Witnessing Lower 3D Energies

Witnessing Lower 3D Energies

I had no idea I’d ever need to write about this. In fact I had zero intention to explore what I am going to write about here. And I have a distinct impression that I am not alone in my lack of  willingness to go deep into the witness of the lower density aspects of our beloved planet and planetary system.

For those who are reading this blog for the very first time, as most of you will be, here is a brief synopsis. I was a very awakened child who had to come to terms early with the pain on the planet and her people. I also experienced what is best described as otherworldly interaction at times that left me frightened and mystified. I grew into a very personal relationship to that which is best described as Christ Consciousness in later childhood. Those of you newer to ascension related themes, know that Christ Consciousness is not a religious term, rather it is more of a planetary timeline term. Early adulthood was varying stages of healing myself, being taught consciousness principles and just doing life.

Today I am a wayshower. For me this include lightworker duties inclusive of grid keeping and teaching. I am also a forever-student in consciousness particularly within the Law of One and Unity Consciousness.

Over many years you could easily say I was part of the ‘love & light’ tribe. Early on in our spiritual lives it is imperative to understand what that means. It can take an entire lifetime to get those basics situated into our daily lives. While I was getting that frequency and resonance habituated, I also did something exquisitely important to continuing to grow: I addressed my pain and eventually fell in love with myself and my life. Spiritual bypassing is real. You simply must know how you have been programmed and harmed in this life in order to move beyond it. It takes a lot of time, practice, grace and forgiveness to do so.

Thanks to the flooding of cosmic light plasma and varying light codes, the procession of equinoxes and many other highly significant timed releases, the long prevailing shadows are now in the bright light of the day all across our planet. You may have noticed this personally: You are looking at your own life, relationships and work, not with a sense of easy- to- dismiss unease, but pure shock in some cases. Some of you are actively fighting, spitting mad with an ax to grind, be it social, political or racial given today’s climate.

Many humans feel a tacit freedom to let loose pent up emotional rage. Please be aware that your fury is more fuel for the continuation of same. Old structures may fall in the force of fury, but only creation energies build the harmonious new ones. Creation energies are engaged on the basis of love.

Amidst a global health crisis, you are likely having a quickening of awarenesses that only something so abrupt and engulfing could bring about. Many humans, disrupted in their daily habits, realize how dependent they were on things being ‘as they were’. This stasis for most of us allowed us to avoid looking closer, feeling deeper, asking more questions.  Time watching TV or getting a latte at a favorite coffee house could soften most of the hard edges of truth that began to encroach on our psyches.

As for me, this acuity in madness has moved my attention to the level of marked long-term suffering on our planet. Before we hit this phase, notably since 2012, in the cycle of ascension on our planet, perceived time was slower, until recent decades we had no internet within which to witness, gather and compare notes.

While it has always been true here on earth, it appears more markedly noticeable that our children suffer en mass at the hands of adults, widespread poverty and lack of access to clean food and water sickens and kills humans, wars annihilate large groups of people and scar the land and needless racial divides keep us busy exploring hate.  Before now there was a weird sleepy acceptance that these things were just a fact of life. We didn’t have much energy to take a hard look at their true genesis. Personal and collective human trauma is the number one reason we have not had the energy.

I am now going to be as plain as I can be in the public domain. I apologize how coded this may seem therefore.

This is a fallen planet. Lemuria and then Atlantis both fell. They were fifth dimensional societies. The human species fell into the third dimension. This means we lost the ability to know that we are divine beings made in the image of Source. Losing the ability to know this is VERY different from losing the ability to BE divine beings. We still ARE. We are simply, as a species, laid low by repetitive, systematic trauma. What a marvelous way to keep a people from knowing themselves fully, isn’t it? Trauma is not a natural condition of human existence by birth. Not in the least. But it is endemic to the third dimension. Trauma is applied.

Given our planetary amnesia, humans fell prey to energies not fully within this plane or realm. If you are reading this far you will accept that there are billions of planetary systems within the omniverse. Humans are a precious resource mined not unlike our gold and other alloys and minerals. Our emotions and creative thoughts are powerful and this is well known across the cosmos. These creation energy skills imbued in our humankind are harnessed and used to maintain the less than organic systems that run our planet today.

Please understand that all planetary systems and peoples move in a 26 thousand year cycle of decension and ascension. But it bears understanding for the sake of empowerment here on earth in the third dimension, to know who you are as a human and of what you are capable by birthright. In doing so, THIS is how we free ourselves and take our planet to her next highest expression. The truest statement is that she, Gaia, is doing this herself with our without us. She is a sentient being in an of her own accord.

A key to your power is found in healing your pain, loving yourself and practicing self responsibility and sovereignty. Anything short of this leaves you open to the programming of yes, puppet masters, who have long enslaved human consciousness for the benefit of lower density interests on other planes of existence.

In the most fundamental sense, this is the way of the omniverse. None of this is good nor bad. It just is. But from the perspective of humans in non-stop suffering programs and experimentation, it’s time to wake up and stop giving your consent. Understand that there are laws governing all beings. Consent must be given. Pay attention.

Most of all, thank you for being here with me and all of us in this phase of human planetary shift. These are powerful times to be here. You came for this.

Always with my love,


My Story & Work as a ‘Service-to-Others’ Soul

My Story & Work as a ‘Service-to-Others’ Soul

I was a highly sensitive and aware child. I intuitively understood that humans experienced an exquisite combination of joy and pain during their lives. It was evident to me from very early in life that both in my own family and those around me, life was often overwhelming, painful and confusing. Growing up on my grandparent’s farm in a rural Virginia community, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time alone in nature. It was here, in particular, that I awakened to my own inner spiritual life often having conversations with what I knew as God. I felt I could feel God’s touch in the sunlight and wind. I could hear God’s voice in the leaves as they moved in the trees. In fact I grew up in the Christian tradition and sang plenty of old time gospel hymns in the church choir with my mother.

