Here is How to Heal your Love Life

Here is How to Heal your Love Life

I know you are exhausted with your inner life at times. It seems to demand an inexorable amount of energy. I totally get this. I go through this too. Some days it takes sheer will to stay devoted to your path. Each day brings a myriad of opportunities to participate in low vibe outbursts (check), satisfying but costly eye rolls (check), or simply the feeling that bed is the only safe place to be (check). Check.

If you are in an active love relationship with a mate of any kind right now, godspeed. I could just end this post right there. I sincerely wish you (and me) very well. This is especially the case if you and said mate have not already trolled the depths of human relational misery and worked out those kinks in a real and meaningful manner by this point. We’ve incarnated and fallen in love at a very potent time on the planet.

Even IF you have taken a flashlight to those shadows together you may be getting surprised right now with what is returning for another go-round, another even deeper review and clarification. It’s almost unbelievable to me how much human living is spent unwinding karmic patterns in the presence of a beloved ‘other’. Which brings me to my point.

pablo - 2019-03-21T200903.247

If you have not already arrived to the fundamental understanding that your mate IS you on some level. I recommend you get that nailed down now. Once you do this things will get a whole lot smoother and make a lot more sense to you. NOTE: For this post, I am not addressing those of you in highly dysfunctional situations where someone or both of you are acting out in dangerous or criminal ways (although the same truths apply with deeper teaching needed). I am addressing the most common relationship challenges.

Here it is: When you agreed to come to the earth this time, by soul contract or blueprint you brought with you that which was not quite resolved (evolved) from other existences. You also brought attributes and accomplishments you would need here in ole earth school which is often my sweet relief. You are after all, ascending/evolving/growing through this human kingdom. It is what we do here otherwise we do not come.

You also need to grasp the Law of One. Right now. Simply put, there is nothing that is not you. Or everything is you. Same difference. Your sovereignty this life time hinges on your adoption of this construct and your ability to ACT on it. Every day. As often during the day as you can. No, not just in yoga class, at the meditation center or during a reiki session. All the time. At work, at PTA, the grocery store and on the freeway. It will take practice.

A word on becoming sovereign. I can’t stress enough how this very word is triggering you right this moment. It is laden with magnetizing vibratory encodement– as all form (and words are manifest form) is, to set your consciousness on a path towards it. Reread what I wrote there. Sovereignty IS a condition for passing through a 3rd dimensional living experience into a unity consciousness manifest fourth density/fifth dimensional life experience while in the body your soul is wearing right at the moment.

All this said, you attracted (magnetized) and are holding your mate in your holographic template as an aspect of yourself you are working on now. You did this by usually unconscious choice, but choice none-the-less. Claim your responsibility for doing so as quickly as possible. Next time you will be even more conscious of your mate choice but guess what, you will still be surprised at the shadow aspects that will come flying up at you with that one too. This is the third dimensional relationship life.

When you do as I have suggested above something truly miraculous happens. NO not every one lives happily ever after with their mate. That’s pretty much a pile of programming crap. What WILL happen is that you become exquisitely responsible for your choices in that relationship. THIS is the miracle. You become devoted to yourself, your embodied soul-self, in new ways: communicating with as much love, forgiveness and compassion you can muster. Yes, on some days that’s not much. I know. But the more you practice, I promise, the better it gets.

You will naturally become less interested in what they did TO you or what they said TO you or what was not done etc. When you see your mate as yourself you become increasingly devoted to self love and its full expression. You begin to get curious about what aspects of yourself are being mirrored to you for healing. You will start acting differently toward said mate. When you do so, you are healing the condition of yourself that you brought to this lifetime and needed to heal/recover.

What I’ve noticed personally and have seen in friends and clients over the last couple years is that once you hop off that frequency or ‘song sheet’ that you were on before– arguments, frustration– the usual suspects of suffering– the ‘other’ starts appearing differently to you. You will ask yourself if something has changed in them. No, something has changed in YOU.

I’ve seen couples resolve and grow closer in this process and I’ve seen people split in this process. Both are beautiful choices as they are a perfect reflection of who you came to be and what life on earth is all about today at this time in the human condition. What I can see in my own experience is that new intimacy can grow. I can also see that when the soul contract with the mate is complete, they move out of our lives. We move them out naturally and with tons less drama. Unless of course, you are still exploring drama as a human motif. If that’s the case, you’ll have plenty of it.

I hope this post has strung a few constructs together that can be practically meaningful for you today. I write this as I do everything with my love. – Amber

Please take a moment to set up a session with me should any of this need support. We are all in varying places in our consciousness growth and spiritual practice.  I am here as a professional and experienced mirror for you.




On Shedding Programming: It Takes Time

On Shedding Programming: It Takes Time

So many humans today are feeling pervasive overwhelm and anxiety about who they think they should be and how they should be spending their time on earth. 

In my experience both as a psychotherapist and consciousness/spiritual growth teacher I know it helps to learn about real life experiences where growing in conscious awareness and wellbeing is concerned.  In particular it helps to see what others have done to move through the heavy encumbrances that occur simply by living in the world today.

All of my readers are at baseline highly sensitive humans which is a broadly accepted classification for those who perceive, feel and have deep awareness of themselves, others and the world in which they live. Some of you have awarenesses beyond this world. Many more of you are healing artists or otherwise spiritually oriented expressives. You have exquisite perception and depth of feeling.

trust yourself pablo

It is not a surprise to you that the human experience is often pain-filled  with accumulated unconscious themes and programs playing out across many lifetimes here on earth. As such I thought you may appreciate a brief exchange between a new colleague of mine in response to something she posted to which I replied.

