A Rich Inner Life is Now Required

A Rich Inner Life is Now Required

Because you are reading this from me today, I am certain you have wondered too.

Over the years I often wondered how humans live here without some inner point of reference that brings them peace and comfort while traversing this mortal coil. Then I began to understand what humans as a species were actually doing here on the planet. As embodied souls, humans in the third dimensional plane of existence are here to explore suffering.

Then, if they do the inner work you are doing, they remember how to go beyond suffering while in form. Forgetting the inner life where peace and comfort (and oh, so much more) await is precisely the point of this lifetime game. This complete disconnect happens at birth for most souls, but not all, who come here.

What I came to understand is that humans, as they awaken to their true expansive selves, begin to slip the trap of suffering that is predominately available here on earth today.

Once they begin to slip the program traps- self hatred, self-judgement, self-limiting beliefs and ideas, they literally begin to bloom anew into a remembrance of who they are in the divine cosmology. As they actively and with intention divest themselves of any interest in judging others, participating in ‘only looking out for myself and mine’ attitudes and actions, the greater worlds and realities open up to them.

pablo - 2019-04-11T085121.461

When this interior opening and awakening to self occurs, often humans are shocked at the brilliance and beauty of the quantum design that underlies their very existence. I’ve seen others, myself included weep with awe and recognition within this phase of homecoming and recollection.

The fact is humans do not function very well on whole right now. Of course, this a a judgmental statement. In truth they are functioning within perfect harmony with the energetics on the planet. It’s just painful. There is nothing inherently wrong with the path of pain as it will, as all paths do, lead to inner truth and wisdom.

Not everyone here right now is going to awaken to their inner landscape and how it manifests the outer reality they experience while in human form. This is also true. It is not necessary to do so. Many lifetimes make for plenty of evolutionary or ascending practice.

I say all of this to you today as a highly aware and experienced soul who knows that you yearn for homecoming of which I speak. I know that you yearn to be with those of your kind, those who mirror your beauty and love for All That Is. I know your life has been exquisitely painful at times. So has mine.

I also know that if you are reading this item from me, you are on the precipice of enormous revelation and then integration that is happening in perfect timing for who you came to be. Let yourself flow with the natural unfolding that is happening in your life. Yes, be discerning, but learn to listen to your own inner voice.

Make friends with, classify as you need to with your human mind, all the aspects of self that are you. Let these higher, more attuned and aware aspects gently guide you on your own path of human exploration during this powerful lifetime. It is, after all, what you came for.

Let no one define for you who you are and of what you are truly capable. You came here at an incredibly powerful time in human history. As such, you came uniquely informed and front-loaded with extraordinary awareness and skills you are only now beginning to unpack.

Go ever inward and trust what you feel, see and here. Seek your community of others as we are all over this planet. We are welcoming you and know you well. We have indeed all done this before. We have all been embodied at highly potent and changing times and have served the process mightily. As both you and I are doing at this very moment.

Always with my love, Amber

ps. If my consultation work can help you in any way to see yourself or to help you integrate what is going on within and without, please see my services page. All of my work is provided via Zoom or Skype today.

Yes, You are a ‘Service to Others’ Soul

Yes, You are a ‘Service to Others’ Soul

I’m being asked to remind you about your true nature and mission as a soul this incarnation. To encourage you to see yourself more clearly and understand your personal and professional motivations within this earthly third dimensional framework.

One of the foundations to this teaching is to refer to your personal paradigm known as ‘Service to Others’. This construct has an opposing design which is referred to as Service to Self/Power over Others. You were born into the latter. But you who are reading this arrived as the former.

The following statements comprise some basics that assist my clients to understand this consciousness construct. I know they will also take you further in your own awareness too.

  1. Service to Others souls are anyone who innately feels the call from the heart to be of service to humanity and the planet. It is a repetitive call that gets louder and more insistent until you begin to engage it. It eventually takes precedence over all else.
  2. We stand in juxtaposition, from birth, to Service to Self/Power over Others ways of living and being. One way of being is not better or worse, just different experience and exploration of self on the planet. We are all One. We are both light and shadow.
  3. We have always been on earth but now since the Harmonic Convergence in 1996 and the 2012 and 2016 energetic cycle events more of us are consciously awakening to our true natures and missions.
  4. Why are we awakening in this way now? The planet, a sentient being, is reaching a 26 thousand year cycle of zero point reset/ascension/shift in polarity consciousness experience. She is moving away from her own exploration of Service to Self/Power over Others inclusive of powerlessness, victimization and suffering.
  5. The energetics involved are quantum in nature. These changes are prophesied, experienced and described in a myriad of narratives and presentations across human history. Please see my prior blog posts for some of my own personal experiences.
  6. Whereas the earlier (by linear mind-based understanding) Serve to Others souls were a much smaller collective, there are more here and the strength of our numbers (our Collective) has created powerful thought forms and vibratory resonances  aiding the transfiguration of the planet and all beings to fifth dimensional harmonics and beyond.

