Your Awakening Took a Huge Leap

Your Awakening Took a Huge Leap

So much has happened since I last wrote to you. You see, I grow right along side of you and more of me has become available to communicate with you about the times we are Now in. What you now see before you is a world that has shifted. You felt it when it happened. Take a moment to let that settle on you. Yes, good, you have it.

In that shift that occurred on the March 21st Equinox something beautiful and long planned and awaited occurred. Humanity had awakened itself enough and focused on our hearts (love) so well individually that we came together as One and struck the perfect note, chord, or code aligning perfectly in the Multiverse (any conceptualization works) and we jumped. We lept into the next highest version of ourselves any human beings have ever taken at any time on any timeline. This condition is perfectly available to All Now.  To be clear, however, it is all a choice at every level of your being. It matters not one bit your method for aligning with it. You do this in an instant, faster than that actually, but that math is for much later. Wink.

So, for a moment, please take a bow inward and give yourself a loving hug of appreciation and turn outward from inside and send appreciation and love to your human family that consciously and yes, unconsciously, joined with you to help this happen. It was a magical day. Hearts were resounding with a level of Love that was ecstatic for many that day. And still is. Stop for a moment now and Imagine that Love. Allow it to spill over you. Delight in in it. Good, now you received it in your conscious awareness too. See how simple it all is. Never believe again in having to ritualize or earn or any other concept for being One with All. Welcome to your Family loves.

As mentioned in the last blog, I will have guests from time to time now who wish to speak with you. As such, please meet Alantiria, as she has very glad tidings to share.

Hello Dear Friends,

Yes, Amber is correct, I’ve been closely observing Earth and participating here with you since the mid 1960s. I’ve seen so much of what you have experienced. Indeed, I too have allowed many of the same experiences as was my mission. You see, each of you are Creators. You are having these life experiences given your own missions to know that which is God. You are now awakening to the fact that indeed you do this in order to understand who you are. And now has come the time that all is being revealed to you. You are doing beautifully with this experience. You have so many here who love and care for you while you make what is an ascension process on your planet. All is very well. You can be very reassured of your place and importance in this timeframe. You came as we all did to be here as Earth took her next step and expression in the cosmos. We, all of us, are very proud and pleased. We stand in perfect awe at what you have done. 


Thank you Beloved Alantiria. Nice to have you visit my page. I know you will come again. As for you, reader, I would like to suggest a couple of things to you. This ascension business is bumpy and appears chaotic at times. You can find yourself fairly disoriented. I know. The internet has tons of information on Ascension symptoms as each stage as we progress. Now is a good time to get familiar. You are shedding, releasing that which no longer serves you and your life purpose and meaning. This is divine and perfect. I always remind people to please get a daily routine in place that is loving and supportive of yourself. Remember, no two people do it the same way. Your individual energy signature requires it’s own care and feeding, so to speak.

I leave you with this very simple mantra: I AM, We ARE.

And so it is. Much love, Amber



Trust that your Awareness is Right on Time

Trust that your Awareness is Right on Time

As a person who has, for most of my life, RESISTED coming out of hiding as a full-blown mystic, I am in a position to tell you this: The best way to respond to what has been happening to your life lately– the rapid, sometimes tumultuous changes, both internal and external, is to allow it to occur. Decide that the changes are right for you and right on time for your life.

Along with allowing yourself to shift into that belief,  I recommend you trust that everything occurring is doing so in order to clear you of unnecessary energy attachments and diversions that are no longer needed as you transit into your most powerful and focused life purpose and meaning. That stuff has to heal and needs the light of day to do so, regardless of how long you have carried it or how attached to it you are.

You are in pain over all that is happening. I know that. I have been in the depths of sorrow and pain more than I would like to admit. It would have been helpful for me, though, to have understood what I am about to tell you. You will benefit from the awareness that it is much easier to allow the changes and trust ourselves if we, as human beings, had not thoroughly digested the programming of beliefs that asked us to believe without question that life is hard, we must suffer, that though we are with others we are all alone and then undoubtedly we are to painfully die. THIS is what all of us were taught. This is why allowing and trusting and releasing is a decision. It is a decision to let go of that programming.