The following interaction is about my own shedding of the heavy (industrialized nation) programming that says we should pursue ‘having it all’ with little regard for our personal, family, community and planetary health and wellbeing.

Janna: This morning I awoke wanting to ask you this: do you recall when the shedding “transition” began for you? For me, I would say it started slowly in December 2007, picking up momentum here and there, and now, full integration. Thank you for your wisdom!!

Me: Well the messaging was more cultural versus familial for me. Plus I had a sense of inner personal pressure due to things I wanted to exceed from my family experiences. I pushed myself (and did for years) plus had a healthy dose of southern-woman-people- pleasing going on.

It took to my mid thirties to really begin to understand what was me and what was not me (mine). Many of us who read this are highly sensitive humans and have similar patterns. Therapy yes! Yoga yes! Fitness yes! Letting go of relationships that did not sustain me came in my later 30’s early 40’s. I’m also a psychotherapist & consciousness teacher (as I awoke to my intuitive and clair-senses abilities) so I’ve been devoted to self awareness and healing self and others most of my adult life. I’m 52 now.

As I let go of people, places and career constructs that did not support my whole self, more of the real me emerged. I began falling in love with myself and all existence heavily over the last 5 years in particular. Thanks for asking.

Shedding programming is as unique to your energy framework as is your fingerprint but once you catch on to it, the drive to do so begins to naturally takeover to a large extent. Your job then begins to feed your soul and let the rest take care of itself. Get support, find your tribe and fall in love with your incarnation this lifetime. ❤️

Always with my love, Amber

You Attracted your Life, Now Own It

You Attracted your Life,  Now Own It

Are you willing to take responsibility for every ounce of your life as it exists today? If not, read on as someone on the precipice of enormous change. You do not find this material unless you are growing quickly. Welcome.

How do I know this? I am a lightworker, this is my job, my mission. Reading this will trigger your next stage of awareness. I’ve been you. I had to figure this out. In fact, we are all still working on this as a small but mighty collective.

If you are currently practicing ownership, and all this implies, for what you have in your life today then read on as someone who is refining your understanding about who you truly are and the power you are now harnessing during this incarnation.

The majority of you who will read this are somewhere in between. You are vacillating between owning parts of your life and all of it. This is understandable because most of what you have in your life brings you some level of consternation. I know this well. You are having a human life and this is what we do here.

Before I go any further, let me tell you a story.


On the day you were born you brought with you a blueprint. You designed this blueprint before you arrived. This brilliant design you agreed to bring allowed for an infinite amount of timelines and expressions to who you would be on the planet this time.

You brought with you aspects of yourself from other soul incarnations that would pair beautifully with this lifetime’s blueprint plan. Karmic patterns, typically things in need of recovery and growth came with you too. After all, you are here to grow and evolve as does every living thing across all kingdoms. Mineral, plant, animal and human.

As we make our way back to unified source energy, understand that in this life school we only progress through it by engaging our incarnations with increasing mastery. In any lifetime, mastery only comes as ownership of self increases. Ownership only comes when we become increasingly committed to ourselves first and foremost.

Commitment to self only comes when we shut out the noise of external programming that distracts us from evolving. This ‘noise’ includes mass cultural mores and group-think based living. This level of  chosen commitment has significant requirements previously known only on this planet to a subset of ancient humans and has so far eluded most modern humans.

Given the consciousness of the largest portion of the human kingdom, most modern humans make an extreme error in their self perception which precludes mastery. What does this ‘error’ look like on any given day? Humans blame external forces, people, occurrences and conditions for their daily life experiences without looking beyond this lower level obviation. Humans tend to stop. Right. Here.

Humans additionally tend to avoid awareness and then understanding of their suffering by seeking sensational pleasure in order not to feel pain, not to own pain, not to heal painful conditions. These two methodologies, blame and pleasure seeking, are potent adhesive for unconscious living.

To be sure, this consciousness-specific error is predominant in our kingdom and a perfectly beautiful and honorable exploration of being a human. It is rich and powerful, full of detailed information with which to build an akash of understanding and experience for the lives to come in future incarnations.

To be sure, you are not one of those incarnated souls for whom continued unconscious blame-bound exploration of pain and suffering while soothing with pleasure seeking appeals. You are now developing an understanding: that you are every aspect of your life experience.

You are him. You are her. You are them, they and that. You are holding this current experience, in fact, fully in place within your energy field of existence. Within your holographic life. It is miraculous really. With very little awareness you use enormous focused energy to do so. Energy that is only now being made aware to physicists around the world.

One way to better define this is to say that you are curious and exploring who you are in all the ways you experience yourself: the friend, lover, worker, and victim, etc. You are recording this experience as a scientist would an experiment.

What does that mean to you? From this perspective you are becoming increasingly able to manipulate and manifest your own terms. In other words, you are developing sovereign living while incarnated, something not seen largely on this planet for eons.

But none of this level of consciousness can continue nor progress without you feeding yourself a steady diet of self-responsible thoughts, emotions and actions. What does that mean? Pretty simple: From day to day you stay aware of your state of awareness and being. If you do not like what you think, feel, see or do, you change it from within your awareness. Outward always mirrors inward. Do you see?

Harder still for the awakening human, you determine to assume that what is happening with those around you and how they impact you are your response-ability. You respond as the ‘change you wish to see’. You cultivate and understanding for and dedication to the fact that YOU brought these moments of experience to yourself. Indeed you magnetized them to you, attracted them, in order to play out some aspect of your blueprint.