Drench pablo.png

Humans wonder HOW we as individuals are accomplishing the expression of the Service to Others soul beyond what the human species has been able to do previously. Here are some fundamentals for how you personally hold, grow and express this powerful condition.

  1. You cultivate a daily life centered on personal self responsibility. You take responsibility for everything that you bring into your life experience. ALL of it. Not just the delightful things but the painful stuff too. Yes, even victimization experiences.
  2. You devote yourself to healing the wounds you know about and seek to understand and release/integrate those that are karmic inheritances both this lifetime and others.
  3. You set about the business of managing your thoughts and your range of emotions. This alone will change your life and draw forward your life’s mission and purpose.
  4. You choose to make love, compassion and forgiveness an everyday exploration starting with yourself and then applying it to all others. Do not confuse doing so with putting yourself needlessly in harm’s (lower vibratory) way unless you need to continue to explore suffering. Discernment is important at all times.
  5. You investigate what is sovereignty. You develop a clear sense of working from your own creative intent versus joining and absorbing programmed constructs and beliefs from others, culture, society and religions.
  6. You discover for yourself for what types of programming/beliefs you assumed in your lifetime and go about releasing it via many methods available to you. Read, research, learn new methods for self healing, seeks teachers and healers of any kind that resonate with your personal approach.
  7. Investigate then integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of self. For thousands of years we lived as a species with only a masculine God image largely available to us. In order to stabilize your Service to Others nature, we must create this new balance including the female goddess aspect.

This blog post was written with deep honor, love and appreciation for your human experience. Most of all drench yourself in love, forgiveness, and compassion. If each human being would do so this world would be an entirely different experience. It would create  a dynamic not know to humans in thousands upon thousands of years. Om shanti. Namaste. — Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed., Consciousness Teacher


A New World Hanging Outside Our Window

A New World Hanging Outside Our Window

I’m paraphrasing one of my favorite songs in this title. The actual phrase is “A new world hangs outside my window…” from ‘Sound & Color’ by Alabama Shakes. In fact the whole song rocks my senses in its accuracy for what is occurring on our planet today.

To begin, here is the exchange I had with my Light Council in preparation to write this item:

Me: Who wants to talk to me about this subject and what do you want readers to understand?

Ehtu:  What you refer to has so much more to do with what is happening in the ethers on your planet. What you are about to express relates to that which is occurring in this dimension, your third.

Your planet is taking a turn, a growth spurt of sorts, she is ready to make this change now. And where she is going has been stabilized now for her presence. People of your Kind now see this. It is what you call the fifth dimensional earth. New Earth.

Me: Your are right, I do see this new world breaking through. I feel it more than see it. Sometimes I catch flashes of it with my eyes. I certainly see the lightcodes pouring onto Gaia and see light flashes in varying colors and styles during waking hours too. And my dreams have become visionary over the last few years.

What I’d really like to do and inspire in others is to support more growing awareness in this evolving fifth dimensional (and beyond) experience. What do you suggest we do in order to be able to do so?

Ehtu: What we all have done. Go within. Daily. Without limits. Explore yourselves, your awareness and consciousness. You are going to have to go further into yourselves than you have ever known how to do previously.

You will accept that where you are led is the perfect place, information and experience for you at that moment. You will have to gain self trust in ways not previously available to your species.

The more time you spend exploring your inner landscape of self, the more you will discover the abundance of information about existence available to you now. You have everything you need within to make this new earth experience your own. 

Me: Thank you Ehtu. My relationship with you is a great example of being willing to explore myself and trust what I hear, see and feel. Thank you for talking with me. Namaste.

Changing Nicely.png

Those of you who read my work understand that I am a New Earth Teacher. That simply means that I am a forerunner, one whose remembering has been heavily triggered, as we make a turn into a newer human consciousness on our home planet. There are many of us now across the world.

