Alchemy, Holography & Me

Alchemy, Holography & Me

Alchemy. Some of my readers are ready to go deeper on topics like this one. If you are one of them, this one is for you. If you are unsure, just read through what is here, trusting that you will digest it over time without giving it much thought. This brief primer will simply act as a gently activating consciousness trigger for what you innately know but had no one to speak of it with in your current lifetime.

I write increasingly of late about integrating and balancing your personal wellbeing and third dimensional life with your increasingly sensitive and awakening self. While this remains to be of the utmost importance, visiting highly conceptualized understandings of your energetic design is refreshing. It takes you just that much further into what you know about yourself and why you came this lifetime. Our community needs this remembrance.

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As such, the following is content that I dashed off early in this week when asked about teaching consciousness content to my clients during their sessions. I was asked how teachers like myself conceive teaching alchemy today. I thought it was a super question. Believe me, there are millions of answers to this because humans often learn via metaphor that reaches well beyond the physical sciences. Here is mine:

‘Here is my narrative presentation in response. I use that phrase on purpose as so many of our community have not yet understood that there are infinite narratives in human words describing alchemy (and all associated constructs). In fact I view the process of embodiment and all that goes on during it for every embodied being across all kingdoms (mineral/plant/animal/human and beyond) as alchemic by nature.

Why? Because the atomic energy movement that is antimatter/zero point/matter (quantum mechanical basics) and the dynamics involved for maintaining speed/vibration/magnetic resonances IS the platform for what is termed alchemy. No ‘healing’ ‘magic’ or ‘mastery’ happens that is not based on this source-designed platform. I had to say this in order to address your actual question.

The newer component to teaching/emanation is exactly this: more humans have now incarnated who are evolved to a point in themselves such that they recall this understanding or it is triggered to be recalled supported by the procession of equinoxes, plasma releases and other cosmological releases arriving to earth.

Now that there are a growing body of us including you, we’ve reached a ‘tipping point’ of collective embodiment such that our group soul monad emanation power (engagement with this reserved component of the organic planetary matrix) regardless of human role has been achieved. You could be a homeless person on the street masterfully engaged or a pastry chef or government official for example.

Your question is about how this is knowingly taught when it is through those of us knowingly serving as teachers via the Alchemy School construct. Specific to that: In my work two keys are engaged. I am first of all an accelerated emanating being. As clients come (they are me as they arrive as holographic mirrors), the alchemy for emanation is increased regardless of whatever verbal content is happening per client ‘needs’.

Secondly, as a teacher, I am vibrating, among other harmonics at the same moment, in the human kingdom as is the other embodied mirror ‘client’. My responses to their expressed ‘needs’ (and my own intuitive direction) allows me to verbally express and teach some of the alchemical constructs ‘they’ can then go out and engage (recall their own mastery) for themselves.

So, the client human presentation is of less concern and more a vehicle to assuring them to recall their own mastery (which means my own alchemical mastery since they are me). Understand that ALL embodied beings are already alchemical masters or they would not be in form on Earth/Terra/Gaia. It is dense here.

You have to be masters to be here. So yes, clients come for ‘healing’ and what they get are reflections (emanations) of their own mastery for sovereignty and DNA key-codes for self mastery.

Yes, the human language I apply is highly encoded because of who I came to be this incarnation and ‘fits the request’ from the client. Often helps that I am a mental health clinician for many earth years this lifetime (and others it seems) by background.

I hope that what is posted above takes you a bit further in your own conceptualizations and constructs for what makes up your amazing energy body and that of the entire cosmos. It’s all a matter (smile) of atomic design that is, frankly, outside of our ability as human beings to conceive in its totality. We do have the ability though to get at the fundamental frameworks in order to participate consciously in this alchemy.

In fact, a large part of your sovereign journey on earth today is calling you to figure out how to consciously do so. When you do, you quite naturally and wordlessly emanate this one unto another. THIS is how Earth becomes Terra becomes Gaia. Do you now see?

Always with my love, Amber

If you love learning this way and want more of this integration in your own life, please set up some time with me. I would be honored to support you and your wellbeing as you navigate this lifetime. Namaste. 
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My Blog Receives a ‘Mystery Blogger Award’ Nomination

My Blog Receives a ‘Mystery Blogger Award’ Nomination



Something really lovely happened to me recently. I was nominated for a ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. I was nominated by another blogger who writes a precious blog named ‘Michele’s Blog: For the love of our human spirit’. I adore the name and content of her work. It’s mission is akin to my own.  It took me by surprise and made my day.

This award was started by a blogger for other bloggers to nominate those whose work may not have been discovered yet at the ‘viral’ level but has a meaningful impact on those who do read it. Bloggers sharing other bloggers writing is high praise indeed.