I can tell you from personal experience and that of a teacher, the more you make this your perspective and practice, the easier it will become. Shaping and tailoring the things I love about my life already is delightful effort. Applying course correction to those things I am less thrilled about, well, it takes effort and commitment to myself and those aspects I am choosing to explore.

For the less lovely aspects of your life, I encourage you to first agree that you brought them to you for your experience. It is often a surprising relief when you return the power of ownership to yourself, especially for the most painful aspects of your life, that you gave away to the person or situation.

The second thing I recommend is that you get curious and ask yourself what you are learning. Often applying heavy doses of gratefulness, forgiveness and grace to yourself and the ‘other’ are required. From there move into embracing and loving those painful aspects and develop your own approach for recovering and healing them.

Watch from there how the situation shifts, resolves and changes right before your eyes. Transforms. Transfigures. This is alchemy. Yes, you are a natural alchemist. No one ever told you. Lie of omission number one.

I have only one more thing to tell you in this post, the key ingredient and change agent is love- love for self, others and all existence. Extreme love. What you were programmed to believe in common culture about love has only been a tiny percentage of its actual truth. Most of what you were entrained to believe about love is extremely limiting where consciousness is concerned.

It is my pleasure to write this to you today. Always with my love, Amber



Join us on the ‘Esoterics Today’ Podcast !

Join us on the ‘Esoterics Today’ Podcast !

Today, along with my ‘Esoterics Today‘ co-host Sitara Lightbringer, I recorded my first Sound Cloud podcast episode that will play on December 21st, 2018 on the Winter Solstice.

It is an hour-long monthly show that centers on all the varied energetic consciousness narratives currently on the planet. No subject is off limits.  It is a conversation between Sitara and myself that will include amazing guests over time.BA30930F-A171-4848-BAB5-F946BA40EF32.jpeg

Our show is more ‘coffee talk’ about modern esoteric living on a daily basis than it is ‘hey listen to all the weird and wild things we can do as psychics and healers’. Sitara nor I have an interest in the spectacle of our awakened states and more of an interest in normalizing them among human beings. We are you.

We do this because so many of you are awakening to your highly capable, intuitive and alchemist-selves.

Thanks to timed triggers, all humans are having upticks and new experiences with their inner awareness and skills. This was a time in humankind that has long been prophesied.  It is often challenging to recognize, integrate, and calibrate this evolutionary condition what with the routines of daily life.

After all, we still have friends, jobs and families to negotiate. Meals to be made, physical fitness to maintain and bills to be paid. As has always been the case in this human school, much is being asked of all of us.

For some years I’ve known that  a podcast was going to be in my future. Often a vision takes time to manifest itself. This one took about five years to become a reality.

I knew that I was being asked to ‘go public’ with what seemed to me, especially in prior years, fairly expanded and sometimes highly unusual, private mystical consciousness content.

As many of you are or have been, I was alone with my exponentially growing awarenesses. With some effort and trial and error over recent years, it has come as a great relief to find a collaborative international community of others.  We come from every corner of the planet.

You see, before I emerged as a modern consciousness teacher of esoteric principles, my public-facing work had been conventional and comfortable. It had a fairly acceptable ‘seal of public approval’.

Moving into the public domain as a conscious teacher was initially less comfortable especially as I matured out of classic (and generally accepted) spirituality themes and into deeper esoterica.

This role as teacher, I was informed by my guidance, was one of a way-shower. A forerunner to an enormous growth spurt in human consciousness. It would require me to courageously speak up and out about what I had come to understand just for myself about esoteric living in these modern times. Gulp.

Luckily, as you will find out when you listen to the podcast, I’ve found a truly engaging and accomplished colleague in Sitara who has an infinite knowledge base from which to share. Plus we have a lot of chuckles and fun together. Bonus!

You are growing so quickly now and in need of your community too. You are looking to engage, connect and integrate your experiences. Please consider putting us on your podcast list. Listen to us whenever you need to feel ‘at home’ with your Kind.

We are Service to Others souls as you are too.  We are healers, wayshowers, forerunners of every kind. From every narrative. We are planted all across this planetary grid.

Always with my love, Amber


Hate & the Highly Aware Soul

Hate & the Highly Aware Soul

Our kind often has trouble with hate. As healers, wayshowers, lightworkers, gridworkers and other highly sensitive awakened people we often avoid acknowledging the low vibratory and dense personal experience of hate. What follows is my own experience with it and how it transformed my life.

In writing this post I’m hopeful that you are acknowledging and then healing this very common planetary emotional construct in the third dimension. As with all energy manifestations, hate is only light defined as shadow content, but light nonetheless.

I now understand that in avoiding the subject of hate, we make ourselves vulnerable to exploring a severe limit to our own power to come into self love. And it is exactly self love that triggers engagement with Unity and Christ Consciousness in these times of planetary fifth and beyond ascension.

Human Need pablo.png

Twenty years ago Isabelle told me that I could not know love if I did not know hate. She was one of my consciousness teachers for about twenty five years. As a highly aware, compassionate and perceiving soul I resisted her proposal and balked at any idea that I was capable of hate.

She pointed to extremely painful experiences with humans in my childhood and asked “didn’t you hate the people involved?” No, I did not I told her. I understood them. As an awakened child I knew why they acted the way they did. I was one of those souls who was able to thrive in childhood even in the face of family turmoil.

Then it happened. As I turned forty I lost my best friend. We had known each other since age eighteen. I lost her not to death but to our own subconscious choices to move away from each other and explore other parts of living.

