Wow! The 2020 Energies are Here.

Wow! The 2020 Energies are Here.

Hello Readers. Wishing each of you much peace and love in your personal lives as I write this. You have likely been reading and watching video content talking about all the anticipated energies of this new year. You will find that there are some common themes: deep revelation and movement towards balance. All of this means yes, some ‘shake up’ in status quo that can make us very uncomfortable at times. The longer you’ve been on the planet the more intensely this can be felt given how long you’ve been juggling what you know to be true in your heart and what you’ve had to find a way to live with given the planet’s density. This condition is certainly true in my own life and that of my friends and family.

Anything old and buried, painfully tucked away and put on a shelf is up for healing now. 2019 saw us have personal revelation at new levels, well, this is the year for speaking in your clearest voice, one that you are only now getting acquainted with, which means a lot of bumps and knocks along the way. Others are not always going to be comfortable with what is true for you. As such, turn towards your daily personal practices that release, heal and comfort. It’s a must. If you need to know more about what those practices can entail, reach out to any healing arts teacher from any discipline and get to work on creating a sense of personal wellbeing in the midst of intermittent turmoil.

Much love, in gratitude and Service, Amber

The following is this month’s anniversary show, ‘Esoterics Today’. Enjoy!

Balance and unification rule this year. Plus a good bit of ‘shake up’ for anything we’ve been keeping secret from ourselves to include our personal lives and our institutions and mass programmed beliefs. In this month’s anniversary show, we take a look at the prevailing energies as we exit 2019 and move into 2020. We discuss how this will all play out at a universal level and how this can affect us as individuals. You will hear us touch into the times of Atlantis and how aspects of that period are still within the psyche and cellular memory. We reference the crystal beds on Gaia and their role in the organic matrix. We also touch on other planetary systems too. As usual we get into how our personal ‘shake ups’ require more of our light-working community relative to being in fairly dense places we typically prefer not to go and why the call is upon us.

Alchemy, Holography & Me

Alchemy, Holography & Me

Alchemy. Some of my readers are ready to go deeper on topics like this one. If you are one of them, this one is for you. If you are unsure, just read through what is here, trusting that you will digest it over time without giving it much thought. This brief primer will simply act as a gently activating consciousness trigger for what you innately know but had no one to speak of it with in your current lifetime.

I write increasingly of late about integrating and balancing your personal wellbeing and third dimensional life with your increasingly sensitive and awakening self. While this remains to be of the utmost importance, visiting highly conceptualized understandings of your energetic design is refreshing. It takes you just that much further into what you know about yourself and why you came this lifetime. Our community needs this remembrance.

pablo - 2019-02-20T165922.843


As such, the following is content that I dashed off early in this week when asked about teaching consciousness content to my clients during their sessions. I was asked how teachers like myself conceive teaching alchemy today. I thought it was a super question. Believe me, there are millions of answers to this because humans often learn via metaphor that reaches well beyond the physical sciences. Here is mine:

‘Here is my narrative presentation in response. I use that phrase on purpose as so many of our community have not yet understood that there are infinite narratives in human words describing alchemy (and all associated constructs). In fact I view the process of embodiment and all that goes on during it for every embodied being across all kingdoms (mineral/plant/animal/human and beyond) as alchemic by nature.

Why? Because the atomic energy movement that is antimatter/zero point/matter (quantum mechanical basics) and the dynamics involved for maintaining speed/vibration/magnetic resonances IS the platform for what is termed alchemy. No ‘healing’ ‘magic’ or ‘mastery’ happens that is not based on this source-designed platform. I had to say this in order to address your actual question.

The newer component to teaching/emanation is exactly this: more humans have now incarnated who are evolved to a point in themselves such that they recall this understanding or it is triggered to be recalled supported by the procession of equinoxes, plasma releases and other cosmological releases arriving to earth.

Now that there are a growing body of us including you, we’ve reached a ‘tipping point’ of collective embodiment such that our group soul monad emanation power (engagement with this reserved component of the organic planetary matrix) regardless of human role has been achieved. You could be a homeless person on the street masterfully engaged or a pastry chef or government official for example.