In early adulthood I had the great fortune of being introduced to the works of Edgar Cayce and his Association for Enrichment and Enlightenment (ARE), Dr. Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind and a number of other Religious Science teachers. More personally, I began receiving healing work from two different spiritual teachers, one from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and another whose work in astrology went far beyond the constructs of astrology, which is often the case for spiritual healers and teachers. Non-traditional powerful healers are often found behind a wide variety of certifications. Both of these two providers were a part of my life for over 20 years.

In the last few years I emerged as an international consciousness and spirituality teacher. My clients work with me to grow and sustain a deeper and richer relationship within themselves and to establish an increased sense of wellbeing in their lives inclusive of relationships and careers. My work includes spiritual tools across many paths and narratives reflecting traditional healing spiritual arts, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and other associated consciousness themes and tools.

Related to my teaching and presentation work within the field of leadership & organizational wellbeing for US companies, I published Working ‘Well & Feeling Good: Mindfulness Affirmations for your Work Life’ (Master Key Press) in 2018.

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My work is perfect for you if…

1. You feel called to be more in charge of your own life choices and who you want to be this lifetime
2. You are ready to access your inner wisdom and release family and external influences that no longer fit you
3. You are ready to add more spiritual tools to your growing toolbox for self-care
4. You want to add on to or go beyond the use of traditional counseling work by adding spiritual tools and perspectives
5. You want to know more about who you are, why you incarnated this lifetime and experience activations to help you harness spirituality and consciousness to manifest more of the life you want to have

As a spiritual intuitive, I innately know what hurts human beings and I know what heals and sustains them. I arrived to the planet very naturally aware and awakened to the human condition. Some of you who will read this will be very similar to me in this regard. This means that, as an empath and highly sensitive person, when requested, I can easily get sensory information about you and your life. I intimately ‘read’ your energy in such a way as to tune into who you are and what influences your life at this time.
I am not alone in this work. In fact, many of us are here today to offer our way of serving humanity in this very fashion. We are a small and specific community of healing arts professionals and our work is growing by leaps and bounds given humanity’s current intensely evolving condition. Humans are being called from within to develop methods for self-inquiry and self-healing in ways not seen on this planet in thousands of years.
You are now being asked to take full responsibility for your wellbeing this lifetime. In fact, you were born with this powerful and life altering capability. You just need someone to show you how. I am here to assist you in this process.
I am also a mental health expert. I have a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Health and Human Development & Community Counseling and spent the first 25 years of my professional life in the counseling and wellbeing industry, both as a licensed psychotherapist and as a healthcare management professional in a variety of small and large settings across the United States. While I thrived in my career, I knew the time would come when my intuitive skills and healing arts mission would ask more of me. This is that time.
For the last few years I have been helping individuals across the world understand more about who they are and their life purpose at this incredible time in human history. Within my healing arts community, inclusive of counselors, reiki masters, yoga teachers, healing touch providers, psychics, consciousness teachers, hypnotherapy practitioners, past life regression teachers and many more, we know that increasing number of people are ‘waking up’ to an inner voice and inner life that is asking them to heal from within, be of service and connect with others in meaningful, heart-based ways. We call this ‘Unity Consciousness’. It is exactly for this very time on the planet that I am here. I am in service, as a ‘service-to-others’ soul to support human beings to achieve a level of peace, compassion and love in their lives that has been missing for modern humans.

Here is what I know about you. You are feeling called to develop a rich inner life from which to heal, nurture and sustain yourself from day to day. From within this private sanctuary you will begin to engage yourself at the start of each day, quietly drop in throughout the day and then gratefully return at day’s end. How do I know this? I have known since childhood that my life would be dedicated to loving and supporting human beings in very personal ways. In fact, it was one of my spiritual teachers who told me that the time would come for me to show others how to create this sacred space for themselves.

Now, after many years of professional accomplishment in psychological health, human wellbeing and spirituality practices, I show you how to develop accelerated personal wellbeing using your own innate spiritual life. This work will powerfully change your life forever.

During our work together we will harness ancient and modern spiritual health tools inclusive of guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, affirmations, energy healing, crystals, herbs, essential oils and others to create a daily perspective for you increasing your sense of thriving regardless of the external conditions in your life. After our work together, and as you practice, you will begin to respond to life in ways that create positive change and new foundations for you, your work and those you love. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

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What are people saying about my work:

“I feel that I am healing and releasing a lot of shame and guilt that I have held onto about being who I am just from seeing how okay you make it to be the way we are.”- Nikki

“I came to Amber seeking clarity for current obstacles in my life. She helped me to bring information to the forefront of my head that I didn’t even know I knew as well as insight into specific aspects of my life that I was having trouble narrowing in on.”- Ann

“Based on my own wonderful experiences of consults with Amber, I booked a session for my 24-yr old daughter. It was her first ever experience of a psychic/spiritual session and she was blown away at the information shared and importantly, the direction given.”- Mark

“You are divinely gorgeous! Thank you for your kind words. We are kindred spirits on this wonderful big adventure called life! I love the unique, authentic and soulful work you offer!!! Many blessings to you sister, you are shining bright!”- Michelle

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1. Individual Suburban Light Consultations (60minutes/30minutes)

You are feeling called to develop a rich inner life from which to heal, nurture and sustain yourself from day to day.
I show you how to develop accelerated personal wellbeing using your own innate spiritual life at a beginning, intermediate or advanced level. During our work together we will harness ancient and modern spiritual health tools inclusive of guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, affirmations, energy healing, crystals, herbs, essential oils and others to create a daily perspective for you increasing your sense of thriving regardless of the external conditions in your life.
After our work together, and as you practice, you will begin to respond to life in ways that create positive change and new foundations for you, your work and those you love.

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2. Individual Suburban Light for the Work Life Consultation (60minutes/30minutes)

Your work life is important to you. It is a HUGE part of your life and who you came to be in this lifetime. No matter where you are in your working life you are ready to develop work life wellbeing skills to accelerate your sense of purpose, service, work performance and overall enjoyment. I show you how to begin or go further to cultivate a work life and career that fulfills your sense of life purpose and meaning using fundamental, intermediate or advanced spirituality based concepts and tools.