That is a very nice way to describe what occurred. The change was sudden. For me it was quietly violent. It affected me in ways that took years to understand. Then one day it hit me. I hated her. Big time.

I had been trying NOT to hate her for years. We made sad halfhearted attempts to stay connected in a new way, from a distance. Isabelle asked me when the events occurred if my love for my friend “broke”. I was hopeful it had not, so said “no” but I distinctly recall I was not telling the truth.

When the day came that I realized I hated her I simply stopped connecting. It was painful to hate her but it became more painful to pretend that I didn’t. Once I realized that I had discovered hate, I called Isabelle and told the truth as I now knew it. That call came about five years after the events had unfolded, now twelve years ago.

Through that experience, now mostly healed, I was propelled to new heights for setting healthier limits and boundaries on my relationships, especially those from childhood. While I did not experience hate from childhood experiences the way Isabelle suggested, I most assuredly now responded to those events in a number of new ways.

One way was to narrow others’ access to my life and energy. I am now extremely thoughtful about who is in my life and why. I manage my energetic field with much more awareness now. I protect my energy body on a daily basis depending on the day’s events and various settings.

Within two years of the difficult loss of my friendship I  married a man who, in addition to all of his traits, has incredibly tight boundaries. Sometimes overly so. By living with him and witnessing him, he has taught me a lot about what it means to properly care for myself relative to other humans. He is the first generation child of a Holocaust survivor. He knows of what humans are capable.

While he can be compassionate and forgiving he has elected to stay fairly shuttered to avoid what he would consider intrusion from others. At times he serves to protect my interests even when I do not perceive particular risk. While I am still prone to be quite inclusive and engaged with others, this experience has been life changing. For the better.

As a highly aware and empathic ‘Service to Others’ soul I am  naturally motivated and devoted by blueprint design to love and accept humans as they are. My compassion and forgiveness is unlimited. If you are reading this I suspect this is the truth for you too.

It is notoriously difficult for our kind to figure out how to balance our human need to create a sovereign and healthy life when we are designed within a Service to Others construct. My experience of hate, while one of the most painful adult lessons I’ve experienced this lifetime, has been an important teacher. Isabelle was right. I could not fully understand the power of love, particularly self love until I explored it’s twin, hate inclusive of self hate too.

We are all souls this incarnation who arrived from Love and fell asleep to it.The rest of the Cosmos operates on the frequency of Love (Unity as One with Source). We agreed to explore pain and suffering (Separation) along with the miracle and beauty of living on this gorgeous jewel, Mother Earth.

We are now remembering Love. The time finally arrived. We do so by acknowledging what we found here in our lives. Hate is one of the experiences we found. Look for it in yourself. Bring it to the light. Doing so will transfigure you and your relationships, which then transfigures us All. It’s what you came here to do.

Always with my love, Amber


An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

Me: Ok, I’m blown away by my recent experience at the physics fair. Why did this happen for me?

Anthor: Because, Amber, you are to learn and understand what is being shown to you such that you can teach others. You are a good student.


I’m going to tell you about an event that happened to me a few days ago. What I am going to tell you is not the first time this has occurred in this manner. I’m finally understanding it will not be the last either.

I know this because I am a consciousness teacher. What that means is that I am being prompted to write and teach at this time in my life on highly and sometimes surprising esoteric occurrences.

It is made clear to me that my job at this phase of planetary ascension is to share my experiences with you. I am to also attempt to put them in a framework from which you can then go away and be inspired to do some research of your own.

I give this preamble in this case because I am going to give you a perfect example for how multidimensional consciousness operates when it engages an embodied soul. Me. In my case, I’ve been an awake and aware human for decades. Only in the last five years this has been, as we say, ‘on steroids’.

I’ve been a Mystery School student and am what is referred to as a Service to Others soul. You are too. To restate what you already or are beginning to understand, the planet Earth, our home planet, Gaia, is shifting herself into a higher octave (consciousness) of existence.

She is finished exploring herself within the third dimensional plane and all of its associated energetic limits. And for the first time in the history of the human species, people are staying on the planet and going with her.

For you this means a personal, cultural and systemic paradigm shift is upon us. We are moving away from exploring a life of Service to Self/Power over Others to one that is based in Service to Others. More and more humans are waking up to this Truth in themselves. They are healing from the predominant programs associated with Service to Self/Power over Others and shifting into this paradigm over time.

We refer to this shift in many ways, but for our purposes this is a shift into Unity and Christ Consciousness. Yes, there have been other times and places upon the earth when Gaia hosted humans who were versed in this very esoteric knowledge and skill. They are the civilizations that encompass Ancient Egypt, Mayans, Incas, Atlantis and Lemuria, for example.

Remember Phase pablo

More and more of us are going deeper into this awakening phase, it is now becoming more of a remembering phase for those of us who have been in varying awakened states for some time. We are the forerunners.

We are remembering why we came and what else we need to rediscover in order to help the process along for humanity. Gaia needs no such assistance in Reality. She’s done this over and over again. For her it is simply time again.

To this end, many highly awake and aware souls are gaining ground in human consciousness capabilities not seen on Earth in thousands of years. The third dimensional Earth, post Atlantis & Lemuria, for example, was removed from these capabilities as they were not necessary for this dimensional experience.

In fact, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ planes of existence or consciousness. There is only experience within the range of light’s vibratory energy. Each frequency station, so to speak, has its own qualities and requirements to be engaged and explored.