It occurred to me that you may be somewhat overwhelmed, as I have been at times, by all the various approaches you read about where spiritual consciousness is concerned today. Do a little googling  and you can find ‘activations’ for just about anything at all: merkaba, kundalini, diamond & platinum lightcodes, and DNA/blueprint, just to name a few.

You can find informants and healers on every imaginable path who harness energies across the marvelous spectrum available. They work with color, numbers, geometries, blueprints, lightcodes, and light language. Many more understand spiritual quantum mechanics, crystals,  timelines and connect with Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm.

Explore them. Avoid them. It does not really matter. You are changing without trying to do so. Our Sun, the Great Central Sun and the Photon Belt are all seeing to this nicely now. It is simply the nature of the Divine Plan for us at this time in the Cycle of Existence.

You can also find grand arguments and trite human quibbles with regard to fifth dimensional living, ego and the ‘who is going, who is staying and what it all means’ type. Dig around long and deep enough and you’ll bump into revelations with regards to geopolitics, extraterrestrials and deep state related miasma sure to give you equal doses of understanding and confusion. Sometimes all at the same moment.

I tell you all of this to recommend highly that you go within YOU. That you develop your own sensibility and pathway to experiencing the qualities of what is considered a fifth dimensional (and beyond) spiritual consciousness.

If you rely on other humans to interpret this in total for you, and they are out there, you will miss the exquisite beauty and point for establishing your own soul’s connection and resonance. You simply can’t grow in understanding and practices until your own energy body is healing and integrated with the associated themes that this period in human history now offers.

This does not mean that you don’t pursue courses and teachers, it means that you approach them with the understanding that they are mirrors you yourself manifested for what you are now bringing into your own life experience for exploration.

This changeover or shift in human awareness and spiritual consciousness is being accomplished one soul unto another. It is the way it was always designed and prophesied. Allow your curiosity to be your guide. Allow your own quiet voice(s) to whisper to you.

Pick up a pen and paper, begin to ask yourself questions, then answer them without censor. Spend time in nature and learn to pay attention to how you feel when you are there. Pay closer attention to synchronicity and small moments. Breath more deeply and slowly. Most of all, love, forgive and nurture yourself. And then do the same for others.

Always written with deep love and gratitude, Amber



Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Before I jump into the topic of free will I thought you may like to understand how I engage the material I present from the start. I am not the type of person who does a lot of sitting meditation. I do my best connecting to Source via what some like to call a walking meditation. It has been this way for me for years. It seems that moving my body keeps it busy while I engage what is commonly termed ‘higher’ aspects of myself, although these days I don’t really refer to them this way. These days they simply present to me by long established names and identities.

It may be helpful too for you to understand that while a specific subset of humans have long interfaced and written about their engagements with the angelic realm, many of us are also now specifically identifying our engagement with what can best be called the galactic community within the sphere of consciousness processes. Many of us find various ways to introduce this experience to readers and clients. In my case, I refer to this collective most often as my Light Council.  There is much more I could write on this subject, but I’ll save that for another day.

pablo (89)

This morning the subject of ‘free will’ was the topic of discussion with members of my Light Council. It was Ehtu who first commented on this subject. He advised that “the physics for what is free will is highly mutable and highly programmable.” Then Aga advised that “free will IS a human program. Be sure YOU are the programmer.” It appears they both were sending home the message that yes, we humans have ‘free will’ but without our OWN input driving what that means, we are subject the the whims of those who (or that which) would seek power over that individual free will.

It was a surprise too, that Jamay weighed in on the subject as he tends to be more quiet during teachable moments like this. I liked his expression the best. He said “Where I exist ‘free’ means One and ‘will’ means Intention. I like this so much because I could feel what he was saying. The rest of the multiverse operates on this divine principle of Oneness. And I could understand how that is energetically pure Intention. Humans are only now catching up as we are moving into fifth dimensional living.

pablo (90)

Anthor, ever my technical instructor, demonstrated the actual mathematics involved, but I was walking and could not draw it out on paper, as he likes me to do. Nor could I do the quantum mechanics research that typically goes with his teaching. But what he showed me was a complex set of mathematical equations that when assembled looked a lot like geometrical conditions laid out in three dimensions. A blueprint for ‘free will’.

