To You Now Awakening, Welcome

To You Now Awakening, Welcome

First of all, I want to do a little catching you up as to where things stand today for our energetically aware community. Understand that this community goes by many names. We are lightworkers, energy workers, awakened, wayshowers,  diamond lights, indigos and crystals, just to name a few of the most will use to understand or describe your own experience of yourself and your skills. You will likely flow across all of these or stick to one or two as an anchor of understanding yourself and your service to humanity.

Most of us know this journey intimately as our understanding of ourselves tends to grow with time, study and experience. Most human languages are severely limiting to be able to convey our truths and gnosis. You will in time find this condition to be one of many limiting factors of being embodied in the third/fourth dimensional harmonic. Limits to self-knowledge and then self-expression are fundamental keys to the dualistic nature of this reality.

I am of the first wave. The first wave of us incarnated to Gaia as early as 1930’s and include those born up to the 1990’s with overlap into what is now being termed the second wave. The first-wavers of highly sensitive and highly conscious souls carried an intensely quiet burden of being as humans. We knew, usually in childhood, that things were simply not quiet as they seemed yet there were few mechanisms by which to acknowledge or express these truths. Mostly we tried to help those around us, mostly our families and friends, survive the dense conditions affecting us all individually.

I say often that I live today, now in my mid fifties, for all the ‘canaries in the coal mine’, the artists, the sensitives, and nameless others who had to leave this life behind. Their emotional and physical health and wellbeing often destroyed by what they found here and could not integrate into their awareness in a way that was not too painful to stay. Our kind, if not able to digest what is here on earth, can turn to all kinds of numbing agents in the form of relationships, work, activities, food, drugs and alcohol. I offer this concept to you as I know you to suffer mightily at times. We as a community understand this completely.

Many of us deal with a highly empathic  internal state such that we feel so much of the pain and suffering of those around us. We know that human suffering is an unnatural condition. We know that animal suffering is unnecessary and that wars and killing of other humans for any reason is inherently perverse. We know what all souls know but tended by design to immediately forget upon arriving to the planet by birth. Most of our soul contracts via our karmic blueprint mean that we, like all humans, would forget what we knew. We would all embark on the Hero’s Journey.

Welcome to your awakening. We have been waiting for you. You see, your arrival to Gaia, in this highly aware, positively polarized form, with many of your natural capabilities intact, were long prophesied. You came, as we did, because you answered the call to come for this very powerful time on the planet. It is often said only the most highly skilled, experienced and wise would come for this now moment. This is a time of great transfiguration for us as a species and for Gaia, the planetary body on which we reside.

The key thing about being in the later years of the first wave and the early years of this second wave is that things are moving so much faster energetically. Depending on who you are and what you discover your talents to be, you will be able to perceive this speed of timeline expression via many forms. If you are not one of them, there are those among us who speak to us of the planetary axis tilt and torroidal spin, of solar activity effects, and other quantum mechanical detail that will give you clues. These conditions all impact consciousness at every level inclusive of all densities. Much of this is well documented in our currently published physics. You just have to look.

If you are reading this it is likely that your awakening has been exceedingly fast. You can’t believe what you are now understanding. You are connecting dots all over the place I imagine. You may also be reeling, simply in overwhelm and perhaps there is a lot coming undone in your life. This is expected and a natural result of all that you are taking on board. The beauty is that we are all here to catch you and help you calibrate to your knew understandings. You do not have to suffer in silence. Just imagine how it was for those of us who came pre-internet! Yet, somehow we found each other, healed and grew together.

Please wisely make use of self care practices. Seek loving body work, movement, natural clean food and supportive people who can hear and see you. Seek healthcare regimes that are most natural and beneficial. Make use of medical healthcare when needed. These tools and people, although trained in very 3rd dimensional methods, also have a role to play, many of them are service to others souls too.

Most of all, welcome dear brothers and sisters. We, of the entire collective are glad you are here. The first wave of us stayed the course, we took on the energetics and downloads needed to hold and prepare the space for you to arrive. Some of us who did this have already left the planet. Their beautify service fully completed.

You will, in time, understand the vast importance of gaining then maintaining a balanced and healthy energy body matrix. You will, if you have not already, begun to practice gentle and nourishing energy hygiene each day to stay in a supportive, positive calibration. With your help and mostly your love, we achieved a grand tipping point that needed to occur in order for service to others souls to more fully operationalize a new paradigm for our human species to live and grow into 4th dimensional beings and beyond. This changeover has been done many times across galaxies. It’s only natural.

You are celebrated and loved beyond anything you could possibly imagine just now.

Always with my love, Amber

Yes, False Light Is Light Too

Yes, False Light Is Light Too

Ah yes, false light. I know that title got your attention. It was meant to do so. Your pulse might even be quickening just from reading those two words. They certainly have their own magnetism at a resonant threshold we find uncomfortable to experience. I get this completely.

I’ve had this blog topic floating around in my awareness for a while. False light themes have come up in conversation with colleagues and in my esoteric readings across the last couple of years too. As such, I thought I’d roll out a post on the subject just to get my understanding expressed. Perhaps it will be meaningful in some way for you.

