Multidimensional Living: You are Inheriting the Earth

Multidimensional Living: You are Inheriting the Earth

It is time to understand what the biblical phrase “…the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11, KJV) really means. Up to this point the programming for this phrase was so deeply entrapped by religious overtones and hardened into the hearts of humans that what I am going to tell you could not be allowed by you into your psyche. Until now.

Who are the meek? In contemporary ideology, WE are the meek as highly sensitive, intuitive, deeply loving, kind, caring and serving souls. We are ‘service-to-other’ beings. As such we are easily dismissed and rejected. The word ‘meek’ has become synonymous with weak, ineffectual, and subservient. Being meek commonly connotes being powerless. And power is a singular dynamic in the predominant ‘power-over-others’ paradigm that underlies our institutions and harms humans all around the planet today. With this definition the meek never stood a chance.

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Over time, this definition for meekness and what it said about who we are and our roles on the planet kept us in the dark about ourselves and the nature of true power. This commonly agreed definition efficiently encouraged us to stay hidden away, perceived as weird or offbeat and rarely heard from in modern leadership and governance. With some exception, when we meek souls ventured out into our communities this definition helped us cloak our true natures in order to be perceived as not meek but strong, effective, and capable in a ‘power-over-others’ world so that we too could be rewarded with acknowledgement and acceptance in the common culture.

In energetic quantum mechanical terms, our meek community tuned into and assumed the vibratory resonance for what is commonly thought of as ‘meekness’. We aligned with it often with some degree of assumed shame cementing the frequency. We quietly meditated, conducted healing sessions, provided intuitive insights and tuned into the unseen world. We talked mostly amongst ourselves. Fortunately for those of us alive to see this happen, what it means to be meek is now rapidly changing. What is happening?

We are the meek and we are inheriting the earth and taking the rest of our human kin with us. We have quietly been growing in knowing who we are for many years. We have been sharing akashic knowledge with each other via many narratives and methods one person, one teacher, to another. We have been healing each other. And we have been healing the planet. As with every other system on the planet, the immediacy and accessibility via social media has quickened this reach into what is now our Collective.

This reach has ignited a swiftly growing body of souls world-wide who are discovering, many for the first time, that true power has always resided within them as ‘service-to-other’ souls. Indeed, it is precisely by being meek by common culture definition, misperceived, and unaccounted for in the larger culture, that this quiet revolution is taking place.

As was predicted very long ago humans would make this very shift. They would change en masse. You have changed. You have come to understand that healing the planet and her people begins with what you are willing to heal within yourself first. You have come to understand that thoughts are things. What you think, you become. You’ve started taking better care of yourself via many methods. You are no longer waiting on someone to save you because you are not a victim who needs saving. You’ve taken more responsibility for how you want to express your life versus what someone else tells you about who you are or should be.

What you are now ready to accept about yourself is that the light that shines from within you changes those around you as you go about your days. You are no longer ashamed of your loving heart or your pursuit of peace on our beloved mother earth. You are no longer willing to stand on the sidelines and watch our planet be degraded and harmed. The kind words, the heartfelt support, your ability to listen, willingness to share  are slowly helping all of us heal and grow. You take this ability to hold love for others with you in your workplace, you share it at the supermarket and you take it with you when you volunteer to encourage voting or attend your child’s PTA meetings.

You are no longer hiding true power. All large-scale changes are preceded by turmoil. As humans awaken and begin healing as a collective, all that is dis-ordered or dis-eased will come to light in order to be healed. There is no civilization for which this was not the case. Now it is our turn. Just as you are having changes in your personal lives reflective of a growth in your own consciousness, so now too come the societal and cultural changes.  More revelations are coming both here in the US and around the world. In fact, visitors to my Light Council as well as that of many others, have been putting us on notice that intense events are on their way that will continue to help us question status quo, serve one another and activate mass change.

We are the meek. And we are inheriting the earth.

Much love, Amber





Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

Practical Dimensional Living: You’re a Transmitter Now

“Tell them that now they transmit.” That is what Aga told me as I breathed in the morning air in my neighborhood today. My Council of Light and I are settling into a nice rhythm such that each week, at some point, they will ask me to write on a topic they feel is important for you to understand about who you are as a human now.

My council is calling on me to write from a daily living point of view. They know I understand this issue in my own life. Like me most of you live as I do: As a very ordinary person in an ordinary neighborhood attending to a family and doing mundane things like going to the library and grocery shopping. And at the the same time, yes, I have discussions with my Council of Light. Mundane indeed. Wink.