You can only imagine what it meant for me to receive this notice of nomination. I write about ancient esoteric knowledge revealing itself in these very transfiguring times on the planet. I get personal, it gets weird, and it is 100% my experience.

My experiences, and that of my readers, is often highly unusual and embedded in consciousness-related themes to which a small but growing human population is awakening within themselves. And it is simply divinely gorgeous.

I am a teacher for what is considered among many in this collective as ascension in consciousness. It’s also referred to as unity consciousness and by other names too. Simply depends on your own narrative as to how you ‘name’ it. I am an intuitive and Service to Others soul who writes in support and activation of the paradigm shift arriving now via a 26 thousand year cycle.

I ask you who read my work to invite one other blogger or friend to receive the insight, support & quantum activations that my mission and writing provides. Getting a nomination like this from Michele’s Blog tells me that I am Serving my blueprint mission in the way intended. For her and this I am truly grateful.

Speaking of Michele, please take a moment to visit Michele’s Blog: For the love of the human spirit. You will be glad you did.

Want to know more about the Mystery Blogger Award? Check it out. It was started by Okoto Enigmas Blog. Now I’m off to celebrate other bloggers too!


Practical Energetics: About Self Love

Practical Energetics: About Self Love

I will thank you in advance for falling deeply, madly, unabashedly in love with yourself. For as you do, you will also love me and the rest of us. This is alchemy at its finest.

I feel a bit like  singer/songwriter Paul McCartney as I write this post. In one of his late 70’s songs with the band Wings, post Beatles, he croons “You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh no…” In fact I hear it playing in some far off corner of my mind. And this all because I am about to write to you about love.

Here is the situation. When you arrived to the planet, you came front loaded with love. In fact, it was all you ever knew. Where you are from, there IS only Love. It is the gas in the vehicle by which you got here in the first place. And it is the electromagnetic stuff, some like to call God Particles, of which your atoms cling unto one another. To be sure, love goes by many names.


If you want to consciously manifest experiences in your life that give you a sense of meaning, belonging and connection, all attributes of love,  then love itself has to be first applied. Liberally in fact. If I were you I would stop worrying about sunscreen and start slathering on love. In every way imaginable.

Ah, now we come to the most important part. You can see the conundrum of the last paragraph above. Just HOW does a human apply love? While any kind of love is good love, none of it can cling to you and grow you until you have begun to practice and master one thing. SELF love. Uh oh.

And guess what you promptly forgot when you got here? Self love. In fact to be sure you forgot it, most world religions and cultural norms and mores in industrialized nations enforced the message. Do Not Love Thyself. Nope. No way. Just do not do it. Love others, yes, but while its a great idea to groom yourself and exercise each day, keep self love out of your personal equation. Unless, of course, someone else is willing to give you some of theirs.

Note: This is not the blog post where I explain why others do not give us love the way that we are taught. Not possible. Nor is it even possible that we can love another without first loving ourselves. This position will raise a few eyebrows. I will try to write on this soon.

Now back to my premise. To make it even more unlikely you would love yourself while on earth, you were advised to experience shame at the idea of doing so. As a matter of fact, some of you clearly got the message to do the opposite of loving yourself. Hate yourself. Or atleast parts of yourself. It all adds up to the same result: a drained life force. Remember, love IS the juice of life. No juice. No life.

How many of you hate how you look? Your weight? Your job? Your family members? If hate is too strong a word, how about any of its cousins, reject, dislike, disapprove, eschew. I could go on for days with words that oppose love. It is easy since I am a human living in the third dimension. Too easy. Its a frequency that has a well worn path, a groove in our collective mindset. The neural pathway to this condition is almost unbreakable. Almost.

So here is my proposal. Decide to do everything out of love for Self. Anyone reading this is a Service to Other soul and understands that we are One. We live, and have for thousands of years as reincarnating souls under a patriarchal, Service to Self/Power over Others energetic template or framework. It has been excruciating. And at times horrifying.

Within the understanding that we are One, the quantum mechanical story tells us that what you first do for yourself as a receiver ripples then out from you as a transmitter to those around you. As you heal self, you heal Us. As you love yourself, you then love Us. As you love you, you simultaneously love me. Even if I never am lucky enough to meet you.

Sending this off highly encoded with Love in the Highest. Because I can. So I do. — Amber


The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

The New Dimensional Life: Challenged Personal Relationships

Let me get right into this. With regard to the most widely experienced relationship issues you are having with people you love, its you. All you. And this is VERY good news. It took me a long time to get here in myself on this subject. Perhaps you are going to be much faster than I was arriving to what I am going to tell you.