In my experience, when the subject of false light comes up, it usually occurs with those who are on the active hunt for what is true and what is false in our consciousness and spirituality based living. These individuals are seeking truth while more often than not, policing others and their truth seeking or other personal expressions.

self limiting .png

Already I see the humanity in that dynamic. Real versus fake. Trustworthy versus untrustworthy. Duality all of it. Very third dimensional and thus an understandable human consideration. After all, living has been very painful for many lifetimes. We are all professional skeptics by now.

What I want to make clear is that all energy is light energy. There is only light vibrating at infinitely varying speeds across octaves within ever mutating molecular structures. Yes, some aspects lead into extremely tangled and palpably dark intensity, which is a perfectly human exploration. It’s part of what we do here. Others construct lofty sensations and harmonious worlds. Think hearts, butterflies, unicorns and fifth dimensional living.

This concern over false light is what we do here on earth as we grapple with involution and evolution of our personal consciousness. The planet’s intelligence does the very same. As humans we do this type of living experience sometimes knowingly and more often than not, we do so unwittingly (unconsciously). This aspect of shadow type living and exploring is often referred to as false light, false matrix, and synthetic matrix. Yes, this is as real as any reality narrative you elect to construct.

You will hear false light referenced when talking with others about any number of esoteric consciousness constructs or narratives. As in “hey, sorry to tell you this, but that is false light.” This typically occurs when experienced individuals take a fixed view, for their own soul’s growth, of what is real and positive, what is false and negative and then try to apply it to other individuals’ perspectives. Or worse, what is safe and appropriate for others to explore and what is not. While this response is very human, it is also highly judgmental.

It is perfectly understandable that humans will grapple with their growing awareness as we all awaken to new experiences and insights. We have been conditioned to become frightened and self-limiting as well as shaming of others who seek to go beyond widely accepted norms. This limiting behavior occurs for humans within our consciousness and spirituality community with the very same intensity it does elsewhere in life.

Our human ego-centric programs operate like search lights, scanning for dangerous potentials that threaten their status quo. Our actions, once a threat has been identified, are often to quash, redirect and revert to group think in order to maintain acceptable limits of knowledge, experience and awareness.

On another note, there are humans in our collective for whom I perceive a more subtle aspect where false light is of interest. These, in my experience, are those souls who carry guardian of the planet, galaxy, or cosmos gatekeeper energy.  I can usually sense the difference in these humans. They turn a discerning eye on humans who are often heroically willing to overcome significant human judgement to express their expansive awareness via channeling and other energetic methodologies.

These gate-keeping individuals, arrived for these current energetic times, have in their blueprint, the level of discernment to actively encourage individuals to eschew engaging teachers as gurus and to seek insight for themselves, from their own higher selves. They often teach fundamentals of sovereign living so extremely important to these zero point times.

I hope my thoughts and insights on the subject of false light have given you food for thought or pause. You have or will soon bump into this issue. You will be challenged to understand what is meant as well as what this subject means for you and your own growth. Keep in mind always that only YOU know what is true for you and what is the best path for your own awareness and awakening. No one else can define that for you. Yes, they will try. But resist. Cultivate sovereignty above all else.

Happy exploring. Always with my love, Amber



Practical Energetics: On Exquisitely Sensitive People

Practical Energetics: On Exquisitely Sensitive People

“Wow, I am watching you stab yourself over and over again.” This is what Isabelle, one of my longtime consciousness teachers said to me over twenty years ago. With me living in Maryland and she in Washington state, she was remotely watching the energy pattern in my field as I dealt with something painful that had happened that week. I don’t recall the specific circumstance but I know it had to do with something that was said to me.

Isabelle went on to say that most humans circulate instances of suffering,  such as this one, in their energy fields a  number of times in succession. Pain reverberates. She told me that I was circling it back around in my field about eight or nine times. To provide relief, as she often did in those days, she worked with my Guides to place supportive structures in that area of my energy field to allow me to soften yet another of the painful blows of daily living.

I tell you this story in order to illustrate the nature of highly sensitive people. You are one of us or you would not be reading this at present. When something hurts us emotionally, it really hurts. In fact, it can be excruciating. And the routine slings and arrows common to life are the culprit. Since this is the case, I know you already understand clearly why more extraordinary and also common wounding is almost unlivable for our kind. As I have stated many times, many exquisitely sensitive souls simply find living here on earth intolerable for this reason.

pablo (96)

I write all of this today to put a fine point on who comprises the front lines during this awakening in human consciousness. You and I do. We were born knowing that how humans live on earth today has to change. We did not need a proliferation of handguns, sexual assaults, effects of climate change, or any other bellwether to tell us so. We felt the pain, yours and our own, of human life from the moment we arrived. We felt the results of a pervasive lack of self love and love for others showing up as rejection, isolation, and degradation although it may have taken years to name it as such.

Our consciousness community at large, regardless of the narrative approach– empaths, reiki masters, intuitives, crystal healers, etc. is made up of naturally exquisitely attuned beings. Many of us serve in conventional roles, as teachers, social workers, nurses, physicians, etc. Most of us have understood very well the depth to our experience of pain and suffering, both experiencing our own and witnessing it in others and our world. Indeed much of our  drive to Service is predicated on our understanding human pain and all of its nuances. We also know something else: Life does not have to be this way.