From his depiction I could see a lot of opportunity  where this blueprint could be engaged and altered as is the case with any mathematical expression. Anthor was showing this to me so that I could help us understand, from the mathematical view, how constructs such as ‘free will’ are built. And how subject they are to input, my own or that I take in from outside of myself consciously or more often the case, unconsciously.

This was a terrific discussion as so many of us are expanding our understanding for how energy works and our individual role in informing it. The simplest methodology available to humans is found in the  fundamentals of universal laws of creation, attraction or manifestation. We are also becoming more aware and adept with regard to human programming that begins at birth on our planet. As souls having a human incarnation, we’ve come to understand how much of it was ‘assumed’ versus consciously chosen during the current lifetime.

As such, we are getting much better at releasing programming that is unsuitable for us and taking on newer conditions that bring more joy, pleasure, comfort and well-being. It makes sense to me that my Council wanted to talk specifically on the ‘free will’ theme as it is bandied about quite a bit in the consciousness community at this time. Humans are awakening to the fact that free will in and of itself is a construct that needs thoughtful consideration and active engagement versus careless assumption both personally and externally.

Here’s to engaging free will in such a way that YOU drive it’s meaning and expression in your OWN life otherwise, externalized programming (as it does with so much already) will be happy to drive it for you. It is always my pleasure to share what I am learning as I learn right alongside of you. Much love, Amber

Multidimensional Life: Portals, Dimensions & You

Multidimensional Life: Portals, Dimensions & You

“Here is the point of it all Amber. Your community is coming to understand portals and dimensions for the first time as a larger collective, yes. But what is most important is NOT the nature of these relative to consciousness, but the function of these.”– Alantiria

The above quote reflects what Alantiria advised me earlier in the week. For those who do not know, she is one of the beings in my personal Council. Alantiria is responding to my continued exploration into HOW to communicate, as a New Earth teacher, my own understanding about what appears to be very esoteric and unusual experiential territory for a growing number of awakening humans.

There is simply more conversation and experience with dimensionality, portals, and connections between them than there has ever been in this human collective. Though you can find written content from many narratives conveyed across thousands of years, the internet and specifically Facebook have become an aggregator for this subject and it’s community.

pablo (88)

What Alantiria wanted to help me consider is how to give a beginner’s explanation for what is a dimension and what is a portal. It seemed important that I give you some fundamental method for contextualizing these terms that help us do away with highly stylized otherworldly stories, that while enjoyable, don’t help us engage the experience in a functional living way. Historically, the ‘portals and dimensions’ discussions were held among science fiction and/or extra terrestrial interested communities, not, as we are seeing now, among the broader awakening/consciousness community.

It was my own surprise in the last year to find myself in a subset of just such a community. These people are lightworkers, grid workers, and other highly intuitive, clair-senses attuned souls who had, like myself, long perceived or recently began perceiving energetic conditions exceeding the third and fourth dimensions which then led to multi-dimensional access, experience and interaction. While our community cultivated relationships with other realms, we did not as a larger group spend much time giving thought or writing/teaching to dimensionality and portals in and of themselves. Our work was usually targeted at healing or engaging karmic timeline information, etc.

Given the spirituality community’s understanding of planetary ascension, which is best commonly expressed as a shift in human consciousness, it makes sense that dimensions, portals and other constructs have more commonly come into play. ‘Ascension’ gives the impression of ‘rising’ in our human language. And in this case, it is said that the planet and her inhabitants are ascending to the fifth dimensional plane of existence. And how do we get there? Well, this is where the story of portals or even ‘zero points’ becomes of interest. For today’s purpose I’ll reserve writing on zero points for another post.

At its most basic, this ascension process would appear to necessitate some type of movement: from here to there. While I understand this expression to be inexact, we are limited to linear constructs given our brain’s current dominant program design. So, it is easy to imagine that our planet and her inhabitants are going somewhere and doing so by some method.

Here is what I’d like you to consider about dimensions from a consciousness perspective. Dimensions are commonly thought of as layers. They are often represented numerically, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and beyond to infinity. They are also referred to as planes of existence. In most cases, because of our linear brains, we tend to see them as one on top of the other. Kind of like a cosmological cake. They aren’t.