Recently my sister and I had a great conversation. As sisters we have come to have a common theme between us: how to successfully and healthfully navigate relationships with our mates. Even though I am more than 15 years older than she is, ours are very common complaints  with our own unique storylines that are banked against a shared family of origin story. So this makes our conversations particularly meaningful.

While we spoke I shared with her something I’ve only begun to fully understand, heal and integrate. Here you can see that even as a teacher in our consciousness content, my own third dimensional life needs tending in the same way yours does. And I learn just like you do, one experience after another.

I told her that I knew I manifested my mate, as she had, and am indeed holding him in my energy field, as all humans do, as a reflection of things I am asking to have mirrored to me and then healed within myself. Read that again if needed because it challenges everything we were programmed to believe about love relationships.

This statement of ultimate ownership, all by itself, gives me a lot of comfort. Why? Because it returns the power of my circumstances and choices right back to me. But before I go any further here, let’s review some basics within my approach to consciousness constructs that applies to All That Is. Without having some idea about my viewpoint, and that of many consciousness narratives existing today, it would be easy to misunderstand what I am expressing here.

It is my understanding, I teach from this perspective, that my life (incarnated) is my own as yours belongs to you. What this means is that we all live in a holographic representation of antimatter made manifest. We live out of a blueprint by agreement with Source. Via sacred quantum geometric design we go on to build and then magnetize into our energy bodies our then experienced conditions of living. All of it. We deconstruct within this design the very same way by an infinite number of methodologies.

Indeed, the sovereign Power of Choice is a manifested matter of fact as is abdicating it. What you do not consciously construct will otherwise be unconsciously built for you but without your choice-aware input. From my perspective self responsibility is the engine of sovereignty. This means that to the extent you teach yourself to do so, build your life according to your conscious highest intent for a life well lived by your own definition. No one else’s

What is currently in our field, including our love relationships and associated conflicts, is a direct result of existing blueprints, encodements, and information, similar to that of a computer matrix. At this time in human existence we are evolving our conscious awareness in such a way as to return to Knowing about ourselves to this depth of experience while incarnated.

The prophesied time long awaited is now upon us. We are re-learning how to engage principals for existence that were long forgotten but have lain dormant in our very DNA.  This fundamental ability is within each soul regardless of any artificial status or circumstance and is something we have not expressed as humans on earth in a very, very long (linear) time.



What all of this means for you and your love relationships? It means that the next time things get tangled and dark, unfriendly, and angry remember to step back. Take time to review what happened when you are more calm. Turn a cold eye on what played out and look for the attributes your mate demonstrated that gave you the most pain. Then, with a lot of gratitude for doing so, look for aspects of those very traits within yourself.

When you are willing to do this, you will be shown where you have painful shadow aspects of yourself that need recovery. Then decide to take action to compassionately investigate them, forgive yourself and integrate them with acceptance into your whole being.

Once you take this approach, you will notice a diminishing sensation of suffering on those issues with your loved one. And as you gain mastery in this approach you will do much less of that behavior over time. Your relationship will change naturally.

In my language you “changed the channel” or “broke the vibratory frequency” of that line of code engagement. When that breaks, new constructs will be forged. There are no vacuums in the universe.  This means that you and that loved one grow beyond the old ways.

These premises all point to the fact that other humans in your life are an aspect of you getting to know yourself and making decisions about who you intend to be in any moment.

In some instances this change will bring you into a new more peaceful engagement with each other and in others, the relationship will move away from your life suddenly or over time. This occurs because those we love are only in our lives to the extent that we are investigating ourselves and making choices, consciously or unconsciously at all times about who we are and what we desire to experience during this lifetime.

It gives me joy to share my understanding with you. Sometimes I demonstrate mastery on these themes and at other times I fall flat on my miserable face. Smile. While we are all transfiguring into our fifth dimensional selves, we still contend with our third dimensional incarnations.

Much love, Amber






Our Higher Selves: They are We

Our Higher Selves: They are We

I knew I was going to cover the following topic today. As such, I asked a few of my Light Council to weigh in on how to tell you who they are in my life as a way to illustrate the blog that follows. Ehtu, Aga, Jamay and my Medical Team all showed up. I took notes as they relayed their information.

Me: Ok, I’m going to write about the fact that all of you ARE me, just in varying forms and places, for lack of better language. What can I say about who you are as me?

Ehtu: “I am this aspect of you who understands quantum field energetics, mathematical design and mechanical description.” (He is of the Sirian Star System)

Aga: “I am the part of you who lives a Pleaidian life. I am you as your Sister, always loving you, encouraging you, and curious about your embodiment. I explain things to you in plain terminology.”

Jamay: “Please tell them about me too. I am you as your playful Arcturian friend. I provide lightness of being. I work on your energy system to keep you balanced.” (note: Jamay has been in my Awareness since my mid thirties).