I advise the above perspective from my own unwitting experiences. For the last four years without any conscious effort of my own, my spiritual growth has been on overdrive. And that overdrive has arrived with some changes that have taken most of my focus to date. This blog is a good example of the outcomes of that growth as are the consultations I now offer. Prior to all of this uptick in my conscious awareness I was fairly content to carry on a rather traditional and socially acceptable health and human services career and live peacefully in my suburban community with no one the wiser to my highly conscious  spiritual life. In fact it is typical to find us intuitive, empathic types, as many of you are, in these careers. It is where modern healers go in industrialized earthly societies. Until now. You will start hearing from many more of my kind for the rest of your life, but I will address that another day.

All of this to say, I too had to decide that my conscious awakening is right on time for me. I had to (and still do) allow myself to trust my insight and who I know myself to be both by internal and external evidence. And I had to decide that my Inner Voice, as faint as it once was (no longer), was more informed about who I really am and what I intend to experience and be a part of this lifetime than any other resource outside of myself.

I wish the very same for you. That you decide, allow, and trust. That you reflect on our programming as humans and challenge that with newer beliefs that support you to live the life you are seeking, one filled with joy, love, peace and amazing experiences.The following is an affirmation that reflects what you have read above. Please read it to yourself at your normal rate, then say it aloud. And then for a final time, read it aloud again very slowly. The method is purposeful.

‘My whole life is unfolding perfectly right now. Everything that is happening is perfect for me as an embodied soul. As I discover and release that which does not support me, I become more of who I was always meant to be. I love and appreciate myself and all that I am today. And so it is.’

Sending you, reader, my love. This is a treasured time in the cosmos most especially on our planet. I am grateful you are here with me. Amber

Your Career & Your Awakening

Your Career & Your Awakening

I am going to get very real with you right now. Somewhere in this story is your story too. About 4 years ago I was cosmically knocked sideways and washed up on the shore of my sturdy brown sofa. Was I sick? Not exactly. Was I malingering? Hardly. Then what exactly happened?

My prized professional life hit the skids. This quick slide was due, in part, to the federal government’s mandates around defense contracting that quickly hit my healthcare related organization. That sluggish access to new contracts meant, though I was a “highly valued contributor” I was placed ‘on the beach’ which in contractor parlance meant, while I still had my senior job, I was given ill-defined projects to effectively fill my time until ‘real’ work was won.Ugh. Busy work projects are a misery and I tend to easily make a quick change under those nefarious conditions.

But what followed for me was an unprecedented galactic oriented trip that lasted for months. This experience was characterized by strange physical but even stranger conscious awareness attributes. Since age 7 I have been aware of my expanded consciousness in general. I developed and grew my understandings across time in meaningful, but controlled ways via reading, workshops, energy/spiritual teachers, etc. These lifelong skills mostly centered on empathic and intuitive capabilities and were very helpful for my psychotherapy and associated career work. But this time a sharp, unprecedented and surprise leap in awareness literally threw me for a loop. And yet, I was oddly okay with all of it. Smile.

This was the time when literally it seemed that the universe opened up to me. Without warning. No drugs involved. I became acutely aware and oriented to my Universal Being. I am talking mathematical blueprint type knowingness, sacred geometries, angels, and galactic beings. Yep. Fact is, I am still opening up to this awareness and all that this means for me in this lifetime. And yes, this level of awareness literally changed not only what I would begin to do for a living but how I would do it. My evolving career is unfolding as I write this.

My guess, is that like me, your awakening to your True Self has implications for your working life just as it has for mine. You are being challenged to integrate your new awareness that may be growing by leaps and bounds, into the mundane routines you have established in your own career over many years. And you may be wondering if all of this change inside yourself is going to require changes in your work life. It may. The fact is, you are becoming more of who you were always meant to be. And with that growth comes changes in how you express yourself, which for the modern human, means the world of work. As of today, most of us still need jobs that earn money.