From this perspective they wanted me to help you take some burden off of yourself where fifth dimensional planetary and human ascension is concerned. They know people like me (and you) wired as ‘Service-to-Other’ souls keening toward Unity & Christ Consciousness have a tendency to overdo it sometimes. We tend to be very hard on ourselves in terms of why we aren’t doing more, faster, or bigger to assist in all the planetary and human changes taking place today. In fact, this pressure alone has demoralized some of our Collective to the point of shutting down their consciousness engagement. I completely understand this having had to take breaks over time myself. Whew.

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My Council asked me to write specifically about the fact that those of you reading this  are now fully and quietly transmitting the current ascension in consciousness frequencies (light codes) as you go about your daily lives. It may assist you to know that I am aware of who is reading this because I know my own mission. Those of you who are reading this are ‘Service-to-Others’ humans. And my mission is to teach transitioning fifth dimensional daily living fundamentals to you.

You tend to be highly self aware and sensitive souls. You naturally operate out of a set of attributes with which you arrived to the planet such that you are frequently kind, loving, giving and helpful. You’ve often suffered mightily given your level of sensitivity and empathy. Many of you are in careers as such: teachers, nurses, physicians, social workers and human resources personnel. You may also be healing artists in other ways too: Reiki masters, healing touch providers, massage therapists,  or lightworkers for example. Many more of you volunteer your time in support of people in your communities in all kinds of ways.

Regardless of your current Service-to-Others expression, my Council wants you to know that yes, you have downloaded (the common term) a lot of new attributes (to keep it simple) such that your inner life has changed significantly. Given these inner changes, your outer life has changed and will continue to do so as is reflected in your relationships, work, and worldview. You are increasingly aware of the power of your ability to know and love your truest self and then love and support each other. Some of you even know exactly what has been happening via any number of available narratives while most of you only have a sense of things being different. Anywhere on this continuum of awakening is perfect by design.

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What you have downloaded, whether over years or just recently via your own soul’s mission in this incarnation, is now being sent out from you. Transmitted. It is being transmitted in electromagnetic energy by your very atomic structures. You can imagine this as light energy being beamed from your body to those around you as you go about your routines each day. You do not have to work at it. You do not have to intend it to be so. It is literally happening effortlessly, as it was planned long ago. One person to another. Awakening each other by proximity.

The point of the message today is to allow yourself to simply ‘be’ more. Quiet the voice that pushes you to ‘do’ more now. You came to the planet this time to do exactly what you ARE doing. You, and all souls here today, are a part of this powerful time on Earth. Each of us are playing our roles in helping the earth and humanity release thousands of years of human bondage. I am grateful you are here with me. We ARE doing this. Together.

It is my continued pleasure to write to you in this way. You are living miracles, each and every one. Treat yourself and each other as if this is so. Love, Amber

My Multidimensional Awareness: On My Walk Today

My Multidimensional Awareness:  On My Walk Today

It has become important to many in our consciousness, esoteric and metaphysical energy communities to share more personally about how we go about our daily lives knowing what we know and doing what we do with that knowledge. This is especially true of our lightworker, grid worker, and healing energy service-to-the-planet and service-to-other souls. This call to share is particularly clarion for those of us with Unity and Christ Consciousness missions. Many of us now are being asked to tell our stories, not just our past experiences, but our experiences as they unfold.

The reason for this is that you are changing a lot lately. You are being called, pushed and moved to release people, jobs and beliefs at such a rapid pace it seems more than a little disorienting. You are watching others do the very same. Plus you are having new awarenesses and understandings changing you in ways you could not previously have imagined.

Skills and abilities that used to be firmly only in the realm of intuitives, channelers and healing artists are becoming more evident in your own experiences. For these reasons, many of us are asked by our own guidance, to the extent with which we feel comfortable, to show you what it looks like to be a person participating in the world who is also highly conscious and awakened to their energetic life.

Why is this important to share? Because humans are being greatly challenged to balance their own personal changes and awakenings with their routine existences. At no other time in human history has consciousness taken the leap it is in the midst of right this very moment. It is true that the planet has morphed in quantum ways from her beginnings, but humans have never sustained– lived through, those leaps. This time, we are leaping with Gaia. And it is causing unparalleled change with variable rates of disturbance in our psyches.

On my walk today one of my guides asked to speak with me. For the record, I am clairsentient which means that my guides are mostly ‘felt-seen’. In this case it was Aga who came calling on me what with all of her lovely purple and green hues. She waited patiently as I finished my morning energy alignment before I turned my full attention to her. I asked her what it was she wanted to convey to me. Here is what she said, with a bit of paraphrasing.

“Amber, we have been watching you struggle to integrate all of your new awareness lately. This summer you had a lot of growth in your talents and abilities and at the same time you had other very challenging things occur.”  She was right. I did have some fairly large leaps in my consciousness awareness and energetic skills and I did, at the same time, have some serious family themes to address. I had, by the end of summer, become fairly overwhelmed and drained.

pablo (81)

She went on to advise me to “take life very slowly now, be very gentle with yourself. Understand that the changes taking place are simply occurring because it is the time for them.” Aga encouraged me to allow myself to just let all of these new experiences integrate themselves and avoid ‘overworking’ them, which is my previous survival-based habit. She said all of my guides had been watching me wrestle with what had occurred. They all wanted me to take it easier on myself.

