Our Higher Selves: They are We

Our Higher Selves: They are We

I knew I was going to cover the following topic today. As such, I asked a few of my Light Council to weigh in on how to tell you who they are in my life as a way to illustrate the blog that follows. Ehtu, Aga, Jamay and my Medical Team all showed up. I took notes as they relayed their information.

Me: Ok, I’m going to write about the fact that all of you ARE me, just in varying forms and places, for lack of better language. What can I say about who you are as me?

Ehtu: “I am this aspect of you who understands quantum field energetics, mathematical design and mechanical description.” (He is of the Sirian Star System)

Aga: “I am the part of you who lives a Pleaidian life. I am you as your Sister, always loving you, encouraging you, and curious about your embodiment. I explain things to you in plain terminology.”

Jamay: “Please tell them about me too. I am you as your playful Arcturian friend. I provide lightness of being. I work on your energy system to keep you balanced.” (note: Jamay has been in my Awareness since my mid thirties).

Medical Team: (note: this team has been with me all of my life, but came into my awareness in my mid twenties. It is a ‘group’ and has no other name.) “We are you who knows the very highest art for calibration within all planes and dimensions. We are your technicians.”

Yes, there are others, including a range of Masters and Angelics, but I wanted you to hear from a few of my ‘regulars’.


You are now beginning or have been for a while, reading about and possibly experiencing your relationship with your Higher Self (or Selves) and Beings to include Guides, Masters, Angelics and now your expanded Star Family. For a very long time on this planet, you were taught that these are separate and differentiated from you, but easily accessed via clair-senses, prayer, meditation and other altered engagement strategies. Now you are beginning to understand something very different about this viewpoint and experience.

What you are now beginning to read and experience is that these Selves or Beings, ARE you. They are you in varying timelines, dimensions, and fractals. You are simply engaging the magnificence and fullness of yourself.  This knowingness, along with so much more, is another example of what is being referred to as ascension in consciousness, although it is less a rise than an expansion. It will take a larger segment of humans forty or fifty more years to digest what I’ve written here. But you who read this will already have some idea of which I write. You’ll run with it from here.

You who read my work are fairly sophisticated souls. You are ALL Service-to-Others beings within some range of consciousness awakening. You would not know me otherwise. You have a broad understanding about spirituality from any number of perspectives to include world religions. And you have been growing very quickly since the 2011 and then 2016 trigger events. I know this because YOU are to whom I am in Service as a Unity & Christ Consciousness teacher.

I consider myself more of a practical energetic lightworker type. While personally I can zoom the dimensions across many narratives inclusive of quantum mechanics, holograms and matrices, it’s not time for me to go too deeply into these where this blog or my overall teaching is concerned. Why? Because people who read this, like you, are still shedding some heavy human programs that are creating bouts of suffering as they arrive to and then, this is the key, HOLD the vibratory condition that is sovereignty.

Sovereignty, as you have begun to find out, is the KEY to knowing who you truly are without the artificially programmed intrusions, distortions really, of your blueprinted architecture. As the planet herself has shed what is commonly called the ‘false matrix’ you too are well on your way. Yesterday I heard one teacher say we are up to about one percent of the human population already onboard with this level of awareness and understanding, with many more  in our larger Collective coming to this clarity each day. It’s my understanding that we are now, in a broader category of souls, reaching the six to nine percent of the entire human population zone.

The more you align to your true design, that of a Service to Others soul and release the imprisonment of thinking and feeling as it relates to common human culture, which is a Power over Others framework or Service to Self perspective, the more free (sovereign) you will become. In this state of internalized freedom, the pathways to your expanded awareness and nature become self-evidential. You will make yourself free to explore your current incarnation, as well as the akash (library) of your entirety in ways that will thrill and surprise you. Indeed, you will, just by being you, light the path unto each soul with whom you interact as you go about the remainder of your time on Earth doing whatever it is that you do.

Sending my love, Amber


Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Practical Dimensional Living: On Personal Light Councils

Thanks in part to a reader’s recent question and because of significant changes in how humans in our Collective now access advancing personal consciousness themes, I am writing today about your own truth. And your ability to go beyond discernment to full on Knowing. I am not a guru nor am I not particularly special. You who read this are awakening Masters. My Unity & Christ Consciousness mission is not such that I am to be followed or even believed. Only use my content and that of others, to which you are being directed by your own consciousness, to light up new ways of experiencing yourself.