I am hear to tell you that you will make a way. Be gentle, be slow, be patient with yourself. Stay as grounded as possible as your old routines crumble. They are only leaving you right on time, allowing the new to arrive, also right on time. But for now, if you have read to this point, here is what I want you to know in order to support yourself as this happens for you:

  1. You are not crazy. You are magnificent and brilliant in ways you are just now figuring out. Being an embodied soul is a miracle. Coming to realize this is a gift to be treasured.
  2. You are finally shedding the programming that we must take on when we agree to come to this planet.We had to ‘eat’ of this earth’s energetic situation in order to know with what we were dealing.This is our universal job.
  3. Shedding is painful, but you are built to tolerate pain while you transit through it but you will have to remember how to release it. Holding painful beliefs too long creates disease. You will need help from time to time. That is why people like me are here among us now. There are many of us here in fact.
  4. You knew when you elected to come that earth was dense and heavy and painful. That is why you came at this very time, along with the rest of us, to raise the vibration here and take earth to her next rightful expression. This is happening right now, so good job beloved.
  5. Allow yourself to understand that many others in our multi-verse would give anything to be here now during this amazing time of change that is called Ascension.
  6. Know that you have resources, all internal, on-call 24/7. You but need to do some asking and calling forth. These resources are Angelic, Galactic, Elemental, and too many to list here. Even colors and numbers have resonances for your well-being.
  7. You have NEVER ever, not once, been alone on your journey. No one ever is. You have a loving, powerful, and wise collective of Beings who make you their business to support, comfort, and provide feedback while you are here.
  8. As this is a free-will planet, you will have to choose what makes you well and heals you. You will have to allow yourself to release suffering. It is, and always has been, only you who brings your thoughts and perceptions to life here. Just #8 alone can blow anyone’s mind.

This is plenty for today. Sending you Love, because that is what I do. And I am thrilled and feel amazing freedom when I do. Om shanti.

Using Your Energy as Activism

Using Your Energy as Activism

One of the most powerful facts about being an energy aware person is that you can literally be anywhere you wish at any time. And while there you can do most anything you can conceive. This is not the post nor am I the writer who can break down all the logistics of that mind-bending first sentence. It is only my attempt to bring your attention to what it means to have an expanded consciousness about who you are relative to what you likely thought you were limited to given that we participate in a 3D life on earth.

When you begin to play with 4D, 5D and beyond conceptualizations, for instance, some of my favorite teachers are on the 7th dimension, you begin to drop those perceived limitations quickly in favor of as much expansion as you are ready to engender. To be sure, the freedom I’ve gained from this alone has been quietly staggering at times. Now that you are allowing your imagination to take you beyond your literal 3D conditions, let me make some points about how you can actively but gently participate in the sometimes shocking and chaotic changes being experienced in the world right now.

I offer this item since most of you reading this are healers across many disciplines and modalities. And you feel moved and sometimes mission-bound to answer the call to support, help, and serve in any way possible and at any cost to yourselves. The overarching  and compressed mission in this lifetime is so powerful that at times you find it has overridden your own resources and wham, you are out of sorts and exhausted. When you are in this condition you are unlikely to be able to do the necessary basics of self-care, family/friends life and work.

While it is beneficial at times to physically show up in protest, to make calls to legislators and representatives, you may also be most effective bearing witness and serving without adding your voice via frustration, anger, or fear. You are very likely a highly sensitive and empathic individual who has always done more than your share wittingly or not, of clearing, processing, and holding light and love for humanity and all the inhabitants on the planet. You are no stranger to what I call ‘energy activism’.

For you, angry mobs shouting and fear-based collectives pushing against one another, even under the most earnest and true of situations, can be draining and disturbing to you. After all, during this powerful time of planetary change, your job is primarily to listen deeply to your inner voice, higher self, or whatever way you conceptualize your intuitive and all knowing Self. And from this vantage point you are called on to hold the very highest of vibration for yourself and to manage the flux that naturally happens across your day that can intrude on your ability to hold that in place.

It is only by being conscious about how you manage your energy in such situations that you can effectively add your energy to the growing collective here to heal what ails our beloved earth and bring her into her rightful and timely position in the cosmos.

Here are some things I suggest that will be powerful in effect for the Whole while less draining for you:

1.Be willing to stay lightly abreast of unfolding tumult without being glued to blow by blow information.

2. Allow your awareness to be drawn to one or two components of the events unfolding at any one time and send those Love from your heart. See the circumstance surrounded by your love.

3.If you have awareness of your ability to send healing energy of any kind, allow yourself  for moments in your day to spend time doing that. Remember energy is quantum in design and requires very little than pure intent to powerfully deliver. Trust that.