Your question is about how this is knowingly taught when it is through those of us knowingly serving as teachers via the Alchemy School construct. Specific to that: In my work two keys are engaged. I am first of all an accelerated emanating being. As clients come (they are me as they arrive as holographic mirrors), the alchemy for emanation is increased regardless of whatever verbal content is happening per client ‘needs’.

Secondly, as a teacher, I am vibrating, among other harmonics at the same moment, in the human kingdom as is the other embodied mirror ‘client’. My responses to their expressed ‘needs’ (and my own intuitive direction) allows me to verbally express and teach some of the alchemical constructs ‘they’ can then go out and engage (recall their own mastery) for themselves.

So, the client human presentation is of less concern and more a vehicle to assuring them to recall their own mastery (which means my own alchemical mastery since they are me). Understand that ALL embodied beings are already alchemical masters or they would not be in form on Earth/Terra/Gaia. It is dense here.

You have to be masters to be here. So yes, clients come for ‘healing’ and what they get are reflections (emanations) of their own mastery for sovereignty and DNA key-codes for self mastery.

Yes, the human language I apply is highly encoded because of who I came to be this incarnation and ‘fits the request’ from the client. Often helps that I am a mental health clinician for many earth years this lifetime (and others it seems) by background.

I hope that what is posted above takes you a bit further in your own conceptualizations and constructs for what makes up your amazing energy body and that of the entire cosmos. It’s all a matter (smile) of atomic design that is, frankly, outside of our ability as human beings to conceive in its totality. We do have the ability though to get at the fundamental frameworks in order to participate consciously in this alchemy.

In fact, a large part of your sovereign journey on earth today is calling you to figure out how to consciously do so. When you do, you quite naturally and wordlessly emanate this one unto another. THIS is how Earth becomes Terra becomes Gaia. Do you now see?

Always with my love, Amber

If you love learning this way and want more of this integration in your own life, please set up some time with me. I would be honored to support you and your wellbeing as you navigate this lifetime. Namaste. 
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Your Own Quantum Planetary Service

Your Own Quantum Planetary Service

First my story. Just this morning I found out that a child died two days ago at one of my local elementary schools. The child died, I was told, by being crushed by equipment. A terrible accident. Later in the day, while I was attending a play, I was called inward. This is what usually happens when I am being engaged by my Light Council.

I was asked to create a supportive geometric form filled with violet light. Then I was to call to mind the child’s parents, whom I’d never met. In my mind’s eye I saw two parents in extreme grief as well as family members and friends around them.

Once I had the form complete, which happened in moments, I was asked to send it to the family, placing it around them. I did as I was directed and then I left.

This is Service. This is light work. Lightwork. This is what I do and you can too.

I shared this story with you because you, the highly sensitive and aware empathic soul are asking “what’s next?” You have been riding the waves of change in your personal life which have included changes in relationships, work and personal awareness. You have added in daily habits that are supporting you to live more fully and authentically.

You are and continue to face intense shadow content, physical symptoms and sometimes thrilling and weird new information about who you are. Who we all are. You have fallen down rabbit holes for days on end discovering esoteric historical themes, cosmic story lines, holography and geometry.

You’ve explored color, sound, frequencies, wavelengths and octaves. You’ve fallen into love with yourself in new ways. And each other too. You’ve developed top notch perceptive capabilities, some of which you still can’t mention to other humans around you.

I get it. All of it. This is me also.

Lightworker pablo

When I tune into the portion of our Collective for whom I am a New Earth Teacher, I hear and feel a readiness for emergence into yet another level of service. This level of service encompasses methods and destinations previously unconsidered.

I perceive your readiness to serve in grand ‘large scale’ ways that you never thought was possible. The reason you are now wondering about it and ready for it, is because of all the work you’ve done to make yourself ready. So, what are you ready for?

Before I answer that question I have to position the following theme. As an embodied soul, just by living and breathing, you are a Key Holder. Your very DNA and energetic framework is loaded with information for our current Now time.

You are by design a forerunner and wayshower. This simply means that you are in the earlier waves of humans consciously growing rapidly in spiritual consciousness to such an extent it has changed the very fabric of your humanity. These changes are without measure in today’s most accepted sciences.  Although quantum mechanics is catching up with us.