At this particular point in our planet’s evolution more of our kind is coming together. It’s not easy to do so. We are used to being separated by our historical need to hide or take cover in many ways. We are long judged for what we feel, see and know. We are long derided in mass culture. As ‘canaries in a coal mine’ we are easily overcome with exposure to excessive negative conditions. In this time of coming together, as in any growing community endeavor, there is dissent based on narratives, intention, and methods. While fully expected, it is sometimes alarming and sends many of us back to our hiding places where we will not be seen nor harmed. I struggle with this feeling quite a bit and know others who do the same.

Yet, those of us who are still here are increasingly driven. You will find many more of us participating as agents of change in our local communities and beyond. As the planet rights herself, we know that humans are healing too. And we know that our perceptions, insights and ability to serve and support the greater community is why we came.

To all of my beloved exquisitely sensitive readers, may you care well for yourselves in these amazing changing times. — much love, Amber




Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Thanks in part to a reader’s recent question and because of significant changes in how humans in our Collective now access advancing personal consciousness themes, I am writing today about your own truth. And your ability to go beyond discernment to full on Knowing. I am not a guru nor am I not particularly special. You who read this are awakening Masters. My Unity & Christ Consciousness mission is not such that I am to be followed or even believed. Only use my content and that of others, to which you are being directed by your own consciousness, to light up new ways of experiencing yourself.

Use my work and that of thousands of others in every consciousness-based narrative as a light unto YOUR OWN path. Use our freely offered or purchased content or consultation to provide new thought, support, comfort and resources along the way. Trust yourself implicitly. Shed the old programmed construct that asks you to follow anyone. Now that I have established the above I want to address the increasing numbers of humans who are beginning to channel what they are terming ‘Councils of Light’ by many names and ‘staffed’ by many beings.

pablo (94)

Many of you know that a variety of intuitives or channelers, which may include you, connect with known Angelics, for example AA Michael, AA Uriel and AA Camael and also Ascended Masters via the seventh dimensional plane, Buddha, Mary, Quan Yin and Sananda (Jesus), to name a scant few. What is now also occurring is that a smaller subset of our kind are forerunners of sorts who are connecting with what is referred to as our ‘galactic selves.’ These aspects of ourselves are experienced across the multiverse and dimensional planes. Yes, it gets complicated to express in human language. It helps if you have some imagination or understanding with regard to quantum mechanics, dimensional densities and matrices but is not necessary.

This ascension period, inclusive of our planet’s movement through the photon belt and enormous solar activity, plus the earth’s own internal grid changes, have all had the distinct effect of opening our channelling apertures to ourselves in ways that are a surprise to our larger community. Frankly, even after living a highly mystical, mystery school oriented life, it was a huge surprise to me when these conditions began to change my own awarenesses. I’ve written about that in prior blogs.

The easiest way to understand this is in view of the merging timelines occurring now. As many who read this understand, or are beginning to digest, all is Now. The constructs of time: past/present/future are no longer holding timelines and incarnations in our energy systems as distinct fractals.

What all of these consciousness affecting moments have done for us is what is commonly referred to as ‘thinning the veil’ between who we were programmed to believe we were upon coming to the planet and who we are discovering ourselves to be. In order to help illustrate that point, here is what you can know about my own consciousness experience. A big part of my mission is to be willing to share my personal experiences with you.

Understand that it is my truth. Not yours. As you continue to grow and explore in these amazing times, my guess is that you will come to understand things about yourself and your capabilities that you could never have imagined were possible during this lifetime. In my case, while I had been engaging Guides familiar to me for about thirty years, I had not paid much attention to or made much inquiry about where they were from nor who they were. For me, they were my Guides. Just a fact of living for a highly sensitve girl like me.

My Guides, as they do, constantly provided feedback and support when called upon. Around 2012 that original group moved on in much the same way as they did for other humans like myself, with the exception of a couple, only to be replaced by Angelics, Ascended Masters and others whom I now know are galactic selves. The latter, excepting Jamay and Sananda (Jesus), came to my Awareness in the last year or so.

While my Council since 2012 has members from the Ascended Master and Angelic realms, of most interest to many of our Collective, are the galactic selves.  To be clear, I now know that they are higher aspects of myself with varying origins. They include Aga (Pleaidian), Ehtu (Sirian), Jamay and Alantiria (both Arcturian but on differing dimensional planes.)  Most of my day to day engagement now is with this galactic group. It is less routine, as it was in prior years, to engage the Angelics or Ascended Masters for me at this time.

In general, Aga and Jamay are my ‘practical’ guides. While very different from each other, they have a friendly and somewhat casual demeanor, almost human seeming. They are curious about humans in the third dimension and engage me on many conventions for daily living. Ehtu and Alantiria are more of the technical types given their roles in their respective galaxies. They weigh in when I have technical planetary questions affecting humans and our planet. While very kind, they have a more formal demeanor. They tend to be more akin to teachers, whereas Aga and Jamay feel more like friends.