You would be better served to imagine them (best to feel them) wrapped around your own energy system, the Earth’s too, and then around the entire multi-verse. In each dimension, as in each room of your own home you can consciously engage in differing experiences. For example, at home I wash dishes and cook in my kitchen. I sleep, dream and dress in my bedroom. And I write blog posts and pay bills in my office. This is key: I have access to all the rooms all of the time. In fact, my house is a great representation for who I am in the third dimension.

Because of the fixed numbering system typically used when describing dimensions, it gives the impression of going higher and higher. They do not do so.  They are better conceived as ‘densities’. And even better clarity, dimensions are light densities, that is, how much light (atomic particle energy) can be absorbed or participate in the structure of the plane.

Stretching you now, perhaps you will then begin to see dimensions as matrixed, or as matrices. You are likely now coming to understand why it is best to think of consciousness as mathematical, particularly physics. You may even begin to see all kinds of geometrical shapes moving and connecting to one another. Are you still with me?

Good. If you are still here, you are letting your imagination kick in. Before you tire of this all together, here is my basic description of portals. In our human walk, an elevator is a portal. I get in a structure built by someone else and it takes me somewhere, often to the floor above or floor below. An escalator does this too. As does the moving floor at the airport, connecting me to terminals A, B and C in order to catch a plane. And if I am a good handyman at home, I can build my own stairway into my attic to make it easier to access.

Grossly understated, portals are structures built to move us from one place to the next. Our nervous system and brain is loaded with them. Synapses and receptor sites are engaged when electrical current energy (stimuli) moves through us to trigger desired experiences and actions. Memories, body movement and emotions are all engaged in this method. For another example of portals, we move from room to room  in our homes by way of openings and doorways to engage within those spaces for specific reasons. Those reasons (anti-matter) are not made manifest (matter) until we are in them. In these examples of ‘portals’ we access or connect with them in order to manifest something out of something else.

Now that I’ve given third dimensional uses of the portal concept, let’s apply it to consciousness. What you can begin to imagine is that portals relative to consciousness are connectivity structures not unlike synapses and receptor sites or doorways and elevators. They are built or designed for the purpose of transition. In plain human language, transition from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Although this is a linear understanding for a non-linear condition. Portals are better understood as functional access tools.

While is is mighty fun to read about and imagine magnificent openings, tears, wormholes, or vast glittering staircases, it is more grounded perhaps to imagine them as functional accessibility structures that allow you to consciously engage consciousness related experiences. And for the purpose of today’s blog: engage consciousness experiences and newer understanding about who you are as a soul having a third dimensional life as a human being in form who has access to all dimensions at all times efficiently accessed by portal structures. Wow.

There is so much more I could say about this subject, but what was important when Alantiria and I connected on this matter was that I make an effort to write about dimensions and portals in a functional way versus lyrical and mystical narrative. The time has come here in the bottom of the fifth dimension, where you are as you read this from me, that we all take baby steps as we grow our understanding for who we now are and of which we are now becoming quite capable. Disclosure begins with you first.

I’ve had a good time wrestling with this post today. I hope my writing triggers more investigation on your end. I’ve chuckled more than once while attempting to take concepts that I feel-see via clairsentience and try to place them into linear third dimensional context. Not easy. At all. — Much love, Amber

The Intensity of Releasing Woundedness

The Intensity of Releasing Woundedness

It is time to wave a farewell to your woundedness narrative. That longheld, traumatic, and often repeated and recycled pain with which you likely arrived to the planet and which was compounded by living with the programming here on Earth. This story is your most closely held series of human awarenesses about Self. It is the content you tell your best friend during long conversations over time, your new lover during that first phase of heightened disclosure, and you tell yourself over and over again in the quiet of sleepless nights.

The reason I know this to be true is because you are exhausted, your body hurts, and for the last week you have been intensely releasing more deeply those things you thought you processed and were in a good (enough) place with for now. You were right. That was only for then. Things have shifted again. This time it is not a shift, it is a leap. A quantum leap in human consciousness on whole, including your very own. Yes, even you very high-vibing types took a jump.We all did as did our beloved Gaia.

In this Now you are going farther inside yourself than was ever previously possible for the human race. You are releasing at a cellular level all that your body kindly held for you until it was time for it to exit your energy system. See, the body is Intelligent beyond your wildest imagination.