Those of you reading this already know most of the above material. You understand that without really trying, as a natural Service to Others soul, you are changing the expression of humans on earth one unto another. You reflect the ancient mirrored mythologies of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis, for example. You understand somewhat your place in this Grand Cycle we are in today.

Thanks to released programming, collapsing timelines and personal higher self (selves) exploration, you have a better sense of what your are truly capable and why. The time has now arrived for planetary grid work and light work by any and all names. And you are just the exquisite souls to do it. What am I talking about?

It’s fairly simple really. It is about harnessing what you have come to learn are your best service strengths and using them in new and unique ways in order to serve in a planetary support fashion. This service is accomplished using a huge variety of free energy tools be it crystals, reiki, sacred geometry, color rays, chanting, angelics, ascended masters or any combination of these and other extraordinary skills.

You have likely incorporated many of these tools for your own healing and that of friends, family and sometimes clients. Now is the time to realize that you are being asked to use these to help heal the Collective of humanity and our planet. While it is true that Gaia is an ancient living being, she is most assisted by your love via service.

What does this look like? Here are a few more examples in my own daily life. During my frequent walks in my neighborhood I send love and appreciation to the land and all of her inhabitants. Sometimes I focus on trees, other times grasses and then at other times to birds and other animals. I also listen for their messages to me.

A couple months ago when I was on my way home from food shopping for my family I was called by my Light Council to send healing energy to Syria. I live in the USA. What did I do? Within moments  via clair senses and using sacred geometric forms and color rays, I built what I determined to be an energetic system to join with that which was being sent by others.

It was to be held in place by quantum vibratory magnetic planetary energy conditions via the love being sent there by many of us at that time. Never forget the power of the phrase ‘where two or more are gathered in my name’ from the Christian Bible. I’m sure this expression exists in many religious texts across the world.

In another example, during the Standing Rock series of events in the US in which humans were putting themselves in danger in order to address sacred land and water from a pipeline, I routinely sent my energy to stand with them in spirit as well as call on the Divine Violet Flame of St. Germaine to be held over all involved.

How is any of this possible? It takes a willingness to wonder, to explore, discern then practice. Most of all it takes sloughing off the self-limiting beliefs heaped upon us at birth and beyond. It takes a level of commitment to remembering that we are one unified field of existence with our own energy signature with in it.

Most of all it takes sovereignty. A dedication to self love and love of others even in the face of imperfection wobbling to hold your own vibratory range, your own personal energetic framework stable. We are each of us living a third dimensional life. But what can occur is your service to the planet, where it is needed and when it is needed.

My suggestion? Start small. Let your imagination and love be your guide. Learn to listen for and pay attention to the call to serve. Let no one tell you what is and is not service. Trust yourself most of all. Create YOUR way of serving that matches you perfectly. This level of alignment to self provides the most precise impact when service is requested.

Eventually you will be called to the work. This is why you came. The ‘ping’ that you get will be unmistakable. You will, as I do, drop your current thoughts, concerns and worries and for just a moment, few minutes or other span of time, construct then send your brilliant love, healing and protection forms anywhere they need to go.

Congratulations on achieving readiness to explore or go further in your level of service to humanity and the planet. You see, this is how New Earth, fifth dimensional living is established. It’s amazingly beautiful. Just as you are.

Much love, Amber

A New World Hanging Outside Our Window

A New World Hanging Outside Our Window

I’m paraphrasing one of my favorite songs in this title. The actual phrase is “A new world hangs outside my window…” from ‘Sound & Color’ by Alabama Shakes. In fact the whole song rocks my senses in its accuracy for what is occurring on our planet today.

To begin, here is the exchange I had with my Light Council in preparation to write this item:

Me: Who wants to talk to me about this subject and what do you want readers to understand?

Ehtu:  What you refer to has so much more to do with what is happening in the ethers on your planet. What you are about to express relates to that which is occurring in this dimension, your third.

Your planet is taking a turn, a growth spurt of sorts, she is ready to make this change now. And where she is going has been stabilized now for her presence. People of your Kind now see this. It is what you call the fifth dimensional earth. New Earth.