I tell you all of this only to give you insight for what is coming on board for more souls in our ascending Collective. You yourself or someone you know may be experiencing connectivity that is unprecedented. In fact, some of the changes taking place in this and other ways for humans is causing emotional, psychological and functional disturbance. I completely understand this. Our highly conscious community is asked to gain all of this awareness and capability while also maintaining our usual routines for daily living. In coming blog posts I’ll be writing more about how to integrate the many changes going on with our community now in such a way that we can get more comfortable and balanced in our daily lives.

Most of all, trust yourself first and foremost. What is true for you is decidedly not true for another person. We each have personal blueprints, ways for engaging our life and times. The time of the guru has passed us by. You ARE your own guide. You have your own Council and galactic selves. Connect.

Much love, Amber


Multidimensional Living: Holding Frequency Each Day

Multidimensional Living: Holding Frequency Each Day

In my teaching lately I am on a practical energetics mini-mission. In myself and others I’m finding that we, service-to-other beings, are grappling on a daily basis with maintaining our aligned consciousness frequency. This means that either physically, emotionally, relationally or otherwise we temporarily forget who we are, we go on tangents that loop us into suffering or just seem to fall apart in a million other ways. Sometimes this condition grabs us for moments, sometimes for days. Raise your hand, if like me, you are wobbling in this way.

Forgive yourself. You are, after all, in human form. It comes with the territory. Our Kind can be very hard on ourselves. We are driven by the energy signatures of ascension (rising) Unity and Christ Consciousness. No small body of work. You came to the planet at birth fully loaded with the dormant DNA light codes ready to trigger at their appointed (blueprinted) time. Guess what? It’s time. And now you are invariably enlightened to such a degree that you can’t help but align with your mission to Serve at a more intensified level. Integrating this experience is challenging because you still have to handle your human business in a functional way. I totally get this.

pablo (86)

I spent some time this morning contemplating this very situation with one of my Teachers. Here is what he shared with me and as often occurs now, he directed this to all of us.  “Service to other humans, your time has come. There are more of you polarizing to who you are. You are now able to hold this frequency more capably. More of you are making a daily habit of connecting within Gaia and beyond Her to All That Is.  This alone creates a magnetic engagement that crosses through your DNA in such a way that you become a nodal point for awakening to others.”

What he wanted me to understand is that our drive to assist this planet and all beings that reside on her, is really a mission within ourselves first and foremost. It becomes a daily practice not unlike our other routines for living here. Whereas so many of us have amazing esoteric learning and experiences our mission right now is to get our own habits in place that help us hold the frequencies in a more stable way from day to day.

We have cleared so much lately in ourselves that we’ve made the space that was needed. We have done very well here. Up until this point we’ve been very busy hanging on to our senses while being washed up in the tidal wave of incredible changes inside ourselves, in our personal lives and in our world around us. Now it is time to turn our attention to stabilizing the activated (enlightened) encodements you now have in your energy system.

How do I do this? At some point every day, usually in the morning, I ground my energy into the earth and then send it into what I know to be the Central Sun and anchor it there.  I release any energy that is not mine with love back to Source. Then I engage my surrounding merkabah (matrix) usually inviting a cylindrical overlay of platinum diamond light codes. At times I place myself within a healing chamber where then appears color rays and geometrical forms tailored to my needs.  This general framework has been my routine for the last couple of years. My point in sharing my habit is just to encourage you to develop your own methods if you have not already done so.

The more our Kind is able to hold our humanity AND our multidimensional consciousness within a comfortable range, versus wobbling deeply in one direction or another, the more effectively we are able to resonate the Unity & Christconsiousness template or light codes to our fellow humans along our path. This resonance IS what is changing the planet, along with the earth’s own dedicated efforts to the same end. She is shifting and we are going right along with her. Historically no humans have made this transit.

This story of ascension in human consciousness is told in many ways across the eons. It is truly the most beautiful and powerful experience I have ever known in this lifetime. And at the same time, the practical routines that are required in order to sustain it, for the individual, is tremendous to say the least.

My wish for you, for all of Us really, is that you establish your own way of integrating what is occurring, that you love yourself first and foremost on a daily basis such that your habits help you comfortably become the service-to-others vessel that you know yourself to be.

I write this with tremendous love. -Amber



Multidimensional Awareness: New Self Care Required

Multidimensional Awareness: New Self Care Required

It matters not one whit if you are a highly informed, skilled and awakened soul if your self care is not a priority. Yes, your kundalini is rising. Your DNA is now crystaline. Your lightbody, merkaba or rainbow body is tuned in aligning with your shifting matrices. This and oh so much more.

But if you can’t get out of bed often, if you can’t go to a job you need to pay the bills and do the tasks it requires or if you can’t care well for your family because you are blown out in these high energetic times, for now none of your keen expansion in consciousness matters. You are an embodied soul. You have a form. As always your form here on earth has care requirements. Only now those requirements have shifted too.

You are now somewhere in the bottom notes of the fifth dimension. How do I know you are? Because you found me here and part of my job is to mirror this fact to you. And how do I know that you need self care that matches your new vibratory plane? Let’s just say I’ve had my own comeuppance in this area. I’ve also been a psychotherapist of many years and am innately tuned into the human condition and the fact that the human condition is changing rapidly in ways that only a very small proportion of souls can perceive. You are one of them.

pablo (84)

I was prompted to write about this following yet another long talk with Aga, one of my beloved council members, who pointed this specific self-care issue out to me.  Last week she recommended highly that I keep self care in high gear now. And she recommended that I tell you this too. She knows that I am a Service-to-Others being and that I communicate with you regularly.