4. If you elect to attend a protest of any type, be sure to ground yourself into the earth beforehand and to encircle yourself with an energy protection of your choosing. While there, radiate out the unity and healing messages you are carrying and release anything that does not belong to you. Be sure to release any energy not your own when you get home. A bath or shower will really help.

Most of all, remember who you are and recall your responsibility to care well for yourself in order to be able to hold a positive, affirming, unity-based consciousness for yourself and others. I am so grateful to be here with all of you. You are so much more powerful than you know. Keep opening to that which is love. Stay positive and somewhat neutral to avoid being washed up in the chaos around us right now. We are in this together. And so it is.


What is Happening to You? Let me explain.

What is Happening to You? Let me explain.

You are seeing this post because you are having an awakening in your consciousness or going more deeply into that awakening. You are in excellent company as the entire planet is doing the very same. While it may not seem to be the case due to all of your symptoms, congratulations are in order. While the earth has had many expressions over time, this level and speed of internal self revelation and change is not typical for the entire human species. It is highly exceptional. And it has been expected and planned for eons. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Native Americans, Aboriginals, and so many more highly advanced societies, some of which are referred to broadly as ‘mythical’ predicted it.

Take heart, the job is much simpler than our human minds like to suggest, because humans by history like to make things tangled and dark. There is nothing dark about this time and creating tangles is beyond unnecessary. It will be wise to understand that there is no one here among us today who is not important to the shift whether they consciously own that awareness or not. You will also be wise to understand that you are not here to save anyone or to attempt to bring them to what you are now beginning to understand. We each have free will, as part of the requirement for being on earth, and it is a sojourn that must be endeavored individually and with pure intent and agreement. It may be helpful to know that those who have gone as far as they agreed to go in this endeavor have left the planet. We all leave when we are done.

Our beloved Earth is in an Ascension process right now and all her inhabitants are going right along with her. What does that mean to you personally? Tons. Have you been wondering lately what is going on with you? Have you noticed friends moving out of your life? Job changes? Disinterest in things you used to enjoy? Are your tastes in food changing? And emotionally, are you visiting old pain and questioning things you thought you understood about life and why you are here? While any of this is quite normal in human development, these occurring almost simultaneously and with a sense of urgency are symptoms of this Ascension which is an exponential growth in conscious awareness. There are many more symptoms, like ear buzzing, intense dreaming, and the onset of new levels of intuitive or empathic capability. And so much more.

In other words, we are releasing past beliefs and ideas about ourselves in which we were told who we were and who we would become. Who told us these things? You are endeavoring to understand that at this very time. Much of what we were told was lacking in love and called on us to be self-rejecting, separated from others, and based in fear. None of that fits us anymore. Why is that? Because who you came to be at this very rare time on our planet is calling to you. You feel this as you read my words. It was written in your DNA to be unfolding in this manner at this very time.

Our Earth, in her very far off corner of the multi-verse, is considered the Record Keeper, the Akasha, in the cosmos. You are here to do your part to support and heal the Earth by healing yourself as she has accumulated her share of mistreatment and misuse just as you have. She knows just what needs to be done on her part and is doing this as I write this blog post. Her shifting unfolds with or without your conscious awareness.  The part you play is only accomplished as you awaken to the truth of who you are. You are a fully universal being knowing no beginning, no end, and no separation from all that is. You may have been on this earth many times or this may be your first time. You are made from stardust and know a great many things just out of reach, for now, to your human psyche.

Once you release that which no longer supports you, which are most often in the form of attachments, habits and negative assumptions about yourself, you will begin to attract increasingly more awareness of your expanded self. That self has layers and is pure energy. You are already familiar with the body, mind, and spirit aspects, and now you will go further in a more quantum way to explore your energy-based self. You will find your unseen Guides, Councils, and Medical Teams. You will use the natural world to heal yourself. You will begin to use food as medicine and seek healing touch and other body work to advance your understanding and service.

Be aware of but give little attention to the tumult around you. It is only a powerful sign of our rapidly changing times. Not much changes on a grand and fast scale without the appearance of chaos. Stay grounded in your day to day life, doing what you must do to care well for yourself and those you love. This will include staying well engaged with work, growing families, nurturing marriages and other relationships, etc. Most of all, trust yourself first and foremost. Our planet arrived at the tipping point, thanks in large part to you and your dedication to bringing love to yourself and others in every conceivable form.