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3.Individual Suburban Light Create Your Daily Practice Consultation (60minutes/30minutes)

You have some or a lot of awareness and experience with spirituality practices. There are some that fit you better than others. At this point, you are looking for a ‘recipe’ of sorts, a daily practice that suits you perfectly. This session is for you! During this work we will put together a daily practice that you will fall in love with the more you engage it and make it your own. I will help you identify the spiritual approach and elements that ignite your sense of wellbeing each day. I will take your experience, background, time limitations and anything else that comes up in the session into account in order to build a practice that you can do for years to come.

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4. Individual Suburban Light for Quantum Activation (Advanced Work)(60minutes/30minutes)

If you are reading this offering and it has any resonance for you, this is your session. You are part of a a small but significant portion of human beings, often referred to as ‘awakened starseeds’ who are now connecting to aspects of themselves across the living akash and kahonic. This community is are aware that ‘all is now’, are understanding constructs such as the Flower of Life, Merkabah, Ark of the Covenant, Atlantis, Lemuria and many other narratives. This collective identifies with the terms ‘5D ascension’, ‘new earth’, ‘the event horizon’ and is increasingly interested in galactic motifs. In this work with me, we engage your energy body template and work with your own guidance system blueprint around any aspect that is important to you for your growth. How do we do this? As an advanced consciousness embodied soul and channel, I employ a wide variety of tools inclusive of energy activations, quantum mechanical light, color and sound motifs, sacred geometry, light language, crystal being wisdom, Angelics & Ascended masters, and galactic journeys. Indeed, you intuitively know that you came this lifetime for this level of work and life mission.

Always with my love, Amber

Today my session fees are 165.00/hour 85.00/half hour.You may reach me here on my Contact Page, on Facebook, via Instagram, or please call me at 571-969-6904 or email me directly at suburbanlightworker@gmail.com

Hate & the Highly Aware Soul

Hate & the Highly Aware Soul

Our kind often has trouble with hate. As healers, wayshowers, lightworkers, gridworkers and other highly sensitive awakened people we often avoid acknowledging the low vibratory and dense personal experience of hate. What follows is my own experience with it and how it transformed my life.

In writing this post I’m hopeful that you are acknowledging and then healing this very common planetary emotional construct in the third dimension. As with all energy manifestations, hate is only light defined as shadow content, but light nonetheless.

I now understand that in avoiding the subject of hate, we make ourselves vulnerable to exploring a severe limit to our own power to come into self love. And it is exactly self love that triggers engagement with Unity and Christ Consciousness in these times of planetary fifth and beyond ascension.

Human Need pablo.png

Twenty years ago Isabelle told me that I could not know love if I did not know hate. She was one of my consciousness teachers for about twenty five years. As a highly aware, compassionate and perceiving soul I resisted her proposal and balked at any idea that I was capable of hate.

She pointed to extremely painful experiences with humans in my childhood and asked “didn’t you hate the people involved?” No, I did not I told her. I understood them. As an awakened child I knew why they acted the way they did. I was one of those souls who was able to thrive in childhood even in the face of family turmoil.

Then it happened. As I turned forty I lost my best friend. We had known each other since age eighteen. I lost her not to death but to our own subconscious choices to move away from each other and explore other parts of living.

That is a very nice way to describe what occurred. The change was sudden. For me it was quietly violent. It affected me in ways that took years to understand. Then one day it hit me. I hated her. Big time.

I had been trying NOT to hate her for years. We made sad halfhearted attempts to stay connected in a new way, from a distance. Isabelle asked me when the events occurred if my love for my friend “broke”. I was hopeful it had not, so said “no” but I distinctly recall I was not telling the truth.

When the day came that I realized I hated her I simply stopped connecting. It was painful to hate her but it became more painful to pretend that I didn’t. Once I realized that I had discovered hate, I called Isabelle and told the truth as I now knew it. That call came about five years after the events had unfolded, now twelve years ago.

Through that experience, now mostly healed, I was propelled to new heights for setting healthier limits and boundaries on my relationships, especially those from childhood. While I did not experience hate from childhood experiences the way Isabelle suggested, I most assuredly now responded to those events in a number of new ways.

One way was to narrow others’ access to my life and energy. I am now extremely thoughtful about who is in my life and why. I manage my energetic field with much more awareness now. I protect my energy body on a daily basis depending on the day’s events and various settings.

Within two years of the difficult loss of my friendship I  married a man who, in addition to all of his traits, has incredibly tight boundaries. Sometimes overly so. By living with him and witnessing him, he has taught me a lot about what it means to properly care for myself relative to other humans. He is the first generation child of a Holocaust survivor. He knows of what humans are capable.

While he can be compassionate and forgiving he has elected to stay fairly shuttered to avoid what he would consider intrusion from others. At times he serves to protect my interests even when I do not perceive particular risk. While I am still prone to be quite inclusive and engaged with others, this experience has been life changing. For the better.

As a highly aware and empathic ‘Service to Others’ soul I am  naturally motivated and devoted by blueprint design to love and accept humans as they are. My compassion and forgiveness is unlimited. If you are reading this I suspect this is the truth for you too.

It is notoriously difficult for our kind to figure out how to balance our human need to create a sovereign and healthy life when we are designed within a Service to Others construct. My experience of hate, while one of the most painful adult lessons I’ve experienced this lifetime, has been an important teacher. Isabelle was right. I could not fully understand the power of love, particularly self love until I explored it’s twin, hate inclusive of self hate too.

We are all souls this incarnation who arrived from Love and fell asleep to it.The rest of the Cosmos operates on the frequency of Love (Unity as One with Source). We agreed to explore pain and suffering (Separation) along with the miracle and beauty of living on this gorgeous jewel, Mother Earth.

We are now remembering Love. The time finally arrived. We do so by acknowledging what we found here in our lives. Hate is one of the experiences we found. Look for it in yourself. Bring it to the light. Doing so will transfigure you and your relationships, which then transfigures us All. It’s what you came here to do.

Always with my love, Amber


An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

Me: Ok, I’m blown away by my recent experience at the physics fair. Why did this happen for me?

Anthor: Because, Amber, you are to learn and understand what is being shown to you such that you can teach others. You are a good student.