Then later in the morning I found myself in a short conversation with another lovely lightworker. She volunteered, when I asked how she was, that she had felt she was really making headway on her own consciousness growth in the last few weeks but felt disappointed things had not progressed as she hoped. She guessed she had more work to do.

When I heard that I felt compelled to remind her that she is, as I am, as you are, enough. If you are reading this, you already hold an enormous amount of light on earth. You already Serve beautifully as an energetic conduit in all the ways that are unique to your blueprint. Much of the way you Serve is not quite known to you yet. Aga was only telling me what I have told a number of people lately: simply being you, with your loving and compassionate intent and actions from day to day is enough.

As humans we are programmed to virtually sprint through life. We are encouraged to use ourselves up, drive and overwhelm ourselves to achieve and produce in ways that set us apart from, in opposition to, or over one another.  The power of quietly being who we are IS changing the earth, is bringing healing, peace and advancement to humankind. We are reacquainting ourselves with who we truly are and in so doing helping ALL of us merge beautifully with All That Is.

Our job today is to seek balance within this new place inside ourselves. Thanks to many gates and triggers of late, a lot of heavy lifting has already been done for us. We are now shaking out the effects, aligning and integrating. We are free, sovereign in fact, to carry on with earthly duties and engagements that fit our lifestyles, relationships, interests and needs. Your light goes with you and shines from within you everywhere and anywhere you determine it to be.

Wishing you peace, comfort and ease today. It’s my pleasure to share my experiences with you, to encourage you, and love you in this way.  Namaste.- Amber




My Multidimensional Story: My work life before the 2012 trigger

My Multidimensional Story: My work life before the 2012 trigger

The truth is that I’m still getting comfortable telling my story. I hover near to introvert but have enough pluck to catapult me up and over that line to write about this. Doing this type of personal disclosure is very unusual for me given years of experience keeping my childhood awareness and subsequent ‘New Age’ themes mostly to myself.  I had a few friends over the years and paid teachers across time with which to compare notes and grow, but mostly us esoterically inclined, highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic types keep our experiences to ourselves. This is true especially if you are someone who goes out into the world of living and work in a conventional way, as I did. The time for isolation in this regard is coming to an end in the years ahead. In fact, it has already begun.

Multidimensional awareness is coming for you too. It’s not a matter of if, but when. All humans are rising in conscious awareness on earth. All at variable rates. If you are reading this item, you, like me, already have a fairly solid baseline for consciousness that exceeds most humans on earth. That is just fact. And I know that the changes taking place are assisting you to leave older routines, relationships, and workstyles behind too. Take heart, there are more of us than ever doing the very same thing. It was predicted by many traditions across eons that we would arrive here together in this unity consciousness now expanding.

I smile as I tell you that you are not just reading this for pleasure. Who would read this, or write this for that matter, for only human pleasure? You are reading this because you are a seeker, a mystic, a mystery school student or aware soul by any name or tradition. You already know this on some level or outright. And you know you are growing. You are reading this because you are one of us. The consciousness collective. All humans on earth are, but most simply are unaware.

pablo (78)

At this time my mission in these posts is to help you see yourself by showing you my path. Surprising to me, my guides tell me, exposing my years on an awakening path will be somehow helpful to you. Maybe prompt you in some way. In my story as with others who will tell theirs, I am told, are keys, sometimes called vibratory light codes, that trigger a deepening response in you. This is the story of unity consciousness in a nutshell. All of us souls quietly growing and awakening first individually and then coming together in different ways in groups that work together in all kinds of ways. At very first unity consciousness is individually located within. Once you have engaged it, awaken to it and anchored it in yourself you will then shine it out like a beacon to others. Then the process begins for them too. The exquisite beauty is that you don’t have to say or write a word to do that. In truth, you are already doing this to a large degree. I’m just inviting you further along.

I’ve shared in prior posts about my arrival to my known multidimensional consciousness replete with a unity and christ consciousness mission to teach what I know. I mostly teach now both the background surrounding our human ascension in consciousness story, from many paths, as well as how to access these themes for yourself for the first time or more deeply. My students tend to be on the more experienced side of these subjects as they’ve been longtime aware or providing some form of healing arts to clients themselves, for example intuitives, reiki providers, healing touch practitioners, meditation and mindfulness teachers or spiritual life coaches, etc. They will over time, and already have begun to include people like me, those who went into conventional healing arts and human services but feel the call to deeper service only found in the energetic consciousness life given what that level of awareness provides relative to service capability to others.

