United States’ national healthcare industry. She holds a Master of Education in Health & Human Development.

In the last two years she emerged as an international consciousness and spirituality teacher. All of her clients work with her to grow and sustain a deeper and richer relationship within themselves and to establish an increased sense of wellbeing in their lives inclusive of relationships and careers. Her work includes channeling and teaching across paths and narratives reflecting traditional healing spiritual arts, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and other associated consciousness themes and tools.

Related to her teaching and presentation work in recent years within the field of leadership & organizational wellbeing for US companies, Amber published Working Well & Feeling Good: Mindfulness Affirmations for your Work Life (Master Key Press) in 2018.

You can also find me on Instagram @suburbanlightworker  and on Facebook at Amber Chamberlain, Consciousness Teacher    

Amber is co-host of ‘Esoterics Today’ a podcast on Soundcloud that is all about modern esoteric living in these highly transfiguring days on earth.