I’m going to tell you about an event that happened to me a few days ago. What I am going to tell you is not the first time this has occurred in this manner. I’m finally understanding it will not be the last either.

I know this because I am a consciousness teacher. What that means is that I am being prompted to write and teach at this time in my life on highly and sometimes surprising esoteric occurrences.

It is made clear to me that my job at this phase of planetary ascension is to share my experiences with you. I am to also attempt to put them in a framework from which you can then go away and be inspired to do some research of your own.

I give this preamble in this case because I am going to give you a perfect example for how multidimensional consciousness operates when it engages an embodied soul. Me. In my case, I’ve been an awake and aware human for decades. Only in the last five years this has been, as we say, ‘on steroids’.

I’ve been a Mystery School student and am what is referred to as a Service to Others soul. You are too. To restate what you already or are beginning to understand, the planet Earth, our home planet, Gaia, is shifting herself into a higher octave (consciousness) of existence.

She is finished exploring herself within the third dimensional plane and all of its associated energetic limits. And for the first time in the history of the human species, people are staying on the planet and going with her.

For you this means a personal, cultural and systemic paradigm shift is upon us. We are moving away from exploring a life of Service to Self/Power over Others to one that is based in Service to Others. More and more humans are waking up to this Truth in themselves. They are healing from the predominant programs associated with Service to Self/Power over Others and shifting into this paradigm over time.

We refer to this shift in many ways, but for our purposes this is a shift into Unity and Christ Consciousness. Yes, there have been other times and places upon the earth when Gaia hosted humans who were versed in this very esoteric knowledge and skill. They are the civilizations that encompass Ancient Egypt, Mayans, Incas, Atlantis and Lemuria, for example.

Remember Phase pablo

More and more of us are going deeper into this awakening phase, it is now becoming more of a remembering phase for those of us who have been in varying awakened states for some time. We are the forerunners.

We are remembering why we came and what else we need to rediscover in order to help the process along for humanity. Gaia needs no such assistance in Reality. She’s done this over and over again. For her it is simply time again.

To this end, many highly awake and aware souls are gaining ground in human consciousness capabilities not seen on Earth in thousands of years. The third dimensional Earth, post Atlantis & Lemuria, for example, was removed from these capabilities as they were not necessary for this dimensional experience.

In fact, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ planes of existence or consciousness. There is only experience within the range of light’s vibratory energy. Each frequency station, so to speak, has its own qualities and requirements to be engaged and explored.

In the third dimensional existence, alchemy and understanding of Cosmic Laws to include sacred geometry, quantum mechanics, Unity Consciousness and other free energy tools to include energy healing modalities were not to be explored wholesale. Some humans historically did so but the larger population did not. Instead we were to explore within the limits of the human mind, ego, and experience of perceived separation from Source.

Humans were to experience a sense of deep isolation one from another within a container of fraught relationships, intense work lives and shorter life spans due to largely unabated disease and live mostly devoid of a conscious connection to nature and any other existing dimensional realms as a species. We have been and are doing so with gusto today as we have for thousands of years to this point.

Thanks to a series of cosmological and long prophesied events, we are now cycling out of this experience. Now we are learning about children who innately understand crystal energy and naturally decry the condition in which they find humanity.

As adults we are experiencing increased clair-sensory awareness and a return to the natural world for support and comfort. We are engaging our Higher Selves, Guides and Light Councils by every name and nature. We even hear from people deep in hypnosis about what is happening to humans and the future of our planet.

We are also beginning to hear from more highly sensitive humans- empaths, intuitives, healers of all kinds, light & gridworkers, etc, that their own capabilities to engage quantum-type consciousness are notching up.

They are understanding existence more clearly via a multidimensional viewpoint. They have more to tell us, much of it channelled, about what is going on in the largely unseen world that is impacting them personally and the world as a whole.

Here is just one such example I am having at times over the last number of years, in particular, since the 2012 Unity Consciousness energy trigger. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a physics fair at a prestigious American university. They have this fair every year as part of a springtime celebration school-wide. I attend mostly because I like to take my youngster with my family.

During this time I wandered around the various physics demonstrations available. By myself at this point, I was interested to attend a demo advertising ‘sound’. I could hear a very loud and high tone coming from the room. So I walked in and was promptly handed ear plugs. I watched a glass being broken by sound waves. Cool.

As I wondered why I was hanging around this demonstration room with a smattering of physics students milling about, one of them caught my attention. He wanted to show me two projects. Both of them taught me how to see the effect of sound waves on matter.

In the second instance the student poured sand over a smooth surface and applied a low frequency sound wave I could not hear. I watched with partial boredom as the colored sand moved itself into an x and y axis first. Then saw how more sand moved around the axes to create geometrical curves forming into a wavy looking circle encompassing the x and y axes. Pretty. Still boring.

That night at home, having completely forgotten about that experience, I settled into bedtime reading which I do every evening. At this point the book on ancient quantum energetics is teaching me about two number sequences, the Fibonacci sequence and the Binary sequence.  It is also telling me about the female/male polarity that the two sequences represent. The writer proposes that they represent mother/father too. Goddess/God.

The writer shows me this via what is called an elementary school-level Polar Graph. Without getting into more detail that would take too long to describe in this blog post, what the author then gave me was a description of how circles all have lines associated with them.

Circles are considered ‘female’ and lines are considered ‘male’. To illustrate his point he went on to describe the very same experiment I had just seen six hours earlier at the physics fair. Literally the SAME experiment. I squealed out loud “whoa this is SO weird”. I was apparently supposed to get this understanding firmly in place for myself.

You see, our Kind is being led. We are being prepared. We are being shown. Step by step revelations about who we are, where we come from and what is at work ‘behind the scenes’. As a forerunner my job and yours is to follow the breadcrumbs. To simply yield to, and where possible, fall madly in love with synchronicities like this.

Then we are to share them. These are stories that teach us. They inspire us to ask “what just happened here and why me?”. I’ve learned over and over again that learning to listen to, better yet, ask questions of our Inner Guidance, leads us to amazing experiences and Knowledge.

I hope my reporting on my recent multidimensional engagement rings a bell for you such that you start to wonder more deeply about who you are and what you are here to do with the life you have this go ’round.