You have begun to eschew and heal perceived pain, suffering, and separation in favor of unity. In the United States this unity is most easily identified with Christ Consciousness often associated Jesus. Other parts of the world identify this unity by other names associated with Buddha and Mohammed, for example.  This is the Now Moment on a chosen timeline that begins our shift into the Golden Age. I am grateful you are here with me. We have much work to do and we are the right people for the job.

Manage your Energy Exposures. Do it now.

Manage your Energy Exposures. Do it now.

So many of you who are reading this text are easily described as Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) or some other descriptor for someone very finely attuned to the unseen of life. We go by many names and come from many places. Most of you have suffered mightily all of your lives. You have been told that you were too emotional and too sensitive while at the same time were heavily relied on to support those people giving you those messages.

The double-pain of witnessing and at times, taking responsibility for, the woundedness of your friends, family, and planet while at the same time experiencing rejection at the hands of those you love is like no other preparation for the exquisite consciousness experiences you are now about to endeavor. Where you are going, and taking the planet with you, requires every ounce and more of this gifted insight with which you arrived to the planet. In fact, one of my teachers recently referred to us as ‘Planetary Coaches’. That title makes me smile, thank you Brenda Hoffman.

You, beloved, by the fact that you are alive right this moment, are an exalted warrior on the earth plane now being called to understand your magnificence and your role in assisting the ascension of this planet to its next rightful place in the multiverse. It is simply no accident you are reading these words. Take a moment to slowly read these last two sentences again. I will wait.

While some of you reading this have already begun incorporating a myriad of well-being behaviors into your daily lives, you are asked to go further now. As many cosmic Teachers have advised, your very DNA has changed. Whereas this third dimensional living has asked that you operate out of maybe 3% of your DNA, with the rest ironically referred to as junk DNA, thanks to some major energetic upgrades, you are now capable of operating into the remaining 97%. You can look this information up yourselves. I am likely to write on it later. Many others already have.

In order to be a part of the Solution you are here (and agreed) to be, you will have to take responsibility for your vehicle body in all of its requirements for maximum functioning. To be very clear,  I am absolutely no excellent example of success in this requirement. Trust me when I say that I slip-slide in all kinds of unconscious and blatantly resistant ways. I sometimes ask if I should really be the person passing on this information. Apparently I am. Some days the fact that I am makes me burn with shame and guilt knowing how I fail. Now that my mea culpa is evident, here is what I am being asked by aspects of my Higher Self to tell you today:

  1. Feed yourself on daily joyful experiences whatever that means to you
  2. Allow yourself time each day in the sun
  3. Get into nature as often as possible
  4. Limit daily exposure to electronic gadgets and wifi
  5. Stop watching & reading painful content (have you not already processed enough pain?)
  6. Eat in response to what your body is asking. Listen. It tells you.
  7. Use quality essential oils and supplements as our foods are depleted
  8. Choose to lovingly release people who do not love & support you
  9. Ask the multiverse: “How will I attract others who love & support me”.

This list could get so much longer at this point. I am going to stop here. Just as I have, you have already been through so much pain and suffering. Leaps in my conscious awareness of who we are, what happened to us, and what to do about it have to be taken in a measure we can manage. We are parents, friends, professionals, employees, humans, community members, etc. We have so many demands. Allow this content to be just another unfolding in your life. You are awakening at an unprecedented rate now. Trust yourself most of all. Much love.

Fall in Love with Yourself. Soon.

Fall in Love with Yourself. Soon.


If the title of this post did not make you roll your eyes and run away then you are ready to consider what comes next. Contrary to everything you have been programmed on Earth to believe, self-love IS the key to unlocking a remembrance of the power of who you truly are and who you agreed to be when you chose to come to earth this lifetime. Self-love requires a level of commitment to yourself with attributes that are impossible to be defined by anyone other than you.

Is lavender hair, wearing sparkly flats, or donning a kilt and smoking fat cigars expressions of self love? Could be. Is leaving your joyless job, lowering your expenses, and moving to Indonesia self love? Perhaps. And self love may also simply be saying no to things, people, and places that do not elicit in you sufficient comfort, pleasure and well-being. I am sure you can think of many things that would be clear signs of self love if you allowed yourself to think, feel and behave from this perspective.