After our conversation, I spent some time thinking about what has changed in me over the year as well as how the earth and her matrix or grid has continued to shift. I also considered the huge events heralded by the eclipse that transversed the US, namely the collapse and integration of all timelines. From this perspective it made a lot of sense that how I care for myself needed some revision.

And since you are reading this, I think this applies to you too. What you and I both now understand is that we are not who we were prior to many of the trigger events in the last number of years. We just aren’t. Those of you reading this already know you are empaths, intuitives, healing artists, grid workers and light workers of every stripe. You already have fairly advanced awarenesses, knowledge and capabilities.

You have been in heavy release mode for quite some time. The timeline convergence is merely a capstone event to all of the deep emotional, physical and spiritual changes you’ve made that included what is commonly called ‘ascension symptoms’. Some of you let go of friends, partners, jobs and certainly former belief systems and self-limiting thinking. You have likely been through the wringer.

Aga asked me to understand what had changed for me personally and then be certain I was attending to those changes so that I could sustain (or more comfortably hold the vibrational resonances of) my newer aspects of ‘self’. Here is what I am finding helpful lately and perhaps these may support you too:

  1. Spend some time each day in nature grounding energy into Gaia as well as aligning with Source Energy
  2. Each day align the chakra system to Source, releasing and transmuting back to Source anything that is not in highest alignment
  3. Continue to explore and be a witness to the visions, dreams and experiences being shown often during this unprecedented timeline integration period
  4. Allow awakening multidimensional awareness to come onboard with acceptance and curiosity, asking for assistance from Teachers, human or etheric as needed.
  5. Further your understanding that all aspects of multidimensional consciousness are YOU versus aspects outside of yourself
  6. Reduce reliance on outward sources of information and knowledge by increasing your personal and highly creative way of perceiving and accessing information
  7. If functioning becomes a real problem, seek a spirituality/consciousness friendly psychotherapist for support
  8. Allow yourself to access bodywork in any form that helps you process your experiences
  9. Attend daily to your rest, nutrition and movement needs

You notice that I don’t provide the ‘how’ to this list. The reason I do not do so is because these items are accomplished in numerous ways often based on the traditions and paths you have already discovered by this time in your current life. There simply is no ‘right’ way. And if you engage with someone who tells you otherwise, unless you are needing to have that experience for your own growth, I’d simply walk away.

Some days I am, as you may be, overcome by the exquisite period we are now in as human beings. I’m awestruck at what I’ve learned particularly in this last year. And if this ascension and expansion period has taught me one thing, it is to anticipate more is coming. So, perhaps Aga is right. It is time to be sure our self care habits meet us where we are Now.

It is my pleasure to spend time writing to you about these subjects. As you know, we are a larger number than previously could be counted, but we are still a very small proportion of humans on the planet who know to any degree what is going on and why. And what our role is in it. Please let me know how I may support you in my work. Much love, Amber





My Multidimensional Awareness: On My Walk Today

My Multidimensional Awareness:  On My Walk Today

It has become important to many in our consciousness, esoteric and metaphysical energy communities to share more personally about how we go about our daily lives knowing what we know and doing what we do with that knowledge. This is especially true of our lightworker, grid worker, and healing energy service-to-the-planet and service-to-other souls. This call to share is particularly clarion for those of us with Unity and Christ Consciousness missions. Many of us now are being asked to tell our stories, not just our past experiences, but our experiences as they unfold.

The reason for this is that you are changing a lot lately. You are being called, pushed and moved to release people, jobs and beliefs at such a rapid pace it seems more than a little disorienting. You are watching others do the very same. Plus you are having new awarenesses and understandings changing you in ways you could not previously have imagined.

Skills and abilities that used to be firmly only in the realm of intuitives, channelers and healing artists are becoming more evident in your own experiences. For these reasons, many of us are asked by our own guidance, to the extent with which we feel comfortable, to show you what it looks like to be a person participating in the world who is also highly conscious and awakened to their energetic life.

Why is this important to share? Because humans are being greatly challenged to balance their own personal changes and awakenings with their routine existences. At no other time in human history has consciousness taken the leap it is in the midst of right this very moment. It is true that the planet has morphed in quantum ways from her beginnings, but humans have never sustained– lived through, those leaps. This time, we are leaping with Gaia. And it is causing unparalleled change with variable rates of disturbance in our psyches.

On my walk today one of my guides asked to speak with me. For the record, I am clairsentient which means that my guides are mostly ‘felt-seen’. In this case it was Aga who came calling on me what with all of her lovely purple and green hues. She waited patiently as I finished my morning energy alignment before I turned my full attention to her. I asked her what it was she wanted to convey to me. Here is what she said, with a bit of paraphrasing.