Medical Team: (note: this team has been with me all of my life, but came into my awareness in my mid twenties. It is a ‘group’ and has no other name.) “We are you who knows the very highest art for calibration within all planes and dimensions. We are your technicians.”

Yes, there are others, including a range of Masters and Angelics, but I wanted you to hear from a few of my ‘regulars’.


You are now beginning or have been for a while, reading about and possibly experiencing your relationship with your Higher Self (or Selves) and Beings to include Guides, Masters, Angelics and now your expanded Star Family. For a very long time on this planet, you were taught that these are separate and differentiated from you, but easily accessed via clair-senses, prayer, meditation and other altered engagement strategies. Now you are beginning to understand something very different about this viewpoint and experience.

What you are now beginning to read and experience is that these Selves or Beings, ARE you. They are you in varying timelines, dimensions, and fractals. You are simply engaging the magnificence and fullness of yourself.  This knowingness, along with so much more, is another example of what is being referred to as ascension in consciousness, although it is less a rise than an expansion. It will take a larger segment of humans forty or fifty more years to digest what I’ve written here. But you who read this will already have some idea of which I write. You’ll run with it from here.

You who read my work are fairly sophisticated souls. You are ALL Service-to-Others beings within some range of consciousness awakening. You would not know me otherwise. You have a broad understanding about spirituality from any number of perspectives to include world religions. And you have been growing very quickly since the 2011 and then 2016 trigger events. I know this because YOU are to whom I am in Service as a Unity & Christ Consciousness teacher.

I consider myself more of a practical energetic lightworker type. While personally I can zoom the dimensions across many narratives inclusive of quantum mechanics, holograms and matrices, it’s not time for me to go too deeply into these where this blog or my overall teaching is concerned. Why? Because people who read this, like you, are still shedding some heavy human programs that are creating bouts of suffering as they arrive to and then, this is the key, HOLD the vibratory condition that is sovereignty.

Sovereignty, as you have begun to find out, is the KEY to knowing who you truly are without the artificially programmed intrusions, distortions really, of your blueprinted architecture. As the planet herself has shed what is commonly called the ‘false matrix’ you too are well on your way. Yesterday I heard one teacher say we are up to about one percent of the human population already onboard with this level of awareness and understanding, with many more  in our larger Collective coming to this clarity each day. It’s my understanding that we are now, in a broader category of souls, reaching the six to nine percent of the entire human population zone.

The more you align to your true design, that of a Service to Others soul and release the imprisonment of thinking and feeling as it relates to common human culture, which is a Power over Others framework or Service to Self perspective, the more free (sovereign) you will become. In this state of internalized freedom, the pathways to your expanded awareness and nature become self-evidential. You will make yourself free to explore your current incarnation, as well as the akash (library) of your entirety in ways that will thrill and surprise you. Indeed, you will, just by being you, light the path unto each soul with whom you interact as you go about the remainder of your time on Earth doing whatever it is that you do.

Sending my love, Amber


Practical Multidimensional Living: Quantum Entanglement & You

Practical Multidimensional Living: Quantum Entanglement & You

OK. I struggled with the title on this one. I mean, just what is practical about quantum entanglement? To me, this sounds a lot like a very bad hair day.  What audacity I must have to even approach this deep science subject, right? In this case the content was brought to my attention two weeks ago by Ehtu, my very technologically minded Sirian Council member.

At that same time, Anthor (Agarthan), my best technical teacher recommended I take a look at something relevant about the subject in order to trigger my understanding. He advised me not to worry, he would direct me to the right reading assuring me that I’d understand what I needed to for the purpose of writing about it here.  I sure hoped so. Gulp.

Here is the conversation I had with my Light Council about this topic this morning after I looked at the material to which I was directed. In fact, it was a Forbes Science article from 2016. While I’ve been personally sorting out technical quantum mechanics for a while now,  I needed this chat to reassure me that there was a good reason to write this one up. As usual, when something needs to be handled in a straightforward, sensible way, Aga, Pleaidian, often gets the job.

Me: I was asked to look at material on quantum entanglement. Why?

Aga: You are specifically encoded to understand these principles.

Me: But these subjects are already out there among the population. Why me, why now?

Aga: Because you have a way of communicating on complex and challenging subjects that is more readily received by your broader consciousness students. More and more humans are now ready to reflect on this type of content. They are primed now.

Me: What is it that you really want people to know about this (quantum entanglement) content?

Aga: We hope to trigger imagination in souls. To wake them up out of programs that have taught them limits that simply do not exist. Your language and writing is highly encoded with light language that creates a resonance which disrupts old programs such as  these.

The above gives you an idea about how I work with my Council from day to day. I engage them over personal perspectives as well as where I am headed as a consciousness teacher. You can see that things get interesting for me on a routine basis. Now onto the topic of discussion.