In full disclosure, I have not mastered self-love. I still habitually deny myself love in the same fashion you do. Just not as much as I used to. I still shower myself with negative and dismissive thoughts befitting a person in these contemporary times. I enslave my access to joy and pleasure in unique and extreme ways having learned from my family and society in the very same ways you have. And the most painful aspect of  this self-denial is that it is mostly unconscious. I have been, just as you are, an ideal citizen from this perspective. As such, this growing awareness of my lack of self love puts me in an effective position to suggest that there exists a crucial need for both of us to achieve more of  it. And fast.

Here is why I mention the urgency. You arrived on the planet as I did, ready to love and be loved and ready to carry out a life of your own unique design. Then you forgot all of that. Not because of anything you did wrong, but because this forgetting was part of the mission. You learned that fear, separation and survival were the priority of the others you encountered here. You nursed on it. You ate of it. You practice it. And now you are indoctrinated into it. No one need supply it to you at this point. Your free will thoughts reach for it time and again. But now you are awakening. Otherwise we would not be meeting here.

The frank truth is that love is an infinitely higher energetic vibration than fear, separation and survival. Take some time to learn about what the last one hundred years of quantum physics and quantum mechanics tells us about the energy signature of thoughts and emotions, especially the difference between thoughts associated with love and those associated with fear. At a lower energy vibration you are less likely to challenge the status quo, less likely to participate in a healthy family and less effective in supporting your community and beloved Earth. You are more likely to be lonely, have disease, to suffer, and be controlled by what others think of you.In other words, who you came to be, with all the powerful love and intent with which you arrived, can not be made manifest.

With the intent of helping you kick-start or advance your own falling in love with yourself project, here are some things I find helpful:

  1. Using high quality essential oils to support your body,mind and spirit
  2. Grounding yourself each morning both into the Earth and into Source
  3. Surrounding your Energy Body with a protective and supportive Light
  4. Calling on the energy of various Angels to assist healing pain and suffering
  5. Paying attention to your thoughts throughout the day to keep them positive
  6. Asking then eating what your body tells you it prefers
  7. Exercising most days in the way your body asks to move
  8. Surrounding yourself with earth elements like stones and crystals
  9. Listening to peaceful music, reading poetry and engaging any form of creativity
  10. Valuing, inviting and being open to more love into your life in all forms

As one who does all of the things on this list as of today, I can say that my life has an unprecedented quality of self-love evidenced by focus, peace, comfort and groundedness. And this level of self-love allows me to truly love others in ways historically unavailable to me. Sending you Love.



Your ‘Energy Management’ Recipe

Your ‘Energy Management’ Recipe


Here is where it is going to get a little weird for some of you. As I often disclaim: you are reading this because you were directed here by your Higher Self. To be clear, your Higher Self is a catch-all name for ALL that is available to your consciousness. As I have, you will eventually come to name aspects of your Higher Self more accurately as your awareness grows. But for now, we will stick to Higher Self because it is expedient.

You are wondering what ‘energy management’ means. You have an idea that if you eat well and exercise, as many of you do, that you will have sustained physical and mental ‘energy’ across the day. For our purpose, I am referring to your total energy system from the standpoint of your Energy Body, that is, all the aspects of you that receive and emit information consistent with being a person. I am referring to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. For those wishing to go deeper into the subject of the Energy Body, you can easily research that and see a much more expanded explanation about the human energetic system. You will be surprised at the composition with which you came to earth.

I am asked today to share with you my own fundamental energy management routine as a way to show you what is possible. What I will share with you is my own amalgamation built on years of experimentation and learning. It works for me such that I am calm, centered, and focused (most of the time). My intent on sharing it is not that you do it my way, it is that you create something that can work for you over time. Caring well for your Energy Body, contrary to much of what you will read, does not have to be burdensome or time consuming. It simply has to be done on a daily basis to establish a habit, much like all the other habits you acquired.