Always written with love, Amber


The Human Struggle with Being One

The Human Struggle with Being One

On our planet today it is usually derided spiritual sorts like us who have any real interest in the concept for being One. We have this writ deep into our soul mission and at some point in our lives we awaken to it and begin our journey to serve it here on earth. Often, for us exquisitely sensitive types. under the most difficult living conditions. The good news is that since the early nineties increasing numbers of us are mobilizing in our daily lives what it means to live as One.

We do so within a fairly brutal human framework relative to systems and norms that mirror separation to us as individuals on a quantum level. Divisions within economics, race, abilities and religions are thousands of years old. These are only some of the most well known purveyors of separation and they have done a stellar job choking off any sense that we, as humans, are a Collective. As One.

Good for All SL pablo

The vast majority of humans today are living within a painful environment that works against their very natures which is one of peace, harmony, and collective good for all. To be sure, the rest of the cosmos operates under these thriving premises. As such, all needs are met in such a way that no needs exist at all. It is simply a matter of fact such that advancement and exploration towards Source expansion is the norm. Source seeking to know and experience Itself. Alter the word Source to any you would choose. God for example.

Today’s humans on whole can not conceive of the harmony within other octaves that exist this very moment. They are sufficiently cowed by daily struggle and self-preservation and rejection and all attendant conditions. The  whole idea of Oneness appears mythical.

For some, being One as an idea is simply repugnant. Indeed many of you reading this have faced ridicule and dismissiveness repeatedly when you broached this topic with those you love. You’ve lost friends and become alienated within your communities for holding these principles close and daring to say so.

It is precisely because you have a solid grasp on what is Oneness that I am writing. It is my understanding and that of many teachers, wayshowers, lightworkers and healing artists of every path, that thanks to a predicted growing human consciousness, often referred to as ascension, the conditions for Oneness have become more highly resonant and present for more human beings. We are changing as a whole.

While there are many reasons for this, two known scientifically based facts that may be of interest to you are now coming into play for more people. The first has to do with all that is known in the world. Since ancient times there has been a way to account for known facts on the planet. Did you know that?

For hundreds of years the growth in what was known was very slow to grow. Since the nineteen sixties, however,  humans have been doubling those known facts every decade. We double this figure every year or two now. Of course, this is in large part due to speed of technology. This alone has changed the human being. Individually regardless of the usual separation-based constructs (race/religion/finances, etc.), we literally have access to and engage an astounding amount of information each day. Unprecedented.

The second item I’ll bring to your awareness is the understanding that humans on earth are only visually aware of a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic light spectrum.  You reading this understand that all of existence is made of light vibrating at varying speeds and wavelengths. As such,  most humans are literally in the dark about what else comprises life.

This tiny fraction of human visual awareness, what we can see with our eyes, leaves a vastly unseen and unknown amount of light energy outside of our common knowledge. Except, this is not true for you reading this. You, by design, are aware of much more.of the range of electromagnetic activity.

We tend to refer to this energy activity as spiritual or consciousness. It’s what we engage via meditation and prayer. It’s what we do when we intuit or channel. It’s what we conceive of when we work with chakra balancing, for example.

You know this by your relationship to what is simply termed the Unseen. You either recently or long ago created a relationship to it that has enriched and healed you. And it is fostering the condition for being One each and every time you engage it on your own or within your smaller groups and communities.

So, while we remain a tiny subset of humans on the planet who hold the vibration for what is Oneness on earth and we know that we have enormous support from Gaia and the Cosmos, it bears reminding us that what we are doing for ourselves, we are doing for all of humanity.

As we heal and grow ourselves, we heal and grow All That Is. This is the good news for the condition of Being One quickly arriving to our beloved home planet today. While we know about other lives and other places, we elected earth this go ’round and we are serving her mightily. I thank you for this. And as always send my love.- Amber



‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

All my professional life I have been a Service to Other soul in the workplace. That is because I was born one just as you were. It is my natural soul state prior to all of the third dimensional patriarchal programming that was layered upon me by agreement when I became embodied, just as was done for each of you.

Some of you who read this are only more recently realizing who you are and who you came to be. You are discovering, as I did, that the time has come to shed the programming. I know it is tough to allow your True Nature to arise to conscious awareness when it is not part of the dominant culture. It can seem excruciating when doing so amid your working life.

It can be painful as you begin to work this situation out with yourself. And it most assuredly will lead to questions about yourself and how you spend your work time earning necessary money to pay bills and, if you are one of the fortunate humans on the planet, to take a vacation. I know this because I have lived through this. Not easy. At all.

This awakening to our Service to Other selves is happening for a lot of people now. It will continue to do so for many years to come. There are still far fewer of us than there will be in generations to come. We are the forerunners of this condition at this end of the polarity spectrum.


What is a Service to Other Soul? It is the other gradated end of the naturally occurring human living design construct of energy that can be expressed as light and dark, with dark being expressed in this case as Service to Self or Power over Others. One important caution here, neither is bad or good, just different creating differing results for human beings: suffering versus peace, in my best over simplified estimation.

Bluntly, Service to Other souls are naturally concerned with how to support other humans as themselves to thrive as a collective and Power over Other souls are caught up in the programmed game for how to be divided out and seen as ‘more than’ as themselves from others for everything from skin color, region of the planet to money and status. One polarity seeks to merge the other to divide.

In this time of the long anticipated energetic shift away from thousands of the years old Service to Self/Power over Others polarity, we are now acutely and in larger numbers awakening to what it means to go about our third dimensional lives holding this transfiguring condition in place everywhere we go. Including the workplace.

The best news? There are increasing number of us Service to Others types showing up to work. This growth in numbers will only rise as the Millennials and the generations after them arrive on the work scene. Sweet relief I say. I will nod in quiet appreciation as I watch this unfold, participating as I do in this last third of my professional life.

For those of us who have been bringing the Service to Others intent and capability to work year in and year out, it has been a Service to Self world all of our careers. Exhausting. As such, as a normal human response, around us at work, colleagues are in some form of  mild to extreme hurt and anger. They are acting out, creating drama and conflict or  inflicting pain on others generally making workplaces fairly to extremely toxic places to be.