So I did what I always do. I just googled ‘quantum entanglement’. Not ‘spirituality and quantum entanglement’ or ‘quantum entanglement mysticism’, or ‘fringy ideas on quantum entanglement’, etc. To do so would be to fall down a rabbit hole from which it would be hard to return!

Of the many results that popped up, I chose the second or so item enticed by the title. The article Anthor directed me to is written by Chad Orzel in Forbes Science last year (2016). The Real Reasons Quantum Entanglement Doesn’t Allow Faster-Than-Light Communication.  There in his article he responded to some feedback he had to another article written recently by a colleague in the quantum physics field, Ethan Siegel, about the use of quantum entanglement as a “faster than light” communication tool.

According to Orzel, Siegel suggested that pairs of particles across two people (Bob & Alice), no matter their distance from each other, could communicate via the activity of quantum entanglement. Both articles provide greatly reduced mathematics for this approach, for the actual components are exceedingly complex. Apparently this prompted a reader to ask Siegel, given the math and measurement, “could this (process) be used to communicate from a distant star system. (BINGO) to which Siegel responded “yes, if you consider making a measurement at a distant location a form of communication.” He went on to say more about this function as it is of particular interest to the field of extrasensory perception (ESP). Now I’m paying attention.

But Orzel, in his own response to Siegel’s agreement about communicating with star systems or Bob & Alice’s distance from each other, “you can’t do that”. Why? “Because entanglement only works if you ask a particle ‘what state are you in’? And to force it into a state (in order to align for communication) breaks the entanglement.” He goes on about all the ways entanglement can purposely be broken. He even mentions that he’s heard of the “woo-woo mystical processes to ask a particle about its state in order to make a match with the other person’s” etc. It was clear by the use of the words ‘woo-woo’ how he observed this absurdity.

Then I saw it. I ran right into Orzel’s own personally programmed error. And it is a huge one in science today too. “God plays dice with the universe” such that “results of quantum measurement (are) unavoidably random.” Now I know why Aga said that consciousness students today, particularly moderately advanced ones, of which this community is growing quickly in numbers, will spot the error and begin to come to VASTLY differing conclusions.


You see, once you begin to explore yourself more deeply, especially when you begin experimenting with the notions of sacred geometry, chakras, dimensions, matrices, and merkabahs, frequency, magnetics, resonance and the like, the World opens up to you in very surprising ways. The narrative is here is that your entire being is shifting at a subatomic level which now calls your attention to subjects just like this one. Something that seems as once too fixed and complex, yet, when explored in the ways I just mentioned, appear to be simply elegant and more than feasible.

Happy exploring. What will come over the years is so much more understanding about quantum entanglement and associated energetic tools and functions. While mysticism oriented books have already been written on these topics, it is only now that humans across the planet are beginning to make their own inquiries and investigations. Just like me.

Always written with love, Amber


Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Before I jump into the topic of free will I thought you may like to understand how I engage the material I present from the start. I am not the type of person who does a lot of sitting meditation. I do my best connecting to Source via what some like to call a walking meditation. It has been this way for me for years. It seems that moving my body keeps it busy while I engage what is commonly termed ‘higher’ aspects of myself, although these days I don’t really refer to them this way. These days they simply present to me by long established names and identities.

It may be helpful too for you to understand that while a specific subset of humans have long interfaced and written about their engagements with the angelic realm, many of us are also now specifically identifying our engagement with what can best be called the galactic community within the sphere of consciousness processes. Many of us find various ways to introduce this experience to readers and clients. In my case, I refer to this collective most often as my Light Council.  There is much more I could write on this subject, but I’ll save that for another day.

pablo (89)

This morning the subject of ‘free will’ was the topic of discussion with members of my Light Council. It was Ehtu who first commented on this subject. He advised that “the physics for what is free will is highly mutable and highly programmable.” Then Aga advised that “free will IS a human program. Be sure YOU are the programmer.” It appears they both were sending home the message that yes, we humans have ‘free will’ but without our OWN input driving what that means, we are subject the the whims of those who (or that which) would seek power over that individual free will.

It was a surprise too, that Jamay weighed in on the subject as he tends to be more quiet during teachable moments like this. I liked his expression the best. He said “Where I exist ‘free’ means One and ‘will’ means Intention. I like this so much because I could feel what he was saying. The rest of the multiverse operates on this divine principle of Oneness. And I could understand how that is energetically pure Intention. Humans are only now catching up as we are moving into fifth dimensional living.

pablo (90)

Anthor, ever my technical instructor, demonstrated the actual mathematics involved, but I was walking and could not draw it out on paper, as he likes me to do. Nor could I do the quantum mechanics research that typically goes with his teaching. But what he showed me was a complex set of mathematical equations that when assembled looked a lot like geometrical conditions laid out in three dimensions. A blueprint for ‘free will’.