These consciousness-type individuals, like me, have had and are going to continue to have a significant uptick in awareness and skill and need someone, at various times, with whom to integrate what has been occurring for them in a way that is practical and comfortable. A search on the internet, when you enter ‘ascension in consciousness’, for better understanding about what has been occurring, can be fairly jarring in content, language, and images depending on the narrative within which the experiences are couched. Some of it can be extreme and intense which is challenging when your new skills and awarenesses are already causing you internal puzzlement and sometimes outright distress.

To continue helping you see yourself, and help you understand more about how to navigate what is going on with you, I thought you’d like to know who I was in the conventional world before the ascension in consciousness energies of 2012, in particular, took firm hold of me and delivered me here with you today. I wrote in a prior post about what happened to me in 2012. But here is who I was out in the world before that long anticipated consciousness trigger happened. It’s worth noting that in the year 2012 I was not paying much attention to what was anticipated to occur for people in this way. Even as a very aware soul, I did not even know the term ‘ascension’ as it is applied to consciousness rising. I was busy doing other things.

As a moderately successful licensed mental health provider with a post graduate degree and healthcare business professional managing national commercial and Department of Defense contracts worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year, I  prided myself on being peaceful, grounded and loving inside my hospital then corporate work communities. I made it my mission to be thoughtful, inspiring and judicious– to treat human beings with kindness. What I can tell you is that from the beginning of my almost thirty year career I saw people turning themselves inside out in order to accommodate the American professional working life. And in doing so, they had many losses in health and wellbeing, the likes of which you are likely yourself to be very experienced or at least familiar.

Living mostly in metro areas, I experienced and witnessed long commutes, harried business travel, intense professional workload expectations and challenging work relationships with very little perceived or expressed satisfaction or enjoyment to show for it.  Because I often liked the projects and people with whom I served in work, I kept my chin up, as we say in the US,  in order to continue in those settings, often having what could be called an unusual level of positivity, sometimes natural and sometimes manufactured for survival. As a highly empathic and intuitive person, seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt around me, I simply did not know how else to do it.

My mid-senior career path, after years of flowing well enough, caught the current of events stemming in large part from a 2008 downturn in the American economy coupled with a longer business capture cycle in my  defense contractor industry. This meant that my latest company’s access to profitable business slowed down significantly. Which seemed to work out well enough since my own ability to participate within this rapidly changing and stressed business environment dwindled along with it.

Eventually this series of events ended in a layoff for me that took me into the 2012 energies quite effectively. You can read more about my experience that year relative to ascension in consciousness symptoms in a prior blog post. From that year forward, even though I still participate in business and industry work to this day, I’ve centered more and more deeply on my own conscious awareness and emergence as a teacher. The call to this mission has only gotten louder and more insistent. In keeping with my fidelity to the workplace and the talented humans that serve it, part of the industry work I do is centered on teaching work life wellbeing. In fact I have a book coming out soon entitled ‘Working Well & Feeling Good: Mindful Affirmations for the Work Life‘ from MasterKey Press. It will be available at the end of summer 2017 on all the usual outlets.

I’m hoping that by showing you how just one person, me, has been growing in this timeframe, you will see yourself a bit more clearly and understand what is happening to you from the inside. What I can assure you is that you are shedding outmoded beliefs (programming) quickly because you are becoming more of who you truly are on the inside of you. We all are. You will or have begun to notice that you are paying less attention to what the world tells you to be and are getting more in tune with who you wish to be and how you wish to live with yourself and others during your years on earth.

My work, as is that of many established teachers, is available to you should you too need assistance integrating the changes you are experiencing as we move through these powerful gateways to our expanding consciousness. Yes. You came to earth for this very moment. I’m glad you did.

Much love, Amber

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The Multidimensional Consciousness Community: My Recent Experience

The Multidimensional Consciousness Community: My Recent Experience

Note: I dedicate this post to all of the beautiful souls I met via my first exploration into a number of online consciousness communities. I am grateful for the individuals who are answering the clarion call to create them. It is clear to me that their true intent is to be a place to serve our awakening community as we make this unprecedented leap in consciousness on our planet. The time for isolation is past us now. We are now fully engaging what is Unity Consciousness. I wish to thank the dear souls with whom I interacted and received so much welcome, love and support. May you each thrive, love and hold all that you are with ease. Namaste brothers and sisters. Me en ta es ta si an si. My love always. – Amber


Since you too are rapidly awakening and growing in consciousness, I thought you may appreciate a summary of what I discovered among a segment of our greater online community. To help you know how I arrive at my experience today, it may assist you to know that I have been actively involved with my conscious life since my mid-twenties and am now in my early fifties, having been an aware child and young adult. I have had numerous human teachers from many paths and disciplines, each one accessed via paid individual sessions and workshops, as well as etheric guides assisting me to actively heal and care well for my inner life.