Some of you who read this are feeling the same as you absorb your work atmosphere. It’s costing you sleep, energy and general peace. Some of you feel unwell and literally physically hurting because of it. You might indulge in coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol or binge television or food. You could even be prone to arguments with those you adore because of it. Goodness knows, I can empathize. If you are in this group: seek assistance. It is available to you in many forms and price points from the conventional to the highly esoteric.

Others of you imaginative souls have figured out how to hold your high vibes without dipping into more painful conditions around you. In fact, a number of you have done something even more tricky. You blessed souls, of which I used to be one, learned how to transmute the energy in the office. This means, not only does it not drag you down, but you are able to lighten up the place with your love and kindness. If you fall into any of these  latter types, ahem, you have some teaching to do. Get busy.

For better description about the current Service to Self paradigm, if your colleagues are appearing to feel  great it is usually for one of two reasons: great acting skills, of which I certainly have had to use, or they are truly pleased with themselves, but on closer inspection it would be largely egoistic and at the expense of someone or many someones easily identified or more often than not, not so easily.

To be sure, no one gets off free from the suffering in this predominant paradigm. The seemingly unconscious Power Over Others types are roiling with self doubt, misery, and fear of not having enough, not being good enough or plainly coping with free floating shame and anxiety. These human emotions come naturally with the shadow aspect of the paradigm. Few escape it. I do not think I ever met anyone at work for whom I did not catch a whiff of some of those emotions. I have had them all too.

It is a simple fact that these feelings of pain and suffering by every name  are the most prevalent emotions on the planet at this time. It stands to reason we find them predominating our offices, warehouses and job sites of every kind regardless of discipline. As humans, we do not leave our vibratory conditions at home as we head off to work each day. We take them everywhere we go.

Even when they are not acting out of these emotions, our colleagues, and sometimes us too,  have them simmering unconsciously just beneath the surface ready to be triggered into action at any moment.  People on either end of these constructs feel victimized and worn down by work conditions that are harmful to the most resilient human spirit.

Some of us who chose, like myself, to make our way into the conventional workforce, and who could sustain its blows, are now turning back into it with a renewed sense of service and transmuting skills. These energetic times are healing us, buoying and reassuring us of our mission and complete preparedness for what we face at work.

Before you can make this turn back into business and industry or indeed sustain yourself without relational, emotional and then physical injuries, you will have to examine who you are. You will have to come to terms with what has hurt you, not just in your personal life, but yes, in your work life too.

It took me a long time to admit who I truly was even though most of my work was in the helping professions. Sometimes I would think ‘wow, for people who are so giving and well meaning, they sure can be mean to themselves and others, they can sure create suffering.’ But this is only because a number of them were, like me, Service to Other souls caught up in the heavy programming of a Service to Self world.

Sending my love and care to all of you. Wishing you only the best as you heal and emerge renewed and recharged, understanding your Mission this lifetime.

Always with love, Amber


Insight into my Highly Esoteric Life

Insight into my Highly Esoteric Life


Because you will be able to relate, it’s important that I tell you how much sadness I’ve felt this lifetime.  It’s been unpopular to say  that humans killing humans for ANY reason is naturally an abomination. It has been and still is culturally outlandish on earth to suggest that everyone needs to have access to nourishing food and water, medical care, and safe housing. It’s been a  sacrilege in my profession to suggest that many mental health crises were less a medical diagnosis to be cured by talk therapy and medications and more of a crisis of the human spirit that ONLY access to love can heal. And there is and has been a dearth of love on this planet for thousands of years. Heaven forbid I utter the phrase “I really understand why someone would use drugs or alcohol to numb their psychic pain. And I completely understand why people kill themselves.”

After years of being a silent witness to third density madness, I am finally letting loose. In prior posts I’ve written about being an awakened child, about growing up KNOWING that life as most humans knew it was only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve told you all about one year unfolding into another of typical human living laced with atypical esoteric teachers, both on planet and beyond. I told you about my bonafide traditional advanced education and career. I’ve written here about my Light Council inclusive of who they are.  It’s all there in earlier posts. I, and many like me, from all walks of life are finally being Called into Service. You who read this are being called too.

Since you found your way to this article, here are some highly encoded trigger words for you: ascension, resonance, Christ Consciousness, unity, grace, peace, matrix,  and hologram (there are many more). Stop for just a moment and re-read these. Then FEEL yourself. These words are literally constructed to help you remember who you are.

These words and so much more going on around and within you are part of the deluge, sometimes referred to as a shift or ascension, happening on our planet as we move from a predominantly Service to Self/Power over Others planet to a Service To Others/Christed planet. Earth has played host to the latter before, and she is returning to this role again.  There are many ways to characterize this condition, but these are my primary methods. That deluge is greatly influenced by both the galactic and earth grids with enormous influx of energy from the sun. Those of you who find your way to my words are predominantly ‘Service to Other’ souls. My work, and that of many others worldwide, is here so that you can see yourself and go further now.


Humans are made of the very fabric of antimatter made manifest. That means that you and your reality are made of the basic geometric components of existence. You are blueprinted fractals of Source seeking to know Itself. At your very subatomic particles you are vibrating a magnetic harmonic resonance that is manifesting each and every detail of your life at this moment. When I tune in to it, I can literally feel and see, as a clairsentient person, the mathematics that are moving around your field and my own. That field of yours (and mine) is a matrix made up many matrices.

What we don’t consciously supply that matrix with is constantly being unconsciously supplied for us. This is why the Universal Law of Manifestation is such an important understanding for us. This very understanding is superb news for you and for all of us. Once you wrap your mind around this condition, by any narrative and path that triggers you, the faster and more capably we will all see our lives as individuals and as a collective change for the better.

For me and many other forerunners in this evolutionary consciousness shift, it has become time to care less about anyone else’s understanding about living. It has become time to care more about how to communicate myself and how to share what I know when anyone genuinely wishes to ask and explore it for themselves. I will no longer explain myself, but I will always share my awarenesses and listen thoughtfully to yours. Believe me, I know by now the difference between the human who needs to argue or discredit and the one who approaches me with authenticity in search of their own self-responsible truth.