From his depiction I could see a lot of opportunity  where this blueprint could be engaged and altered as is the case with any mathematical expression. Anthor was showing this to me so that I could help us understand, from the mathematical view, how constructs such as ‘free will’ are built. And how subject they are to input, my own or that I take in from outside of myself consciously or more often the case, unconsciously.

This was a terrific discussion as so many of us are expanding our understanding for how energy works and our individual role in informing it. The simplest methodology available to humans is found in the  fundamentals of universal laws of creation, attraction or manifestation. We are also becoming more aware and adept with regard to human programming that begins at birth on our planet. As souls having a human incarnation, we’ve come to understand how much of it was ‘assumed’ versus consciously chosen during the current lifetime.

As such, we are getting much better at releasing programming that is unsuitable for us and taking on newer conditions that bring more joy, pleasure, comfort and well-being. It makes sense to me that my Council wanted to talk specifically on the ‘free will’ theme as it is bandied about quite a bit in the consciousness community at this time. Humans are awakening to the fact that free will in and of itself is a construct that needs thoughtful consideration and active engagement versus careless assumption both personally and externally.

Here’s to engaging free will in such a way that YOU drive it’s meaning and expression in your OWN life otherwise, externalized programming (as it does with so much already) will be happy to drive it for you. It is always my pleasure to share what I am learning as I learn right alongside of you. Much love, Amber

A Multidimensional Awakening Story: 2012 & Me

A Multidimensional Awakening Story: 2012 & Me

December 21, 2102 is the date that symbolizes the peak for the largest historical shift in consciousness for both the planet earth, her solar system and all living beings therein. Including you. Before I get into my experience of that timeframe, I thought I’d reveal a bit more about myself.

I have a working consciousness understanding for sacred geometries, timelines, matrices, quantum energy mechanics relative to vibratory frequency magnetics, resonances, dimensions and subspaces and many other expressions for multi-dimensional conscious existence. To date, I have been advised by my own guidance system, that as of five months ago, I passed through the sixth initiation (monadic) of ascension and now am in the seventh (logoic). As seems to be common with me, I was advised of this prior to knowing initiation stages existed.

It is the case, that as a Consciousness Teacher, I am a teacher of teachers and of those of you who will become new leaders. My teaching work is done via significantly developed intuition, clairsentience, and channeling. I also verbalize light language to assist in the process of teaching. Those of you who are already serving humanity in similar capacities are yourselves having changes that you will need to understand in the days ahead. This is my role for you. As a former psychotherapist and national healthcare professional residing in the United States, I am very familiar with assisting human beings to heal, recover, identify and then align with the way of living that better fits who they are. As a prior business professional, I am also versed in mentoring projects and groups of providers to this end. My work now continues outside of that traditional motif. It serves a very specialized community of humans, you, the awakening teachers and leaders for what is called New Earth.

pablo (66)


Only very recently it has been made clear to me that I continue to learn as I teach. Sometimes the content I download is out of reach of my knowledge base awareness and I am given homework such that I  do my own research to understand what I was given. I’m given a lot of homework help too. This type of download/master/teach process is faster (because it is done in quantum ‘time’) than historical earth-based learning/practicing/mastery. I find the duality of this aspect to myself exhilarating and sometimes daunting.

At this point, I’ll return to my own story about awakening to new levels of conscious awareness. The largest leap I made until 2016/17 was that of 2012.  I began these more personal posts a couple of months ago based on my own guidance that requested me to show you what a human path looks like at this time in human consciousness ascension. I’ve been asked do so as you are in the midst of the very same unprecedented occurrence. Only humans needing this information today are going to read it. You need a community and mirror for what is happening to you. Most of you reading this are somewhat experienced with the energetics of consciousness having been a mystic or otherwise a student of alternative healing arts, and indeed some of you, like me, have already advanced to teaching in these subjects.

Some of you are yoga teachers, reiki masters, healing touch providers, psychics, remote viewers, medical intuitives or other aware souls by many other names. And you, like me, since 2012 or later are having an enormous uptick in your own experiences. In most cases you don’t have anyone you trust to talk to about what is happening. I know this all too well for I  am also seeking and growing a community that fits my needs today. We are all, in fact, being called into community with one another. It’s a requirement of this collaborative collective effort now occurring. It is the essence of Unity Consciousness. We are paving the way, cutting a new path, for those humans who are only now awakening or those children who are already awakened, as many now are. Consider us the cosmic plow breaking new ground. High ground. Holy ground. Christed ground.