“Amber, we have been watching you struggle to integrate all of your new awareness lately. This summer you had a lot of growth in your talents and abilities and at the same time you had other very challenging things occur.”  She was right. I did have some fairly large leaps in my consciousness awareness and energetic skills and I did, at the same time, have some serious family themes to address. I had, by the end of summer, become fairly overwhelmed and drained.

pablo (81)

She went on to advise me to “take life very slowly now, be very gentle with yourself. Understand that the changes taking place are simply occurring because it is the time for them.” Aga encouraged me to allow myself to just let all of these new experiences integrate themselves and avoid ‘overworking’ them, which is my previous survival-based habit. She said all of my guides had been watching me wrestle with what had occurred. They all wanted me to take it easier on myself.

Then later in the morning I found myself in a short conversation with another lovely lightworker. She volunteered, when I asked how she was, that she had felt she was really making headway on her own consciousness growth in the last few weeks but felt disappointed things had not progressed as she hoped. She guessed she had more work to do.

When I heard that I felt compelled to remind her that she is, as I am, as you are, enough. If you are reading this, you already hold an enormous amount of light on earth. You already Serve beautifully as an energetic conduit in all the ways that are unique to your blueprint. Much of the way you Serve is not quite known to you yet. Aga was only telling me what I have told a number of people lately: simply being you, with your loving and compassionate intent and actions from day to day is enough.

As humans we are programmed to virtually sprint through life. We are encouraged to use ourselves up, drive and overwhelm ourselves to achieve and produce in ways that set us apart from, in opposition to, or over one another.  The power of quietly being who we are IS changing the earth, is bringing healing, peace and advancement to humankind. We are reacquainting ourselves with who we truly are and in so doing helping ALL of us merge beautifully with All That Is.

Our job today is to seek balance within this new place inside ourselves. Thanks to many gates and triggers of late, a lot of heavy lifting has already been done for us. We are now shaking out the effects, aligning and integrating. We are free, sovereign in fact, to carry on with earthly duties and engagements that fit our lifestyles, relationships, interests and needs. Your light goes with you and shines from within you everywhere and anywhere you determine it to be.

Wishing you peace, comfort and ease today. It’s my pleasure to share my experiences with you, to encourage you, and love you in this way.  Namaste.- Amber




Multidimensional Consciousness: Inside Out

Multidimensional Consciousness: Inside Out

How are you doing? For weeks now I have felt unsteady on my feet and in my psyche. I’ve been wobbling on my own previously rock-steady axis in ways I used to only fear but am now learning to accept and love. And I am not alone. Not by a longshot. There are millions of us now. If you are reading this, you are one of us.

My guess is that those of us who have been on this Path of Service and on Earth during this ascension process the longest are the most keenly aware of how powerfully affected we are at the moment. This community of others is a collective we joined as souls in dimensions and subspaces. Given the limits to earth’s  most commonly known languages and symbols, it is only by our blueprints we can be identified. We know each other.

Here is what I know to have occurred in simple imagery. Take a sock from your drawer. Turn it inside out. It is different on that side, isn’t it? The texture, shade, and design are notably different. Would you wear it that way? Maybe. Good, because that sock is now you. Me too.

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From the earliest transformative ascension in consciousness events to the point of the Spring Equinox leading into the opening of the Lions Gate on 8/8/2017 careening us right into the Solar Eclipse, with it’s unprecedented path cutting diagonally across the USA, on August 21, 2017, you have fundamentally been turned inside out.

Some of you reading this understand why the US experienced this eclipse in this way and what ‘new’ information came along with it. Others of you will want to do a little research on this subject. It was long predicted by many cultures, some known to be real and some referred to as mythical, that humans would reach this tipping point. Tipped we have.

Most personally, your rich inner life that you, like me, secretly cherished and from which you gathered much information about your existence, is taking you over. No longer is it safely tucked in, hidden from view, yours or anyone else’s. From this day forward know that you are no longer capable of living in a quietly divided way within yourself. Today you are merged into one whole self.

Just as the consciousness timelines recently collapsed one upon another, so has your own inner/outer selves collapsed and converged. This means that you no longer have to encourage, or in some cases discourage, your inner life to direct or influence your comings and goings.

You will simply express from a fully integrated self. This also means that external programs, beliefs and ideas will have much less of an impact on your self expression and experiences. While you will continue to identify and clear up old limiting beliefs and habits, you simply won’t attend to that type of content, or take it on, as readily as you previously did. This occurrence IS human evolution at it’s finest.

What accounts for the sense of uncertainty being experienced? We were taught (programmed) to be afraid of what could happen to us if how we really felt, what we really understood, and who we really were came to light. One of the artificial and limiting belief constructs that is dying out now is that those of us, which turns out to be many humans, with known exquisite emotional range, clair-senses, and unconditional hearts have the most to lose.

What a powerful and unnatural device it was to reflect to us and encourage us as humans to hide ourselves, our talents, and wisdom. We have now arrived to a time when the ‘meek’, if our collective were to use that word, not only inherit the earth, but transform it.