Sending you much love always, Amber




Multidimensional Living: You are Inheriting the Earth

Multidimensional Living: You are Inheriting the Earth

It is time to understand what the biblical phrase “…the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11, KJV) really means. Up to this point the programming for this phrase was so deeply entrapped by religious overtones and hardened into the hearts of humans that what I am going to tell you could not be allowed by you into your psyche. Until now.

Who are the meek? In contemporary ideology, WE are the meek as highly sensitive, intuitive, deeply loving, kind, caring and serving souls. We are ‘service-to-other’ beings. As such we are easily dismissed and rejected. The word ‘meek’ has become synonymous with weak, ineffectual, and subservient. Being meek commonly connotes being powerless. And power is a singular dynamic in the predominant ‘power-over-others’ paradigm that underlies our institutions and harms humans all around the planet today. With this definition the meek never stood a chance.

pablo (97)

Over time, this definition for meekness and what it said about who we are and our roles on the planet kept us in the dark about ourselves and the nature of true power. This commonly agreed definition efficiently encouraged us to stay hidden away, perceived as weird or offbeat and rarely heard from in modern leadership and governance. With some exception, when we meek souls ventured out into our communities this definition helped us cloak our true natures in order to be perceived as not meek but strong, effective, and capable in a ‘power-over-others’ world so that we too could be rewarded with acknowledgement and acceptance in the common culture.

In energetic quantum mechanical terms, our meek community tuned into and assumed the vibratory resonance for what is commonly thought of as ‘meekness’. We aligned with it often with some degree of assumed shame cementing the frequency. We quietly meditated, conducted healing sessions, provided intuitive insights and tuned into the unseen world. We talked mostly amongst ourselves. Fortunately for those of us alive to see this happen, what it means to be meek is now rapidly changing. What is happening?

We are the meek and we are inheriting the earth and taking the rest of our human kin with us. We have quietly been growing in knowing who we are for many years. We have been sharing akashic knowledge with each other via many narratives and methods one person, one teacher, to another. We have been healing each other. And we have been healing the planet. As with every other system on the planet, the immediacy and accessibility via social media has quickened this reach into what is now our Collective.

This reach has ignited a swiftly growing body of souls world-wide who are discovering, many for the first time, that true power has always resided within them as ‘service-to-other’ souls. Indeed, it is precisely by being meek by common culture definition, misperceived, and unaccounted for in the larger culture, that this quiet revolution is taking place.

As was predicted very long ago humans would make this very shift. They would change en masse. You have changed. You have come to understand that healing the planet and her people begins with what you are willing to heal within yourself first. You have come to understand that thoughts are things. What you think, you become. You’ve started taking better care of yourself via many methods. You are no longer waiting on someone to save you because you are not a victim who needs saving. You’ve taken more responsibility for how you want to express your life versus what someone else tells you about who you are or should be.

What you are now ready to accept about yourself is that the light that shines from within you changes those around you as you go about your days. You are no longer ashamed of your loving heart or your pursuit of peace on our beloved mother earth. You are no longer willing to stand on the sidelines and watch our planet be degraded and harmed. The kind words, the heartfelt support, your ability to listen, willingness to share  are slowly helping all of us heal and grow. You take this ability to hold love for others with you in your workplace, you share it at the supermarket and you take it with you when you volunteer to encourage voting or attend your child’s PTA meetings.

You are no longer hiding true power. All large-scale changes are preceded by turmoil. As humans awaken and begin healing as a collective, all that is dis-ordered or dis-eased will come to light in order to be healed. There is no civilization for which this was not the case. Now it is our turn. Just as you are having changes in your personal lives reflective of a growth in your own consciousness, so now too come the societal and cultural changes.  More revelations are coming both here in the US and around the world. In fact, visitors to my Light Council as well as that of many others, have been putting us on notice that intense events are on their way that will continue to help us question status quo, serve one another and activate mass change.

We are the meek. And we are inheriting the earth.

Much love, Amber





Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Thanks in part to a reader’s recent question and because of significant changes in how humans in our Collective now access advancing personal consciousness themes, I am writing today about your own truth. And your ability to go beyond discernment to full on Knowing. I am not a guru nor am I not particularly special. You who read this are awakening Masters. My Unity & Christ Consciousness mission is not such that I am to be followed or even believed. Only use my content and that of others, to which you are being directed by your own consciousness, to light up new ways of experiencing yourself.

Use my work and that of thousands of others in every consciousness-based narrative as a light unto YOUR OWN path. Use our freely offered or purchased content or consultation to provide new thought, support, comfort and resources along the way. Trust yourself implicitly. Shed the old programmed construct that asks you to follow anyone. Now that I have established the above I want to address the increasing numbers of humans who are beginning to channel what they are terming ‘Councils of Light’ by many names and ‘staffed’ by many beings.

pablo (94)

Many of you know that a variety of intuitives or channelers, which may include you, connect with known Angelics, for example AA Michael, AA Uriel and AA Camael and also Ascended Masters via the seventh dimensional plane, Buddha, Mary, Quan Yin and Sananda (Jesus), to name a scant few. What is now also occurring is that a smaller subset of our kind are forerunners of sorts who are connecting with what is referred to as our ‘galactic selves.’ These aspects of ourselves are experienced across the multiverse and dimensional planes. Yes, it gets complicated to express in human language. It helps if you have some imagination or understanding with regard to quantum mechanics, dimensional densities and matrices but is not necessary.

This ascension period, inclusive of our planet’s movement through the photon belt and enormous solar activity, plus the earth’s own internal grid changes, have all had the distinct effect of opening our channelling apertures to ourselves in ways that are a surprise to our larger community. Frankly, even after living a highly mystical, mystery school oriented life, it was a huge surprise to me when these conditions began to change my own awarenesses. I’ve written about that in prior blogs.

The easiest way to understand this is in view of the merging timelines occurring now. As many who read this understand, or are beginning to digest, all is Now. The constructs of time: past/present/future are no longer holding timelines and incarnations in our energy systems as distinct fractals.