It’s not an easy task to do so as we are very familiar with isolation plus the path to one another is fraught with very human issues, but seek and find we must. You are also finding that even within your energetics communities there is enormous jockeying among humans on various paths for the classic ‘who is right?’ or other common human traits that occur as you begin to share what is happening to you. You meet doubt, rejection, resistance and limitation at many turns as you seek to share what is now occurring. I know.

After the December 2012 events, by early spring, I had what I later learned are common ascension symptoms. If you want to know more about those, just see my prior post on this or google ‘ascension symptoms’. They are ubiquitous on the internet. In fact, along with the arrival of the angelic realm and galactics, I developed what is commonly called a ‘spiritual flu’ that put me in bed for two miserable days and on my sofa for about two weeks. In this time my right eardrum ruptured and I lost my hearing for a month in that ear. I regained 90% of it back. After that series of events, the deeper consciousness world had been opened up to me. I’ve not been the same since. Neither have you.

My advice, keep going. Learn to ride the energetic waves and their very real results within you and on the planet. Know without a doubt that you came for this very time and that you are exquisitely equipped to do what we are doing here. Learn and practice, to the best of your ability, manifestation mechanics. Investigate the matter/null/antimatter story of energy. Be willing to process the issues that arise. Be curious about what is happening and why you are responding the way you are. Find a neutral (null) emotional position throughout your days. Come back to it again and again. Your steady hand and approach is needed and is only going to be more needed as we go.  People are going to seek you out. Of course, now you know where to find me should consultation be beneficial.

Written with love, Amber



My Multidimensional Story: The arrival of Sacred Geometry

My Multidimensional Story: The arrival of Sacred Geometry

Here is my story. As I lay resting one evening about five months ago, book in hand preparing to relax, I closed my eyes. There between and behind my eyes came a throb that was light at first. Then it became more noticeable. As the throbbing morphed into rhythmic pulsing, there began to arrive some of the prettiest and most delicate line drawings in gold against a very dark background. They were simple line representations of geometric forms one pouring on top of the other, raining softly into my field of vision, behind my eyelids, from varying directions. I knew they were telling me something about myself that was important. So I watched.

As a Pure Act of Unity Consciousness, my mission on Gaia requires that I tell you these things now. This is because the human leaders for what is New Earth in the 5th dimension have already been born and are arriving daily. If you are reading this, you are one of them. I tell you this because for you specifically I am an educator on human planetary consciousness and living in the New 5D Earth. I am not the only one as there are many of us all over the planet. It is the job of those of us experiencing this ascension leap Now to tell our stories so that you may have support and comfort in them as they begin to happen for you too.

It occurs to me that in these writings it is really helpful to you, as I work my way backward in my story, to catch you up on only the most intriguing events as there really are many more I can tell you. Some of these moments have been shocking, some awe inducing and others have dropped me to the floor in tears of  recognition, remembrance and joy formerly unknown at such depths in my life. As is the case for the Universal Law of Manifestation, my retelling and your reading of this triggers a cascading  vibratory resonant experience for you such that you open to these experiences in yourself. That is how energy works. It calls to you. It dials your number (frequency), so to speak. It is mathematical.It is expansive, adding onto itself into infinity. Entropy always. Just as you always thought. No?

As for the arrival of the Sacred Geometry, I came to know, upon follow up research, that these forms are specific building blocks to ALL civilizations. I found references to humans for whom these arrived in the very same way as my experience. These writings are religious texts and spiritual canons from various world-wide perspectives.These Geometries are referenced in ancient writings about the Egyptian, Aztec and Incan civilizations. I also saw references crop up in accounts for lesser currently ‘accepted’ civilizations, meaning mythical in 3D language, for Atlantis, Lemuria, and Shambhala. And there is a very good reason. Get ready.

I came to know that these gorgeous and powerful Geometries are the stuff of which All existence is made. See the Fibonacci Sequence and the Flower of Life, explore these forms as they relate to quantum energy mechanics and look for them in art across the ages. These are the Gifts of our very Cosmos, alive and well. And Now these fundamental forms in every combination are taking Gaia, along with us, to her next Harmonious Civilization in her next highest expression, the 5th dimensional plane of existence. She, with our assistance, is literally remaking Herself, renewing Herself and using these building blocks to do so. I can tell you this is so, for I have Seen it.

For the next few months thereafter I had more arrive in just the same way, as I lay down to relax before bedtime reading. One time they appeared as line drawings in gold set against a pristine white background.  In this case they were formed into what appeared to be mechanical tools of varying types. And they were utterly beautiful and mesmerizing. These episodes were minutes long but seemed to convey more in those moments than most things did in my lifetime.