Within the last six months I took a very close look into existing expanded and advanced consciousness communities on the internet. Simultaneously I had a quantum leap in my own awareness and skills as well as a dizzying awakening to the breadth and expression of humans therein. I was at turns both ecstatic and sometimes startled at what I found. The former accelerated my growth, the latter tempered my engagement as to what it is today. Highly moderated.

By allowing myself to merge and lovingly participate in several communities, I met some exceptionally gifted and beloved individuals. These souls range across all adult age groups and comprise a world-wide community.  Their expressed viewpoints at times mirrored or advanced my own. I also met people whose paths were previously foreign to me adding valuable dimensions to my personal experience and overall knowledge base.

When I experienced new esoteric, cosmological or quantum energy themes I would be prompted to go further into research on new subjects that led me to amazing understandings and connections. At times, I was floored by what I came to understand. At others, I was brought to tears of energetic release and sheer joy at my discoveries. The knowledge base and dedication of these many souls to the ascension in consciousness of our planet sometimes matched and often exceeded my own. Thanks to these people, I fell even more deeply in love with the wild natural beauty and talents that comprise souls in form on the earth today.

As a lifelong mystery school student, mystic and highly intuitive being, I was somewhat limited to advanced consciousness relative to the healing arts perspectives via many modalities such as channeling, reiki, crystals, angelics, remote healing, and meditation. I had an understanding about the human energy system relative to chakras, auric fields and our merkabah.  I understood advanced fundamental premises about myself relative to galactic connectivity and my human life in the third dimension and other lifetimes. I also had a solid working understanding about time and space and quantum energy relative to existence. I understood the rise of the Divine Feminine archetype and the subsequent recovery of the Divine Male. But what I went on to learn took me further than I could have ever imagined.

I met people whose experiences were highly engaged with the galactic framework inclusive of Arcturians, Pleiadians and Sirians. I met those connected to the expanded angelic realm inclusive of AA Zadkiel, AA Uriel, and AA Michael. I learned from souls highly vibrating to the sacred geometry path relative to current ascension and ancient civilizations, both accepted such as ancient Egypt, and mythical to the third dimensional thought field, such as Atlantis and Lemuria. My awareness grew about how our consciousness community perceives the interior of Gaia and the worlds therein. And I took a leap into my understanding of dimensional councils and federations. I got a very new look into the Twin Flame phenomenon too.

I met people engaged in forms of Lightwork that were previously unknown to me, for example, light language and planetary gridwork. Both of which are now solidly in my wheelhouse of capability and experience. And I was particularly thrilled by those souls who expanded my own growing understanding for quantum energy mechanics. I also witnessed people who are dedicated to what is termed ‘disclosure’ relative to governmental public acknowledgement of diverse planetary life and historical engagements with and beyond Earth.  I also came to understand that the most important ‘disclosure’ activity is not of our patriarchal governmental institutions, but of our own as individuals. Humans are coming to terms with what is quite naturally by birth exceeding the five senses and our own internal awakenings. This is the true disclosure that is healing the planet and her people.

What I also found was that these people, of which I am one, have real human third dimension-based challenges. These humans are rapidly growing within and serving from significant spiritual and consciousness content that has been primarily awakened within them while attempting, with more or less success, to balance the requirements of daily living. Some of us, like myself, awoke decades ago to these themes, many others have been awakening more recently and many more are being born with these awarenesses perfectly intact, no awakening required. Most are living in isolation, even if they have close human relationships, with their awareness and skills, attempting to be in healthy families, raising children, tending to their work lives, paying rent, and nurturing their relationships. These souls are doing all of this while knowing they are on a transfiguring third dimensional plane.

What makes this community of souls exceedingly beautiful is that at the same time they are giving of their time, effort, and skills to advance the planetary work, both inside themselves and with others in order to assist Gaia into her next highest expression. This means that they create websites, Facebook groups and other local community events to invite people to gather, find support and work together as we are called to do today.

Not surprisingly in these communities I also found garden variety human dualism.  I watched as these lovely souls, learned in our esoteric paths, as adepts and embodied angelics, masters and galactic figures struggled with one another. Their own individualistic human conditions, which is a requirement of third plane density, created common bouts of disharmony and conflict. I witnessed and experienced the effects of small chat box communities becoming places of suffering and abrupt exclusion, often due to unfortunate communication gaffes, but also in the name of protection from ‘low vibration’ and ‘darkness’.  It was the latter that I found most harmful to individuals. In my observation, it was the lack of skill among those participating to effectively reconcile challenging communication issues versus any serious incursion or risk of exposure of negative energy that was the culprit.