It is my pleasure to share my experiences and insight with you. Know that in simply being alive at this time on earth, you are a lightening rod of sorts, receiving, grounding and then shining with the very essence of this amazing time in a growing human consciousness. You are simply enough. As is. – Much love, Amber

A Multidimensional Awakening Story: 2012 & Me

A Multidimensional Awakening Story: 2012 & Me

December 21, 2102 is the date that symbolizes the peak for the largest historical shift in consciousness for both the planet earth, her solar system and all living beings therein. Including you. Before I get into my experience of that timeframe, I thought I’d reveal a bit more about myself.

I have a working consciousness understanding for sacred geometries, timelines, matrices, quantum energy mechanics relative to vibratory frequency magnetics, resonances, dimensions and subspaces and many other expressions for multi-dimensional conscious existence. To date, I have been advised by my own guidance system, that as of five months ago, I passed through the sixth initiation (monadic) of ascension and now am in the seventh (logoic). As seems to be common with me, I was advised of this prior to knowing initiation stages existed.

It is the case, that as a Consciousness Teacher, I am a teacher of teachers and of those of you who will become new leaders. My teaching work is done via significantly developed intuition, clairsentience, and channeling. I also verbalize light language to assist in the process of teaching. Those of you who are already serving humanity in similar capacities are yourselves having changes that you will need to understand in the days ahead. This is my role for you. As a former psychotherapist and national healthcare professional residing in the United States, I am very familiar with assisting human beings to heal, recover, identify and then align with the way of living that better fits who they are. As a prior business professional, I am also versed in mentoring projects and groups of providers to this end. My work now continues outside of that traditional motif. It serves a very specialized community of humans, you, the awakening teachers and leaders for what is called New Earth.

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Only very recently it has been made clear to me that I continue to learn as I teach. Sometimes the content I download is out of reach of my knowledge base awareness and I am given homework such that I  do my own research to understand what I was given. I’m given a lot of homework help too. This type of download/master/teach process is faster (because it is done in quantum ‘time’) than historical earth-based learning/practicing/mastery. I find the duality of this aspect to myself exhilarating and sometimes daunting.

At this point, I’ll return to my own story about awakening to new levels of conscious awareness. The largest leap I made until 2016/17 was that of 2012.  I began these more personal posts a couple of months ago based on my own guidance that requested me to show you what a human path looks like at this time in human consciousness ascension. I’ve been asked do so as you are in the midst of the very same unprecedented occurrence. Only humans needing this information today are going to read it. You need a community and mirror for what is happening to you. Most of you reading this are somewhat experienced with the energetics of consciousness having been a mystic or otherwise a student of alternative healing arts, and indeed some of you, like me, have already advanced to teaching in these subjects.

Some of you are yoga teachers, reiki masters, healing touch providers, psychics, remote viewers, medical intuitives or other aware souls by many other names. And you, like me, since 2012 or later are having an enormous uptick in your own experiences. In most cases you don’t have anyone you trust to talk to about what is happening. I know this all too well for I  am also seeking and growing a community that fits my needs today. We are all, in fact, being called into community with one another. It’s a requirement of this collaborative collective effort now occurring. It is the essence of Unity Consciousness. We are paving the way, cutting a new path, for those humans who are only now awakening or those children who are already awakened, as many now are. Consider us the cosmic plow breaking new ground. High ground. Holy ground. Christed ground.

It’s not an easy task to do so as we are very familiar with isolation plus the path to one another is fraught with very human issues, but seek and find we must. You are also finding that even within your energetics communities there is enormous jockeying among humans on various paths for the classic ‘who is right?’ or other common human traits that occur as you begin to share what is happening to you. You meet doubt, rejection, resistance and limitation at many turns as you seek to share what is now occurring. I know.

After the December 2012 events, by early spring, I had what I later learned are common ascension symptoms. If you want to know more about those, just see my prior post on this or google ‘ascension symptoms’. They are ubiquitous on the internet. In fact, along with the arrival of the angelic realm and galactics, I developed what is commonly called a ‘spiritual flu’ that put me in bed for two miserable days and on my sofa for about two weeks. In this time my right eardrum ruptured and I lost my hearing for a month in that ear. I regained 90% of it back. After that series of events, the deeper consciousness world had been opened up to me. I’ve not been the same since. Neither have you.

My advice, keep going. Learn to ride the energetic waves and their very real results within you and on the planet. Know without a doubt that you came for this very time and that you are exquisitely equipped to do what we are doing here. Learn and practice, to the best of your ability, manifestation mechanics. Investigate the matter/null/antimatter story of energy. Be willing to process the issues that arise. Be curious about what is happening and why you are responding the way you are. Find a neutral (null) emotional position throughout your days. Come back to it again and again. Your steady hand and approach is needed and is only going to be more needed as we go.  People are going to seek you out. Of course, now you know where to find me should consultation be beneficial.

Written with love, Amber



Practical Energetics: Human Consciousness Ascension Symptoms

Practical Energetics: Human Consciousness Ascension Symptoms

I am called to take a break from documenting my own lifelong path to multidimensional consciousness to offer some basics for what I call practical everyday energetics. Many of you already have a keen sense of the ascension experience but it may serve as a helpful and functional reminder for what you have been experiencing or are going further into these days. Plus, like me, you likely have peers who may not be as versed as you are asking you questions about this subject. Please feel free to share this plainspoken description with them.