Your energy management routine is more about expanding your personal hygiene. You brush your teeth and comb your hair, right? Well, imagine what I am about to tell you from that vantage point. Some of you will want to explore for yourself a number of the items expressed here for better understanding about what they are and why I chose them. I will bold those. Here are the elements I use to manage my Energy Body for any given day in my life:

  1. From anywhere at anytime, but usually in the morning, I imagine a crystalline pillar running through the center of my body, out the bottom of my feet and out the top of my head.
  2. From my feet this pillar runs to Inner Earth where I embed my pillar, sometimes into pink quartz. Often I take more time here, but that description is for another day.
  3. From my head this pillar runs to Source where I embed my pillar there, also sometimes into pink quartz. It simply does not matter how you define Source.
  4. I extend another crystal pillar across myself horizontally to infinity.
  5. Then two pyramids, one above, one below (turned upside down) are brought over me in such a way they form a Merkaba, a multi-dimensional star shape, with me at the center.
  6. I then align my Energy Body to Source declaring that all I come into contact with that does not belong to me, be returned to Source. Many of you reading this are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) or Empaths such that this step alone is going to change your life for the better.

This entire process takes a matter of moments. The key is that I do it There are a wide variety of other activities I engage in, including fitness, nutrition, meditation, smudging, and chanting to name only a few, adapted from an assortment of Teachers and Schools. I use any combination of these depending on what I intuitively need or want to accomplish but the above ‘recipe’ is my baseline in order to stay grounded and well within myself.

I am sending you Love and Knowing you will find an energy management routine that is just right for you using any and all elements that intuitively feel right for you.


Start Here: Own Your Thoughts & Feelings

Start Here: Own Your Thoughts & Feelings


I double-dog dare you to own your thoughts and feelings. I will wait right here while you say to yourself “what is she talking about? I totally OWN my thoughts and feelings.” And then when a tiny hint of curiosity occurs as to why I write this, only then are you to read further.

You are now ready to begin to imagine that for most of your life your thoughts and emotions owned you. Your mind is now bending. Perfect. Your mind will need to bend in order to flex away from what you were taught. You were inadvertently taught to allow your thoughts and feelings to run your life virtually unchecked each and every day. And those thoughts and feelings drove your behaviors. If you continue, a word of caution…

This mind-bending comes with an entry-fee but that cost is no where near what you have already paid  in terms of pain and suffering due to uncontrolled thinking and feeling and subsequent actions by this point in your life. If you are reading this you are slowly becoming aware that you have paid a huge toll for having unconsciously given over to your thoughts and feelings across a lifetime. What I can tell you is if you self-responsibly harness your thoughts and feelings no matter your life’s circumstances, you will gain serious speed in achieving a sense of well-being.  And this sense of well-being is characterized by an unprecedented sense of sustained joy, comfort and lightness of being.

How do I know? Because I too spent most of my life here on earth in much the same way as you have: each day working with a combination of personal circumstances, chattering thoughts, and ever shifting emotions. Non stop. How and why that changed for me is a story for another time.

Back to the entry-fee for making this deep change. My guess is that you will frown at the term ‘self-responsibility’. You have been told since childhood, and usually when you disappointed someone, that you are responsible for yourself. And you were told to be self-responsible by family members and a society that had no real understanding of what it meant either. Along with many of your peers, you made it this far having more or less achieved and succeeded without having a clear understanding of self-responsibility and its role in thoughts and emotions. If you were satisfied with the results you achieved, you would not be reading this.

Here is what I want you to know about how to self-responsibly begin to own your thoughts and emotions:

  1. Understand that thinking and feeling are innate attributes, among many, to all human beings to be consciously used by you to experience, perceive, and navigate in the world
  2. Decide that in order to feel better, you need to think better in the moment
  3. Practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings by noticing them throughout the day and practice shifting away from negative-based to positive-based thoughts and emotions in the moment and notice the effects this practice has on you
  4. Commit to using your thoughts and feelings to support your sense of well-being

It may help you to think of managing your daily thoughts and emotions as hygiene similar to brushing your teeth and grooming. When you practice doing so enough, like anything else, it becomes a habit. Somewhere in your practice you will begin to notice that you feel more ease, peace, and softness in your life. While much will stay the same, other things will begin to change. People will notice and will ask why you are so calm and seem happier. Then, do us all a favor, tell them what you have been doing.