This level of human suffering was the less desirable facet to my participation. Prior to beginning to establish my own public writing and teaching environment, I had not encountered it so pervasively. I had previously conducted my consciousness growth in private or very small circles across my life and had not ventured into online communities. In another example, I bumped into the ‘false light’ viewpoint that is applied when one individual assesses the expression of another soul’s path or teaching to be somehow misleading or dangerous versus simply another path one can explore. The problem with this dualistic application of judgement is that, in my view, all paths are choices with one path not better than another, just different and leading to differing vibratory consciousness results.

It is important to understand that as we seek to come together, as we are called to do in this growing consciousness community, while incredibly positive experiences await you, they can be very challenging too. Individuals caught up in the more painful aspects, depending on the strength of their own human psyche and what they are inviting to their experience, can become enmeshed and awash in this environment not unlike what they are already experiencing or have experienced in their lesser consciousness families, relationships and communities. In fewer cases, yes, less than scrupulous people or those simply unconscious to their style of engagement perpetuate this type of suffering and much worse. This experience can become so painful as to invite people back into familiar isolation at a time when we are called to come together to love, support and work with one another.

The best safeguard for your exploration or continuation with online consciousness communities? Become fully engaged with your sovereignty which means that you take complete and utter responsibility for everything that you bring into your experience. This means you consciously energetically address and release any notion of victimhood or willingness to participate consciously or unconsciously as either victim or predator. With sovereignty comes enormous self-responsibility to discern what is right for your experiences, to care well for your energetic life. The vastly empowering part is that with sovereignty comes freedom. And in this freedom, you will choose with whom you will engage and how, make adjustments to find balance when an experience needs to come to close, engage assistance when you need help coming back into balance and simply Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can trust yourself and your own insight regardless of what you are seeing and hearing from anyone else, planetary or otherwise.

In my own case, I had a pretty good intuitive idea with what I was newly engaging. I did not know how it was going to affect me, and in fact, it grew me beyond what I could possibly have imagined. To this day and for the rest of my life I will love those that I discovered with whom I shared very powerful stories and moments. The rest I can easily release in love for them and for myself, completely understanding what needs to happen as we all make this way into fifth dimensional living and beyond. We are the bringers of a New Dawn on earth. And I thank each and everyone one of them, and you too, for being with me on this important journey.

Much love, Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed., Consciousness Teacher

My Multidimensional Story: The arrival of Sacred Geometry

My Multidimensional Story: The arrival of Sacred Geometry

Here is my story. As I lay resting one evening about five months ago, book in hand preparing to relax, I closed my eyes. There between and behind my eyes came a throb that was light at first. Then it became more noticeable. As the throbbing morphed into rhythmic pulsing, there began to arrive some of the prettiest and most delicate line drawings in gold against a very dark background. They were simple line representations of geometric forms one pouring on top of the other, raining softly into my field of vision, behind my eyelids, from varying directions. I knew they were telling me something about myself that was important. So I watched.

As a Pure Act of Unity Consciousness, my mission on Gaia requires that I tell you these things now. This is because the human leaders for what is New Earth in the 5th dimension have already been born and are arriving daily. If you are reading this, you are one of them. I tell you this because for you specifically I am an educator on human planetary consciousness and living in the New 5D Earth. I am not the only one as there are many of us all over the planet. It is the job of those of us experiencing this ascension leap Now to tell our stories so that you may have support and comfort in them as they begin to happen for you too.

It occurs to me that in these writings it is really helpful to you, as I work my way backward in my story, to catch you up on only the most intriguing events as there really are many more I can tell you. Some of these moments have been shocking, some awe inducing and others have dropped me to the floor in tears of  recognition, remembrance and joy formerly unknown at such depths in my life. As is the case for the Universal Law of Manifestation, my retelling and your reading of this triggers a cascading  vibratory resonant experience for you such that you open to these experiences in yourself. That is how energy works. It calls to you. It dials your number (frequency), so to speak. It is mathematical.It is expansive, adding onto itself into infinity. Entropy always. Just as you always thought. No?

As for the arrival of the Sacred Geometry, I came to know, upon follow up research, that these forms are specific building blocks to ALL civilizations. I found references to humans for whom these arrived in the very same way as my experience. These writings are religious texts and spiritual canons from various world-wide perspectives.These Geometries are referenced in ancient writings about the Egyptian, Aztec and Incan civilizations. I also saw references crop up in accounts for lesser currently ‘accepted’ civilizations, meaning mythical in 3D language, for Atlantis, Lemuria, and Shambhala. And there is a very good reason. Get ready.

I came to know that these gorgeous and powerful Geometries are the stuff of which All existence is made. See the Fibonacci Sequence and the Flower of Life, explore these forms as they relate to quantum energy mechanics and look for them in art across the ages. These are the Gifts of our very Cosmos, alive and well. And Now these fundamental forms in every combination are taking Gaia, along with us, to her next Harmonious Civilization in her next highest expression, the 5th dimensional plane of existence. She, with our assistance, is literally remaking Herself, renewing Herself and using these building blocks to do so. I can tell you this is so, for I have Seen it.