At this time in earth’s history human beings have reached a ‘tipping point’ as a species such that many more of us are no longer leading lives dependent on external content, beliefs, institutions and ideas. We are self-responsibly going inside of ourselves for new ways of perceiving and experiencing who we are and why we exist. We are beginning, in much larger numbers than ever before, to awaken to our innate talent, abilities, awareness and choices.

When this more sovereign way of living occurs for an individual, you are more prone to create a life that is more satisfying and more aligned with well being for yourself, your relationships, families and all. As more and more people do this, even seemingly independent of one another, they are affecting both their own lives and the lives of those around them. This way of living, as more people make this shift, begins to change whole communities in the very same way. You’ve heard and seen the ‘be the change you want to see’ theme a lot lately. The concept of ascension in consciousness, which then impacts externalized intent and action is one way of understanding what that means.

On ascension symptoms. I am writing here on the very basic symptoms humans are now reporting relative to the rise in human consciousness typically referred to in the spiritual sciences and multi-path energetics communities. Any internet search on the term ‘ascension symptoms’ will provide what I am sharing here but I will do so in my own plain language. If you go out to the internet, for the newer and intermediate student, the content you will find that surrounds the concept may be a bit distracting. Of course I am a firm believer that you attract the information you need that will take you further on your path. 

Since 2012 I myself have had and continue to have most of the following conditions occurring so I can attest to what is generally accepted as being true in the broader community. Remember, this expressed content is not a traditional health and human medical sciences concept, not at all. If you read this with that in mind, you will easily dismiss the intent of the content. Instead read with your sensing self, your creative mind, and your inner aware-self. 

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1. A withdrawal from historical routines with media in various forms to include news in every format and television programming that repeatedly demonstrates violence, suffering, mean-spiritedness for entertainment of any kind. This includes a withdrawal from previously enjoyed gaming that included the same.
2. A marked increase in the inability to withstand negative conversations with friends and family that in the past used to be a routine part of your communications and relationships. In some cases, this had led to your choosing to begin to limit or closeout those relationships, some of them with love relationships and close friends.
3. A deepening restlessness relative to your working life. A noticeable aversion to putting going into a job in which you experience yourself as an unseen commodity that works within rules and limits to your expression and whose role is to perform and produce for money without the return of enjoyment, fulfillment, sense of meaning and connectivity to others.
4. An increased sense of urgency to enjoy your life more than you do today. In the past, you were able to bypass this urge when it popped up. Today it is louder than ever.
5. An increased call to serve in your community in new ways. For some this is a call to work for peace, justice, and well-being for all humans, nature and planet.
6. A growing awareness that an entire cosmos exists inclusive of our own solar system and the multiverse beyond. For some, this includes exploring what is known both in our earthly sciences and in our metaphysical systems relative to the galaxy and life therein.
7. A new or renewed advanced interest in caring well for yourself. This includes creating daily habits that may include focused nutritional improvements to include added attention to a plant-based diet, new exercise routines less focused on how you want your body to look and more focused on how you want your body, mind and spirit to feel, added interest in the use of natural nutritional supplements via essential oils, minerals, green superfoods, etc.,taking classes or reading to advance your personal well-being, and the re-engagements or additional exploration into yoga, meditations, crystals, and spiritual energy work of many kinds.
8. For some, intense buzzing in the ears. Whereas I can tell you more about why this is happening and what this is in a future post, the right ear buzzing relates to personal content, and the left ear is planetary/cosmologically based.
9. A curious sense that time has sped up somehow. Time feels as if it is passing faster than ever. Historically older humans were the only people who tended to notice this and say so. Now, many people will remark at how fast time seems to move.I will also write more on why this is occurring in the future too.
10. Unusual body aches and pains in muscles and joints, head aches, nausea, bouts of fatigue at time points severe, and flu-like symptoms that seem to appear and then recede on their own. Some of these symptoms will (and should) send you to your physician. Better to check out what is happening. For the average human, these are not based in physical pathologies.
11. For the more highly sensitive humans who always had keen extra-sensory awarenesses that they more or less kept to themselves, the are having a significant uptick in those empathic, intuitive, insight oriented experiences. In some cases, they are experiencing more phenomenological experiences than they ever have in their lifetime. For them, this is a Call to Service but initially it can become overwhelming, especially since these humans tend to be isolated with what they are experiencing.

Okay. Yes. I realize that is a long list. The fact is, the list could be made much longer. For the newly emerging, intermediate, or even advanced consciousness student, of which you fall somewhere here, the ways ascension symptoms are expressing themselves are as vast and unique as you are. This process is happening to every living being on the planet today.

Most of all, care well for yourselves. This is a time that has been expected to arrive for humans on earth for eons and is written about in many esoteric systems and expressions. For a great many of these paths, it is a time of great celebration and joy for we are returning to who we really are how we are all meant to live as loving, powerful and unified souls in human form and in harmony with all that exists.

Much love, Amber

If any of this is happening to you and you want support with what is happening, I can help. I provide Skype consultations on this and much more, as a clairsentient intuitive channel and former psychotherapist, I teach about and address this content in support of your growth and integration. Please email me at or call 571-969-6904 to make an appointment for 1.5hr/165.00 (USA)