In brief what is happening is that your DNA structure is now sufficiently prepared as are your cellular structures, to hold more Light. Or Love. Same difference for our purpose today. As this is the case, your cells have no more room to hold onto old, hard, painful, and unworthy content. Your community of over 50 trillion cells has been given the signal, or code (0100110), to release back to Source anything that is not like itself. This means anything that you have held as your truest, most painful narrative or story is leaving you. For good. Where does it go? I know you want to know because it’s been with you so long:It goes on to be transmuted back to Light. It is just energy like everything else.

Know that anything dark and painful is only light that forgot itself. Yes, read that again because that sentence alone will change you for the rest of your life on earth.

I AM writing this and sending this to You in Love that surpasses all understanding. I AM We ARE. Allow the resonance of this to move through you. Sending you my Love.


The Divine Service of Pain

The Divine Service of Pain

Here is a basic tenet about living a three dimensional human life.  We have human bodies. They get hurt and we suffer. Diseases also cause us tremendous pain. And we get hurt at both the accidental and deliberate hands and psychological predation of others and ourselves. In our current Agreement this is part of the programming we accepted to be on this planet. Therefore we suffer mightily. Given the predominance of pain, allow me to introduce its divine service to you.

To explore the opportunity pain brings you,  consider the emotional pain you now experience. Because this by far is your most challenging and unrelenting issue as it is for the entire human species. You are suffering just as I once did on a daily basis. Suffering is inevitable given what our collective believes and does in response to those beliefs. It is our heritage for thousands of years now. The good news is all of this is changing. The fact you are reading this item is just one affirmation for this fact. Unlike prior generations, we are healing faster and more effectively from the steady stream of unending emotional pain than at any other time on Earth. Beloveds, as a collective we are releasing our Agreement to hold the beliefs required to produce the resultant expression of suffering.

In the late 90’s I had a prophetic boyfriend who told me, among many things that eventually came to pass, that I was “always walking through a field of of wild flowers” implying that I only saw the beauty in life and never allowed myself to look at the darker parts. He was right. And many of you who are very intuitive and empathic types will understand what he was telling me. As a highly conscious person, just as you are or are becoming,  I thought my job was to remain positive, keep my eyes turned towards the Light, and share this with others. I was in immense emotional pain. In fact, I was becoming exhausted by the accumulation of pain, mine and other’s, but unwilling to acknowledge it because to do so would change my  life in ways for which I was not consciously ready.

I am here to tell you many years later that acknowledging and then healing emotional pain is a divinely provided and supported path to conscious awareness and spiritual growth. In this growth you will find the peace, comfort and stability of self that is your Original Birthright. And it is a common path of choice for humans inclusive of physical pain which has a monstrous but certain pathway that can take you to a new level of human existence as you pass through it. When you are ready, often in the eleventh hour, you will relent, you will collapse, and then you will allow yourself to recover. You will take the trip the mythical Persephone takes into the abysmal depths seemingly below and behind all that is familiar and preferred.

The journey will challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself and others. Then you will return to the true Spring of your life revived and hopeful. You will blossom naturally in ways you did not imagine possible while you were so busy being consumed by managing and responding to pain. I know this because I am now in this blooming phase of life. It was not easy to get here. Some of it was, and sometimes still is, downright ugly. All’s not lost in the process either. While it was going on I had love, friends, work and enjoyment in my life. Yes, at times I did not have love, did not have friends and did not work and did not enjoy my life. Looking back it was very much an endurance dance across years.

One way to conceive of pain as a path to healing and powerful consciousness growth is to imagine that you are ‘threading the eye of the needle’ which means to go straight for it and headlong into the center of it such that you arrive cleared of it on the other side. Of course, you will eddy out to the edges of it from time to time. It is only human to lighten up a bit and give yourself plenty of breaks.

Be generous with yourself most of all. Get any and all healthful support available to you while you endeavor to heal. Make use of nature, the healing arts, good food, laughter, music and quality care as needed. You have within you everything needed for releasing and relieving that which causes you so much pain and suffering. You came to our gorgeous Earth will all of this capability written into everyone of your over 30 trillion cells. Now it is about remembering and practicing.

Your affirmation: Please read it through once. Then read it aloud once. And then read it very slowly aloud to yourself even if it seems you lose the meaning of the words you are saying. There is power in this method.

‘I have everything I need inside of me in order to release and heal all pain and suffering. I choose now to activate those healing agents with deep gratitude for my true and divinely guided self.’

I am sending you my Love. Thank you for being on the planet at this incredible time. Om shanti. Amber