In the third dimensional existence, alchemy and understanding of Cosmic Laws to include sacred geometry, quantum mechanics, Unity Consciousness and other free energy tools to include energy healing modalities were not to be explored wholesale. Some humans historically did so but the larger population did not. Instead we were to explore within the limits of the human mind, ego, and experience of perceived separation from Source.

Humans were to experience a sense of deep isolation one from another within a container of fraught relationships, intense work lives and shorter life spans due to largely unabated disease and live mostly devoid of a conscious connection to nature and any other existing dimensional realms as a species. We have been and are doing so with gusto today as we have for thousands of years to this point.

Thanks to a series of cosmological and long prophesied events, we are now cycling out of this experience. Now we are learning about children who innately understand crystal energy and naturally decry the condition in which they find humanity.

As adults we are experiencing increased clair-sensory awareness and a return to the natural world for support and comfort. We are engaging our Higher Selves, Guides and Light Councils by every name and nature. We even hear from people deep in hypnosis about what is happening to humans and the future of our planet.

We are also beginning to hear from more highly sensitive humans- empaths, intuitives, healers of all kinds, light & gridworkers, etc, that their own capabilities to engage quantum-type consciousness are notching up.

They are understanding existence more clearly via a multidimensional viewpoint. They have more to tell us, much of it channelled, about what is going on in the largely unseen world that is impacting them personally and the world as a whole.

Here is just one such example I am having at times over the last number of years, in particular, since the 2012 Unity Consciousness energy trigger. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a physics fair at a prestigious American university. They have this fair every year as part of a springtime celebration school-wide. I attend mostly because I like to take my youngster with my family.

During this time I wandered around the various physics demonstrations available. By myself at this point, I was interested to attend a demo advertising ‘sound’. I could hear a very loud and high tone coming from the room. So I walked in and was promptly handed ear plugs. I watched a glass being broken by sound waves. Cool.

As I wondered why I was hanging around this demonstration room with a smattering of physics students milling about, one of them caught my attention. He wanted to show me two projects. Both of them taught me how to see the effect of sound waves on matter.

In the second instance the student poured sand over a smooth surface and applied a low frequency sound wave I could not hear. I watched with partial boredom as the colored sand moved itself into an x and y axis first. Then saw how more sand moved around the axes to create geometrical curves forming into a wavy looking circle encompassing the x and y axes. Pretty. Still boring.

That night at home, having completely forgotten about that experience, I settled into bedtime reading which I do every evening. At this point the book on ancient quantum energetics is teaching me about two number sequences, the Fibonacci sequence and the Binary sequence.  It is also telling me about the female/male polarity that the two sequences represent. The writer proposes that they represent mother/father too. Goddess/God.

The writer shows me this via what is called an elementary school-level Polar Graph. Without getting into more detail that would take too long to describe in this blog post, what the author then gave me was a description of how circles all have lines associated with them.

Circles are considered ‘female’ and lines are considered ‘male’. To illustrate his point he went on to describe the very same experiment I had just seen six hours earlier at the physics fair. Literally the SAME experiment. I squealed out loud “whoa this is SO weird”. I was apparently supposed to get this understanding firmly in place for myself.

You see, our Kind is being led. We are being prepared. We are being shown. Step by step revelations about who we are, where we come from and what is at work ‘behind the scenes’. As a forerunner my job and yours is to follow the breadcrumbs. To simply yield to, and where possible, fall madly in love with synchronicities like this.

Then we are to share them. These are stories that teach us. They inspire us to ask “what just happened here and why me?”. I’ve learned over and over again that learning to listen to, better yet, ask questions of our Inner Guidance, leads us to amazing experiences and Knowledge.

I hope my reporting on my recent multidimensional engagement rings a bell for you such that you start to wonder more deeply about who you are and what you are here to do with the life you have this go ’round.

Always written with love, Amber


Practical Energetics: About Self Love

Practical Energetics: About Self Love

I will thank you in advance for falling deeply, madly, unabashedly in love with yourself. For as you do, you will also love me and the rest of us. This is alchemy at its finest.

I feel a bit like  singer/songwriter Paul McCartney as I write this post. In one of his late 70’s songs with the band Wings, post Beatles, he croons “You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh no…” In fact I hear it playing in some far off corner of my mind. And this all because I am about to write to you about love.

Here is the situation. When you arrived to the planet, you came front loaded with love. In fact, it was all you ever knew. Where you are from, there IS only Love. It is the gas in the vehicle by which you got here in the first place. And it is the electromagnetic stuff, some like to call God Particles, of which your atoms cling unto one another. To be sure, love goes by many names.


If you want to consciously manifest experiences in your life that give you a sense of meaning, belonging and connection, all attributes of love,  then love itself has to be first applied. Liberally in fact. If I were you I would stop worrying about sunscreen and start slathering on love. In every way imaginable.

Ah, now we come to the most important part. You can see the conundrum of the last paragraph above. Just HOW does a human apply love? While any kind of love is good love, none of it can cling to you and grow you until you have begun to practice and master one thing. SELF love. Uh oh.

And guess what you promptly forgot when you got here? Self love. In fact to be sure you forgot it, most world religions and cultural norms and mores in industrialized nations enforced the message. Do Not Love Thyself. Nope. No way. Just do not do it. Love others, yes, but while its a great idea to groom yourself and exercise each day, keep self love out of your personal equation. Unless, of course, someone else is willing to give you some of theirs.

Note: This is not the blog post where I explain why others do not give us love the way that we are taught. Not possible. Nor is it even possible that we can love another without first loving ourselves. This position will raise a few eyebrows. I will try to write on this soon.