Use my work and that of thousands of others in every consciousness-based narrative as a light unto YOUR OWN path. Use our freely offered or purchased content or consultation to provide new thought, support, comfort and resources along the way. Trust yourself implicitly. Shed the old programmed construct that asks you to follow anyone. Now that I have established the above I want to address the increasing numbers of humans who are beginning to channel what they are terming ‘Councils of Light’ by many names and ‘staffed’ by many beings.

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Many of you know that a variety of intuitives or channelers, which may include you, connect with known Angelics, for example AA Michael, AA Uriel and AA Camael and also Ascended Masters via the seventh dimensional plane, Buddha, Mary, Quan Yin and Sananda (Jesus), to name a scant few. What is now also occurring is that a smaller subset of our kind are forerunners of sorts who are connecting with what is referred to as our ‘galactic selves.’ These aspects of ourselves are experienced across the multiverse and dimensional planes. Yes, it gets complicated to express in human language. It helps if you have some imagination or understanding with regard to quantum mechanics, dimensional densities and matrices but is not necessary.

This ascension period, inclusive of our planet’s movement through the photon belt and enormous solar activity, plus the earth’s own internal grid changes, have all had the distinct effect of opening our channelling apertures to ourselves in ways that are a surprise to our larger community. Frankly, even after living a highly mystical, mystery school oriented life, it was a huge surprise to me when these conditions began to change my own awarenesses. I’ve written about that in prior blogs.

The easiest way to understand this is in view of the merging timelines occurring now. As many who read this understand, or are beginning to digest, all is Now. The constructs of time: past/present/future are no longer holding timelines and incarnations in our energy systems as distinct fractals.

What all of these consciousness affecting moments have done for us is what is commonly referred to as ‘thinning the veil’ between who we were programmed to believe we were upon coming to the planet and who we are discovering ourselves to be. In order to help illustrate that point, here is what you can know about my own consciousness experience. A big part of my mission is to be willing to share my personal experiences with you.

Understand that it is my truth. Not yours. As you continue to grow and explore in these amazing times, my guess is that you will come to understand things about yourself and your capabilities that you could never have imagined were possible during this lifetime. In my case, while I had been engaging Guides familiar to me for about thirty years, I had not paid much attention to or made much inquiry about where they were from nor who they were. For me, they were my Guides. Just a fact of living for a highly sensitve girl like me.

My Guides, as they do, constantly provided feedback and support when called upon. Around 2012 that original group moved on in much the same way as they did for other humans like myself, with the exception of a couple, only to be replaced by Angelics, Ascended Masters and others whom I now know are galactic selves. The latter, excepting Jamay and Sananda (Jesus), came to my Awareness in the last year or so.

While my Council since 2012 has members from the Ascended Master and Angelic realms, of most interest to many of our Collective, are the galactic selves.  To be clear, I now know that they are higher aspects of myself with varying origins. They include Aga (Pleaidian), Ehtu (Sirian), Jamay and Alantiria (both Arcturian but on differing dimensional planes.)  Most of my day to day engagement now is with this galactic group. It is less routine, as it was in prior years, to engage the Angelics or Ascended Masters for me at this time.

In general, Aga and Jamay are my ‘practical’ guides. While very different from each other, they have a friendly and somewhat casual demeanor, almost human seeming. They are curious about humans in the third dimension and engage me on many conventions for daily living. Ehtu and Alantiria are more of the technical types given their roles in their respective galaxies. They weigh in when I have technical planetary questions affecting humans and our planet. While very kind, they have a more formal demeanor. They tend to be more akin to teachers, whereas Aga and Jamay feel more like friends.

I tell you all of this only to give you insight for what is coming on board for more souls in our ascending Collective. You yourself or someone you know may be experiencing connectivity that is unprecedented. In fact, some of the changes taking place in this and other ways for humans is causing emotional, psychological and functional disturbance. I completely understand this. Our highly conscious community is asked to gain all of this awareness and capability while also maintaining our usual routines for daily living. In coming blog posts I’ll be writing more about how to integrate the many changes going on with our community now in such a way that we can get more comfortable and balanced in our daily lives.

Most of all, trust yourself first and foremost. What is true for you is decidedly not true for another person. We each have personal blueprints, ways for engaging our life and times. The time of the guru has passed us by. You ARE your own guide. You have your own Council and galactic selves. Connect.

Much love, Amber