What all of these consciousness affecting moments have done for us is what is commonly referred to as ‘thinning the veil’ between who we were programmed to believe we were upon coming to the planet and who we are discovering ourselves to be. In order to help illustrate that point, here is what you can know about my own consciousness experience. A big part of my mission is to be willing to share my personal experiences with you.

Understand that it is my truth. Not yours. As you continue to grow and explore in these amazing times, my guess is that you will come to understand things about yourself and your capabilities that you could never have imagined were possible during this lifetime. In my case, while I had been engaging Guides familiar to me for about thirty years, I had not paid much attention to or made much inquiry about where they were from nor who they were. For me, they were my Guides. Just a fact of living for a highly sensitve girl like me.

My Guides, as they do, constantly provided feedback and support when called upon. Around 2012 that original group moved on in much the same way as they did for other humans like myself, with the exception of a couple, only to be replaced by Angelics, Ascended Masters and others whom I now know are galactic selves. The latter, excepting Jamay and Sananda (Jesus), came to my Awareness in the last year or so.

While my Council since 2012 has members from the Ascended Master and Angelic realms, of most interest to many of our Collective, are the galactic selves.  To be clear, I now know that they are higher aspects of myself with varying origins. They include Aga (Pleaidian), Ehtu (Sirian), Jamay and Alantiria (both Arcturian but on differing dimensional planes.)  Most of my day to day engagement now is with this galactic group. It is less routine, as it was in prior years, to engage the Angelics or Ascended Masters for me at this time.

In general, Aga and Jamay are my ‘practical’ guides. While very different from each other, they have a friendly and somewhat casual demeanor, almost human seeming. They are curious about humans in the third dimension and engage me on many conventions for daily living. Ehtu and Alantiria are more of the technical types given their roles in their respective galaxies. They weigh in when I have technical planetary questions affecting humans and our planet. While very kind, they have a more formal demeanor. They tend to be more akin to teachers, whereas Aga and Jamay feel more like friends.

I tell you all of this only to give you insight for what is coming on board for more souls in our ascending Collective. You yourself or someone you know may be experiencing connectivity that is unprecedented. In fact, some of the changes taking place in this and other ways for humans is causing emotional, psychological and functional disturbance. I completely understand this. Our highly conscious community is asked to gain all of this awareness and capability while also maintaining our usual routines for daily living. In coming blog posts I’ll be writing more about how to integrate the many changes going on with our community now in such a way that we can get more comfortable and balanced in our daily lives.

Most of all, trust yourself first and foremost. What is true for you is decidedly not true for another person. We each have personal blueprints, ways for engaging our life and times. The time of the guru has passed us by. You ARE your own guide. You have your own Council and galactic selves. Connect.

Much love, Amber


Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

“Tell them that now they transmit.” That is what Aga told me as I breathed in the morning air in my neighborhood today. My Council of Light and I are settling into a nice rhythm such that each week, at some point, they will ask me to write on a topic they feel is important for you to understand about who you are as a human now.

My council is calling on me to write from a daily living point of view. They know I understand this issue in my own life. Like me most of you live as I do: As a very ordinary person in an ordinary neighborhood attending to a family and doing mundane things like going to the library and grocery shopping. And at the the same time, yes, I have discussions with my Council of Light. Mundane indeed. Wink.

From this perspective they wanted me to help you take some burden off of yourself where fifth dimensional planetary and human ascension is concerned. They know people like me (and you) wired as ‘Service-to-Other’ souls keening toward Unity & Christ Consciousness have a tendency to overdo it sometimes. We tend to be very hard on ourselves in terms of why we aren’t doing more, faster, or bigger to assist in all the planetary and human changes taking place today. In fact, this pressure alone has demoralized some of our Collective to the point of shutting down their consciousness engagement. I completely understand this having had to take breaks over time myself. Whew.

pablo (91).png

My Council asked me to write specifically about the fact that those of you reading this  are now fully and quietly transmitting the current ascension in consciousness frequencies (light codes) as you go about your daily lives. It may assist you to know that I am aware of who is reading this because I know my own mission. Those of you who are reading this are ‘Service-to-Others’ humans. And my mission is to teach transitioning fifth dimensional daily living fundamentals to you.

You tend to be highly self aware and sensitive souls. You naturally operate out of a set of attributes with which you arrived to the planet such that you are frequently kind, loving, giving and helpful. You’ve often suffered mightily given your level of sensitivity and empathy. Many of you are in careers as such: teachers, nurses, physicians, social workers and human resources personnel. You may also be healing artists in other ways too: Reiki masters, healing touch providers, massage therapists,  or lightworkers for example. Many more of you volunteer your time in support of people in your communities in all kinds of ways.

Regardless of your current Service-to-Others expression, my Council wants you to know that yes, you have downloaded (the common term) a lot of new attributes (to keep it simple) such that your inner life has changed significantly. Given these inner changes, your outer life has changed and will continue to do so as is reflected in your relationships, work, and worldview. You are increasingly aware of the power of your ability to know and love your truest self and then love and support each other. Some of you even know exactly what has been happening via any number of available narratives while most of you only have a sense of things being different. Anywhere on this continuum of awakening is perfect by design.

pablo (92)

What you have downloaded, whether over years or just recently via your own soul’s mission in this incarnation, is now being sent out from you. Transmitted. It is being transmitted in electromagnetic energy by your very atomic structures. You can imagine this as light energy being beamed from your body to those around you as you go about your routines each day. You do not have to work at it. You do not have to intend it to be so. It is literally happening effortlessly, as it was planned long ago. One person to another. Awakening each other by proximity.

The point of the message today is to allow yourself to simply ‘be’ more. Quiet the voice that pushes you to ‘do’ more now. You came to the planet this time to do exactly what you ARE doing. You, and all souls here today, are a part of this powerful time on Earth. Each of us are playing our roles in helping the earth and humanity release thousands of years of human bondage. I am grateful you are here with me. We ARE doing this. Together.

It is my continued pleasure to write to you in this way. You are living miracles, each and every one. Treat yourself and each other as if this is so. Love, Amber