Now back to my premise. To make it even more unlikely you would love yourself while on earth, you were advised to experience shame at the idea of doing so. As a matter of fact, some of you clearly got the message to do the opposite of loving yourself. Hate yourself. Or atleast parts of yourself. It all adds up to the same result: a drained life force. Remember, love IS the juice of life. No juice. No life.

How many of you hate how you look? Your weight? Your job? Your family members? If hate is too strong a word, how about any of its cousins, reject, dislike, disapprove, eschew. I could go on for days with words that oppose love. It is easy since I am a human living in the third dimension. Too easy. Its a frequency that has a well worn path, a groove in our collective mindset. The neural pathway to this condition is almost unbreakable. Almost.

So here is my proposal. Decide to do everything out of love for Self. Anyone reading this is a Service to Other soul and understands that we are One. We live, and have for thousands of years as reincarnating souls under a patriarchal, Service to Self/Power over Others energetic template or framework. It has been excruciating. And at times horrifying.

Within the understanding that we are One, the quantum mechanical story tells us that what you first do for yourself as a receiver ripples then out from you as a transmitter to those around you. As you heal self, you heal Us. As you love yourself, you then love Us. As you love you, you simultaneously love me. Even if I never am lucky enough to meet you.

Sending this off highly encoded with Love in the Highest. Because I can. So I do. — Amber


Practical Energetics: Your Sovereignty

Practical Energetics: Your Sovereignty

Want to know a life altering condition that humans are programmed to avoid? If you decide to take complete responsibility for yourself and begin to live from the awareness that everything occurring in this incarnation was agreed to prior to arrival to earth and you engage this agreement on a daily basis, you will achieve sovereignty.

Freedom comes from taking complete self responsibility at all times. There is complete freedom in knowing that everything existing in your life at this very moment, you manifested for your own soul’s experience. Everything.

Use the phrase ‘self responsibility’ with your average person and be prepared to be looked at with at best a blank stare, or at worse, bitter resentment. If you sit there long enough it’s likely the person will begin to argue why they are NOT responsible for their lives and what has happened to them. They will tell you all about their victimization.


For most humans the mere suggestion of what I have posed here is utterly unacceptable and abhorrent. Much argument ensues around ‘what about abuse?’ or ‘what about earthquakes and people dying?’ and ‘what about the job from which I was laid off?’, etc. From the level of self responsibility to which I refer, yes, all of this is YOU too. All agreed. All. Of. It.

In fact, the most sacred aspect of my human life today is the absolute assuredness that I am responsible for every manifested ounce of my life. This means I have nothing going on in my life that I did not at some point in my soul consciousness agree to experience or explore.

This understanding makes me resilient and hearty accepting every light and dark nuance this third dimensional life expresses. It also calls me to look outside of this dimension in order to make sense of and work with that which we humans are confronted sheerly by living here. It is both horrifying and delightful living as an embodied soul.

When I dip into my sense of sovereignty, which I do daily now, I literally feel weightless and free within this knowledge. Some of you reading this are having all kinds of questions and resistance to my words at this point. I completely understand this. But I will continue. It is my job as a teacher to do so.

This sovereign state makes me free to make changes when and where needed to the degree that I am conscious of what I am creating and choosing. Therefore I am acutely interested in my ability to be conscious of my power and capability to choose. I nurture this interest and have an insatiable drive  as a mystic, student and teacher to seek tools and insights to gain more conscious capability to create and build from within this condition.

I hold this to be True: I am, as you are, an expression of Source, and am the creator of my own life. I am the builder. I am the magician. I am the Divine Self that vibratorily holds all aspects of my nano-atomic blueprint, forgotten or remembered, within my energy body.

To be very clear, I observe you to be a reflective manufacture of my elected magnetic experience too. That old boyfriend who said “Amber, you act like this is your life and we are all just passing through it” was one hundred percent correct. Only he was complaining.

It is not popular in the predominant culture among humans to espouse that I am responsible for every aspect of my lifetime. It’s not accepted programming among humans that I, not someone or something else, holds power over me.

It is unacceptable to most people that I am as free as I know to make myself of false belief systems that limit my self perception, curiosity and imagination. It is not popular precisely because it requires self responsibility. Others do not want to hear this from me because they innately know I am talking about them too.

We agreed to become entrained at birth to be primitively adverse to assuming responsibility for ourselves. We elected to forget our sovereign selves upon which the remaining Cosmos and her Families operate. We were asked to experiment with forgetting this and many other aspects of who we are in favor of limitation, shame and suffering of every nature. Indeed we elected perceived powerlessness. In some ways we began to prefer this condition having become so familiar with it.

Once you lose the programmed belief in victimhood and messianic patriarchal ideas such as waiting to be taken care of or saved by other human or benevolent beings, you begin to face your shadows. And this life is front loaded with shadow in the name of pain and suffering. The shadows are light too but are moving energy at a lower rate than that which we refer to as ‘Light’ and are inherent to the third dimensional life.

There is no way to achieve this sovereign condition of existence without metaphorically coming face to face with many ogres at many gates. Myths are loaded with the ‘ring pass not’ aspects for reclaiming something lost hoping to be found.

Yes indeed, some of these shadowy monsters are real human beings, others are ephemeral results wreaking havoc on you mind, body and soul. Insert the concept for the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ here. For some, dark nights are a lifetime that only death resolves. For others, the achievement of sovereignty provides an imminently livable condition from which life becomes an amazingly strange delight.

There is no way around this heroic journey of self exploration.No drug, no drink, no food (or lack of it) or sexual experience will get you to a sovereign state of being this lifetime. There is no academic or professional achievement nor money or external power structure that can assist you to jump over the abyss of pain and suffering required to achieve the sovereign state while living on earth.