The other thing that has or will begin to happen to you is that once you are exposed to New Learning, you will begin to integrate it at a rate that I call ‘nano-learning’. What I mean is that what you read as you are guided to it will connect dots between other prior information and intuitive understandings. And THEN the full understanding will arrive on you. Boom. Just. Like. This Knowing arrived because it was supposed to at that very moment. This jump in awareness was hardwired into your very being at your atomic level upon arrival to the planet.

I’ll now leave it with you to follow your own guidance and lead yourself into wherever this story takes you. As if you have read to this point, you most assuredly are coming right along with me in your emerging role here in the New 5D Earth. Welcome, it is my pleasure to be your Guide and Teacher for what will become your next Highest Expression for your own Soul and it’s Service to all kind, human and otherwise. Know that we are All One.

Much Love. Much Light. From my Heart to Yours. Amber


My Multidimensional Story Continues

My Multidimensional Story Continues

Before I tell you more about me and the beings that are within my retinue, here is the reason I am telling you my story. My mission on Gaia requires that I tell you these things now. This is because the human leaders for what is New Earth have already been born and are arriving daily. If you are reading this, you are one of them. I tell you this because for you specifically I am an educator on human planetary consciousness and living in the New 5D Earth. To this end, I am also a Project Manager and Ambassador of sorts. More on that another day.

I am here to help you know yourself most fully and help you find your leadership self.  I arrived as such by birth fully prepared  such that when you began to arrive to the planet and mature, you would have a mirror as you awakened. No, I am not alone in this job, I am only one such prepared soul who is available to you. There are many of us available to you. Why do people like me have this type of mission? Because you are helping to birth this planet into a fully loving and healthy place to live. A place that you already, in your heart, know quite well as you have done this in other places on other timelines.

In my last post I introduced you to some of my multidimensional aspects. You met Aga, the lovely Pleaidian and Jamay, my Arcturian friend, you also learned that much of my Awakening quickened as a result of the 2012 event portal. Many of you understand full well what happened to you in 2012. You changed. We all did. Like many of you, my human hearing, among other biological functions, will never be the same again.

In that post you also came to understand that AA Metatron led the way for my introduction to the Angelic Realm at large. The procession of angels into my awareness on some days was mind blowing. What I did not mention is that Ascended Masters, living on the 7th dimension, the concepts for which I had no earlier understanding, came lofting quietly but emphatically into my life. Here came St. Germaine who is the Keeper of the Violet Flame, Sananda who explained to me that it was he who is called Jesus, supremely serene Quan Yin and at times observing Buddha. Sometimes they spoke to me of their own accord or in response to my questions, most of the time they witnessed me during my prayer and meditation time each day. And then they began popping in on me any time.

Up to that point, yes, I had Guides that I engaged since my later twenties and even a ‘medical team’ I’d known since my early thirties, but no, I had not had much knowledge of nor interaction with these Angels and Ascended Masters in close relationship communicating freely with me. This brings me to point out that my interaction is primarily clairsentient. There is a reason I say primarily and I will address this in another blog. I do, as you do or will, have other forms of interaction as I continue to raise my vibration and resonance skills enough to hold them.

For this blog post I thought you may like to know more about Ehtu, whom I mentioned last time and his working partner, Mehata. Ehtu resides in the Sirian Star system and his interest with me today has to do with civilization building given the Ascension process in full tilt on Earth today. I am a recipient as are many of Sacred Geometric Light Codes that always accompany planetary shift such as the one we are having Now. All ‘ancient’ civilizations were built the very same way. Ehtu is very, as all Star Systems are, technologically sophisticated and is tasked from Ashtar Command to work with me, and I am certain others whom I’ve not yet met, to literally lay the groundwork, gridwork really, to assist Earth to move more fully into her next highest expression. In fact, this is happening right this very moment and is breath-taking in its numeric and geometric beauty and simplicity.

Mehata is a being from Inner Earth. He is Lemurian and I’ll leave it with you to investigate just how it comes to pass that yes, Lemurians reside there in pristine and thriving vibrant communities such as are found in Telos and Agartha. Mehata’s engagement with me relates more to my work as an Ambassador as humans come to understand more fully who they are and the nature of the planet among the entire cosmos.  He and Ehtu collaborate with me to awaken to and then consciously engage my work here. And part of that work is what I am doing with you right now. Telling my story. My Kind is being asked to speak up and share in this very way.

I have so, so much more to tell you as each week goes by. My plan is to start with today and work my way backward to the sunny seven year old girl sitting under a tree picnicking with her babydolls when she realized that she was being spoken to with so much love and tenderness that all she could do was listen. Very beautiful indeed.

Next time I’ll touch on Sacred Geometries and how they arrived as well as the advent of Light Languages. Exquisite. Guess what? You have all of this going on or are about to go on inside of you. This and so much More.

Much love, Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed., Consciousness Teacher