For the next few months thereafter I had more arrive in just the same way, as I lay down to relax before bedtime reading. One time they appeared as line drawings in gold set against a pristine white background.  In this case they were formed into what appeared to be mechanical tools of varying types. And they were utterly beautiful and mesmerizing. These episodes were minutes long but seemed to convey more in those moments than most things did in my lifetime.

The other thing that has or will begin to happen to you is that once you are exposed to New Learning, you will begin to integrate it at a rate that I call ‘nano-learning’. What I mean is that what you read as you are guided to it will connect dots between other prior information and intuitive understandings. And THEN the full understanding will arrive on you. Boom. Just. Like. This Knowing arrived because it was supposed to at that very moment. This jump in awareness was hardwired into your very being at your atomic level upon arrival to the planet.

I’ll now leave it with you to follow your own guidance and lead yourself into wherever this story takes you. As if you have read to this point, you most assuredly are coming right along with me in your emerging role here in the New 5D Earth. Welcome, it is my pleasure to be your Guide and Teacher for what will become your next Highest Expression for your own Soul and it’s Service to all kind, human and otherwise. Know that we are All One.

Much Love. Much Light. From my Heart to Yours. Amber


Imagination is the Key to Revelation

Imagination is the Key to Revelation

Loves, it is simply high time that you valued your imagination over just about everything other than Love itself. I am not kidding.

You were told since childhood that your imagination was silly or “gee that child’s imagination is just so wonderful” until you arrived at later childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Then you were told that your imagination was superfluous, not that useful and a downright hindrance in the real world. “Get your head out of the stars” you heard. “Stop daydreaming” and “Earth to (your name)” was chanted. At least one boyfriend told me that I was always “walking through a field of wild flowers” as if that was something to avoid. After all, you were advised,  true imagination is the provenance of (haughty sniff) gifted artists only. Not just any ole artist, gifted ones.

Somewhere in you as the mirrored aperture for imagination closed down around you, unless you were a gifted artist, no outsider artists need apply,  you simply let go. You let go of that imaginary friend, you stopped exploring the stars, you avoided going 1000 leagues under the sea, etc. You halted any such ‘silliness’. Because that is what you were told. Indirectly and directly.

It is completely understandable that this occurred since the people who told you this were quite credible, right? They were your parents, teachers, and community at large. Instead, they showed you, the real world requires ‘work, focus, effort, determination, striving…’ etc. I am simply exhausted writing those much less living them out. Exhausted.

This is your wake-up call to strap on those hip waders and go wandering far and wide in your Imagination. It IS your birthright. Your Native Call of the Cosmic Wild. Be free and become that explorer once again. Because HERE is the ONLY place you are going to find out the truth about who you are in the most expanded and deeply fulfilling way.

What you will discover is that your Imagination is the only key to your own natural wisdom and knowing with which you arrived to the planet. And in these days of rapid ascension consciousness, it’s time to step back on to the path of least resistance and the path of ease. Shed what you were told about your own creativity. You are a Creator. Allow your Imagination in all its forms to take you into territory only you will Love.


Note to You: Ascending in consciousness takes a steady applied intent and a willing heart. Go easy on yourself as you navigate each wave that comes. You have more support available to you than you ever could have imagined. Call and they will Arrive. There exist Teachers on Every Plane including this one. —Much love, Amber

Holding 5D & Sacred Self Responsibility

Holding 5D & Sacred Self Responsibility

It’s true. If you intend to have more of the fifth dimensional vibratory experience, and less of the third in your life, you are going to have to be able to hold it. It really is that simple. We’ve been told for years now to self-responsibly “clean up” our lives. And many of us went right about doing so often clawing, slipping, sliding and forgetting only to come back to the effort with renewed commitment. And yet still, we have further to go. And many of you are doing all of this right now for the very first time. In fact, at no other time in human existence on planet earth did humans make this trek we are now making. Usually the timeline ended with no humans remaining in sight.

Thanks to all of the latest upgrades to your energy operating system and that of the body of beloved Gaia, you can sense the very changes within and without yourself. But what you are having trouble doing, what with all of this shedding of old narratives from this life and beyond, is stabilizing it such that you spend most of your time in the new vibratory  condition that is available to you. Plus, you have work, bills,  kids, spouses, physical limitations, or any other number of third dimensional life conditions to which you still must attend. Please know, it was never ever meant to be an instant *POOF* and now you are a Light Body on the fifth dimension. It just wasn’t.