Why have I achieved it? Because I have complete self responsibility for my existence and what I have and continue to  bring into my life. Warts and all. The pain at times has been alternately numbing and excruciating but I know with certainty that agreed to it, created it, built it and at times, destroyed it. I know that in this same manner I invited you, reader.

I am, as you are, exploring and experiencing my life as Source coming to know itself. Am I perfect in sovereignty? Not as long as I am in human form, no. The nature of human living in the third dimensional form precludes perfection.

This means that my mates, my friends, family and professional life are all manufacture of this exploration. In this understanding is my ultimate sense of freedom. Herein too  lies the achievement of peace. It is truly a peace that surpasses human understanding. I now witness my life from a slight distance, one that neither overly joins nor overly disconnects. One that mostly observes and loves while consciously self-correcting  my course from day to day.

Sovereignty is a highly encoded vibratory condition that requires daily service. It is a quantum mathematical condition requiring a narrow focus to which I attend throughout my days. The frequencies for this state are specific just as are any other manifested state of being. As with anything immensely pleasurable I am devoted to this condition and sustain it above all else.

In fact you consciously or unconsciously work equally as hard to sustain the suffering you have in your life today. This is the impersonal nature of Existence. You build it, it will come. You create it, it will exist. You destroy it, it will change its nature in your life.

I hope this post has exposed some new themes to you or taken you a bit further in your own explorations for what it means to become sovereign too. The time is now arriving that earth’s inhabitants gain ground on who they are in the Grand Scheme and how to operate more fully as the powerful souls they truly are by Design.

Sending my love with this writing, Amber


‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

All my professional life I have been a Service to Other soul in the workplace. That is because I was born one just as you were. It is my natural soul state prior to all of the third dimensional patriarchal programming that was layered upon me by agreement when I became embodied, just as was done for each of you.

Some of you who read this are only more recently realizing who you are and who you came to be. You are discovering, as I did, that the time has come to shed the programming. I know it is tough to allow your True Nature to arise to conscious awareness when it is not part of the dominant culture. It can seem excruciating when doing so amid your working life.

It can be painful as you begin to work this situation out with yourself. And it most assuredly will lead to questions about yourself and how you spend your work time earning necessary money to pay bills and, if you are one of the fortunate humans on the planet, to take a vacation. I know this because I have lived through this. Not easy. At all.

This awakening to our Service to Other selves is happening for a lot of people now. It will continue to do so for many years to come. There are still far fewer of us than there will be in generations to come. We are the forerunners of this condition at this end of the polarity spectrum.


What is a Service to Other Soul? It is the other gradated end of the naturally occurring human living design construct of energy that can be expressed as light and dark, with dark being expressed in this case as Service to Self or Power over Others. One important caution here, neither is bad or good, just different creating differing results for human beings: suffering versus peace, in my best over simplified estimation.

Bluntly, Service to Other souls are naturally concerned with how to support other humans as themselves to thrive as a collective and Power over Other souls are caught up in the programmed game for how to be divided out and seen as ‘more than’ as themselves from others for everything from skin color, region of the planet to money and status. One polarity seeks to merge the other to divide.

In this time of the long anticipated energetic shift away from thousands of the years old Service to Self/Power over Others polarity, we are now acutely and in larger numbers awakening to what it means to go about our third dimensional lives holding this transfiguring condition in place everywhere we go. Including the workplace.

The best news? There are increasing number of us Service to Others types showing up to work. This growth in numbers will only rise as the Millennials and the generations after them arrive on the work scene. Sweet relief I say. I will nod in quiet appreciation as I watch this unfold, participating as I do in this last third of my professional life.

For those of us who have been bringing the Service to Others intent and capability to work year in and year out, it has been a Service to Self world all of our careers. Exhausting. As such, as a normal human response, around us at work, colleagues are in some form of  mild to extreme hurt and anger. They are acting out, creating drama and conflict or  inflicting pain on others generally making workplaces fairly to extremely toxic places to be.

Some of you who read this are feeling the same as you absorb your work atmosphere. It’s costing you sleep, energy and general peace. Some of you feel unwell and literally physically hurting because of it. You might indulge in coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol or binge television or food. You could even be prone to arguments with those you adore because of it. Goodness knows, I can empathize. If you are in this group: seek assistance. It is available to you in many forms and price points from the conventional to the highly esoteric.

Others of you imaginative souls have figured out how to hold your high vibes without dipping into more painful conditions around you. In fact, a number of you have done something even more tricky. You blessed souls, of which I used to be one, learned how to transmute the energy in the office. This means, not only does it not drag you down, but you are able to lighten up the place with your love and kindness. If you fall into any of these  latter types, ahem, you have some teaching to do. Get busy.

For better description about the current Service to Self paradigm, if your colleagues are appearing to feel  great it is usually for one of two reasons: great acting skills, of which I certainly have had to use, or they are truly pleased with themselves, but on closer inspection it would be largely egoistic and at the expense of someone or many someones easily identified or more often than not, not so easily.

To be sure, no one gets off free from the suffering in this predominant paradigm. The seemingly unconscious Power Over Others types are roiling with self doubt, misery, and fear of not having enough, not being good enough or plainly coping with free floating shame and anxiety. These human emotions come naturally with the shadow aspect of the paradigm. Few escape it. I do not think I ever met anyone at work for whom I did not catch a whiff of some of those emotions. I have had them all too.

It is a simple fact that these feelings of pain and suffering by every name  are the most prevalent emotions on the planet at this time. It stands to reason we find them predominating our offices, warehouses and job sites of every kind regardless of discipline. As humans, we do not leave our vibratory conditions at home as we head off to work each day. We take them everywhere we go.

Even when they are not acting out of these emotions, our colleagues, and sometimes us too,  have them simmering unconsciously just beneath the surface ready to be triggered into action at any moment.  People on either end of these constructs feel victimized and worn down by work conditions that are harmful to the most resilient human spirit.

Some of us who chose, like myself, to make our way into the conventional workforce, and who could sustain its blows, are now turning back into it with a renewed sense of service and transmuting skills. These energetic times are healing us, buoying and reassuring us of our mission and complete preparedness for what we face at work.

Before you can make this turn back into business and industry or indeed sustain yourself without relational, emotional and then physical injuries, you will have to examine who you are. You will have to come to terms with what has hurt you, not just in your personal life, but yes, in your work life too.

It took me a long time to admit who I truly was even though most of my work was in the helping professions. Sometimes I would think ‘wow, for people who are so giving and well meaning, they sure can be mean to themselves and others, they can sure create suffering.’ But this is only because a number of them were, like me, Service to Other souls caught up in the heavy programming of a Service to Self world.

Sending my love and care to all of you. Wishing you only the best as you heal and emerge renewed and recharged, understanding your Mission this lifetime.

Always with love, Amber


The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

Let me get right into this. With regard to the most widely experienced relationship issues you are having with people you love, its you. All you. And this is VERY good news. It took me a long time to get here in myself on this subject. Perhaps you are going to be much faster than I was arriving to what I am going to tell you.

Recently my sister and I had a great conversation. As sisters we have come to have a common theme between us: how to successfully and healthfully navigate relationships with our mates. Even though I am more than 15 years older than she is, ours are very common complaints  with our own unique storylines that are banked against a shared family of origin story. So this makes our conversations particularly meaningful.

While we spoke I shared with her something I’ve only begun to fully understand, heal and integrate. Here you can see that even as a teacher in our consciousness content, my own third dimensional life needs tending in the same way yours does. And I learn just like you do, one experience after another.

I told her that I knew I manifested my mate, as she had, and am indeed holding him in my energy field, as all humans do, as a reflection of things I am asking to have mirrored to me and then healed within myself. Read that again if needed because it challenges everything we were programmed to believe about love relationships.

This statement of ultimate ownership, all by itself, gives me a lot of comfort. Why? Because it returns the power of my circumstances and choices right back to me. But before I go any further here, let’s review some basics within my approach to consciousness constructs that applies to All That Is. Without having some idea about my viewpoint, and that of many consciousness narratives existing today, it would be easy to misunderstand what I am expressing here.

It is my understanding, I teach from this perspective, that my life (incarnated) is my own as yours belongs to you. What this means is that we all live in a holographic representation of antimatter made manifest. We live out of a blueprint by agreement with Source. Via sacred quantum geometric design we go on to build and then magnetize into our energy bodies our then experienced conditions of living. All of it. We deconstruct within this design the very same way by an infinite number of methodologies.

Indeed, the sovereign Power of Choice is a manifested matter of fact as is abdicating it. What you do not consciously construct will otherwise be unconsciously built for you but without your choice-aware input. From my perspective self responsibility is the engine of sovereignty. This means that to the extent you teach yourself to do so, build your life according to your conscious highest intent for a life well lived by your own definition. No one else’s

What is currently in our field, including our love relationships and associated conflicts, is a direct result of existing blueprints, encodements, and information, similar to that of a computer matrix. At this time in human existence we are evolving our conscious awareness in such a way as to return to Knowing about ourselves to this depth of experience while incarnated.

The prophesied time long awaited is now upon us. We are re-learning how to engage principals for existence that were long forgotten but have lain dormant in our very DNA.  This fundamental ability is within each soul regardless of any artificial status or circumstance and is something we have not expressed as humans on earth in a very, very long (linear) time.



What all of this means for you and your love relationships? It means that the next time things get tangled and dark, unfriendly, and angry remember to step back. Take time to review what happened when you are more calm. Turn a cold eye on what played out and look for the attributes your mate demonstrated that gave you the most pain. Then, with a lot of gratitude for doing so, look for aspects of those very traits within yourself.

When you are willing to do this, you will be shown where you have painful shadow aspects of yourself that need recovery. Then decide to take action to compassionately investigate them, forgive yourself and integrate them with acceptance into your whole being.

Once you take this approach, you will notice a diminishing sensation of suffering on those issues with your loved one. And as you gain mastery in this approach you will do much less of that behavior over time. Your relationship will change naturally.

In my language you “changed the channel” or “broke the vibratory frequency” of that line of code engagement. When that breaks, new constructs will be forged. There are no vacuums in the universe.  This means that you and that loved one grow beyond the old ways.

These premises all point to the fact that other humans in your life are an aspect of you getting to know yourself and making decisions about who you intend to be in any moment.

In some instances this change will bring you into a new more peaceful engagement with each other and in others, the relationship will move away from your life suddenly or over time. This occurs because those we love are only in our lives to the extent that we are investigating ourselves and making choices, consciously or unconsciously at all times about who we are and what we desire to experience during this lifetime.

It gives me joy to share my understanding with you. Sometimes I demonstrate mastery on these themes and at other times I fall flat on my miserable face. Smile. While we are all transfiguring into our fifth dimensional selves, we still contend with our third dimensional incarnations.

Much love, Amber