There is no getting around, nor would you want to, the level of Sacred Self Responsibility you are required to cultivate in order to raise your own vibratory condition. To be ready to discover and deploy the daily habits and routines that are needed to bring more of what you want into being, you have to first assume complete responsibility. To know how to do so is a miracle for All Times on earth. And it prepares you to be able to live, love, heal and thrive in the fifth dimension and beyond.

If you struggle, as most humans do, with those words, self responsibility, take time to write or talk to someone about what it brings up for you and why.  To get you started, see if any of these common themes resonate such that you can go about releasing them:

1.I want someone else to fix me and this situation I am in. Humans are conditioned upon a arrival to earth to function in patriarchy and paternalism: ‘Someone in charge or dad will fix it’. The fifth has none of this. You are free to have your own experiences of your own choosing. There is nothing to fix or be directed to do or be.

2. If I take responsibility then failure will be my fault and I’ll get in trouble. This is programming and not truth. In the fifth dimension there is no judgement and no duality of success or failure, only beingness predicated on self love and love of all beings. There is no such thing as ‘fault’ or ‘trouble’, only choices that hold the fifth dimension’s vibrations in place, rising higher or drifting below.

3. ‘Responsibility’ feels like an adult term. And adults are too serious and slaves to their problems. I just like to have fun. This is also programming. Upon arrival to earth you were programmed to stay child-like waiting for someone to tell you what to do. The truth is along with self-responsibility comes enormous personal freedom, joy and comfort. When it’s all your choices, you choose very wisely with great consideration for self and then others. Staying child-like keeps you enslaved.

4. I will get crushed under the weight of self -responsibility. This is also programming, are you not already feeling crushed with suffering and feeling unworthy and a lack of self-love? The more responsibility you hold for the intent of your choices, the more lightweight your life becomes. You begin to unburden yourself and determine to disallow future burdensome experiences.

There are many more themes but hopefully one of these can get you started if you need to heal around this overall theme. Yes, you are going to be in pain at times as you align to the fifth dimensional vibratory life now available to you. You will also experience bouts of pure ecstasy. It was only programming to be in the third dimension that needed you to stay ignorant of your choices for being and living well and co-creating a beautiful society among your true family and friends. So, begin with Sacred Self-Responsibility. Go ahead. After all you have been through, it sure can’t hurt any more than living otherwise has. Right? Believe me. I truly understand.

Sending you much love always. Love IS the fuel of the universe. Amber



Your Quantum Self Arrives Now

Your Quantum Self Arrives Now

As we knew would happen with the raising of our Collective Consciousness in successful proportion to the human population, new abilities also have arrived. And you are beginning to sense them if not fully understand them. They are indeed calling to you, no?

These quantum capabilities have all to do with how your consciousness travels via your energy system among your friends, family, world, realms and multiverse. The most beautiful attribute to this arrival is that you simply do not have to DO anything about it. You will recall them perfectly and practice them in divine right timing for you. Each soul reading this is in this dimensional transition from the third to the fifth dimension of being (yes, we do skip the fourth to a good degree) and are literally ‘landing’ on this pure remembrance of who you Truly Are.

You are sensing time slipping, no? And you are noticing the gorgeous skies, right? The light outside looks brighter, lighter and cleaner does it not? And wow, look at our lovely sun. It’s whiteness is a thing only poets used to notice. Now we notice too. And most brilliantly, your heart is expanding. You are starting or progressing in your own self-responsible way of living in your home, at work, and in your community with loving intent and well-being on your mind.

You’ve turned away from the blaring media and the negativity that it unrelentlessly spews. And you are no longer as interested to play games that emulate death, destruction and domination. Why did you do that? You used to think it was your responsibility to stay up to date on what is going on in your world. You used to think that being a witness to the madness was YOUR responsibility. And that you needed to absorb as much of it as possible.  You used to love to while away the time pretending to participate in otherworldly wars and strange ‘power over’ magic. Then you noticed it was making you sick emotionally and physically. Or it simply fell away.

Now that you’ve created all this new space inside yourself without all of that negative engagement in your Being, you are awakening to your true self and mission in this lifetime. And part of that mission includes continuing to recognize, release, and heal the programming with which you held yourself captive. That self-captivity only limited your knowledge about what a miracle you are to be living right at this time in human history. Many wish to be here. They only watch in amazement.

Now that you are beginning to suspect or are advancing this understanding, you are becoming aware of your ability to exponentially expand your experience of energy and how it works to include quantum consciousness and the mechanics therein. As this continues to arrive for you, you will not only dream it, you will see it in your daily life as each day passes. Look for others to share these experiences with and encourage them to express the same to you when possible. You will know each other by how you Feel to each other. And when you need a more focused clearing or tools for your emergence, reach out to any number of loving service providers who have been awaiting your arrival.  Enjoy this Awakening loves. You came for this very Moment. And I am grateful.

Always yours, in Love and Service, Amber.