Me: Your are right, I do see this new world breaking through. I feel it more than see it. Sometimes I catch flashes of it with my eyes. I certainly see the lightcodes pouring onto Gaia and see light flashes in varying colors and styles during waking hours too. And my dreams have become visionary over the last few years.

What I’d really like to do and inspire in others is to support more growing awareness in this evolving fifth dimensional (and beyond) experience. What do you suggest we do in order to be able to do so?

Ehtu: What we all have done. Go within. Daily. Without limits. Explore yourselves, your awareness and consciousness. You are going to have to go further into yourselves than you have ever known how to do previously.

You will accept that where you are led is the perfect place, information and experience for you at that moment. You will have to gain self trust in ways not previously available to your species.

The more time you spend exploring your inner landscape of self, the more you will discover the abundance of information about existence available to you now. You have everything you need within to make this new earth experience your own. 

Me: Thank you Ehtu. My relationship with you is a great example of being willing to explore myself and trust what I hear, see and feel. Thank you for talking with me. Namaste.

Changing Nicely.png

Those of you who read my work understand that I am a New Earth Teacher. That simply means that I am a forerunner, one whose remembering has been heavily triggered, as we make a turn into a newer human consciousness on our home planet. There are many of us now across the world.

It occurred to me that you may be somewhat overwhelmed, as I have been at times, by all the various approaches you read about where spiritual consciousness is concerned today. Do a little googling  and you can find ‘activations’ for just about anything at all: merkaba, kundalini, diamond & platinum lightcodes, and DNA/blueprint, just to name a few.

You can find informants and healers on every imaginable path who harness energies across the marvelous spectrum available. They work with color, numbers, geometries, blueprints, lightcodes, and light language. Many more understand spiritual quantum mechanics, crystals,  timelines and connect with Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm.

Explore them. Avoid them. It does not really matter. You are changing without trying to do so. Our Sun, the Great Central Sun and the Photon Belt are all seeing to this nicely now. It is simply the nature of the Divine Plan for us at this time in the Cycle of Existence.

You can also find grand arguments and trite human quibbles with regard to fifth dimensional living, ego and the ‘who is going, who is staying and what it all means’ type. Dig around long and deep enough and you’ll bump into revelations with regards to geopolitics, extraterrestrials and deep state related miasma sure to give you equal doses of understanding and confusion. Sometimes all at the same moment.

I tell you all of this to recommend highly that you go within YOU. That you develop your own sensibility and pathway to experiencing the qualities of what is considered a fifth dimensional (and beyond) spiritual consciousness.

If you rely on other humans to interpret this in total for you, and they are out there, you will miss the exquisite beauty and point for establishing your own soul’s connection and resonance. You simply can’t grow in understanding and practices until your own energy body is healing and integrated with the associated themes that this period in human history now offers.

This does not mean that you don’t pursue courses and teachers, it means that you approach them with the understanding that they are mirrors you yourself manifested for what you are now bringing into your own life experience for exploration.

This changeover or shift in human awareness and spiritual consciousness is being accomplished one soul unto another. It is the way it was always designed and prophesied. Allow your curiosity to be your guide. Allow your own quiet voice(s) to whisper to you.

Pick up a pen and paper, begin to ask yourself questions, then answer them without censor. Spend time in nature and learn to pay attention to how you feel when you are there. Pay closer attention to synchronicity and small moments. Breath more deeply and slowly. Most of all, love, forgive and nurture yourself. And then do the same for others.

Always written with deep love and gratitude, Amber



A Consciousness 26K Years in the Making

A Consciousness 26K Years in the Making

Go gently now. Patience with yourself during this changeover in human consciousness is required. I’m the last person who will participate in cosmic carrot dangling that says if you do (fill in the blank), then you will achieve the life you always wanted to live. In fact, it is a distraction to suggest anything outside of yourself is needed.

You live with me here in the third dimension. I write to you via the fifth dimensional expression. Thanks to an easily misunderstood set of assumptions coupled with historical programming, some of you are awaiting a singular external event that will finally deliver you to a better place where the fraughtness of our human lives no longer exists.

Others of you have come to a deeper truth and no longer await deliverance. You are learning who you are. You are learning your true inheritance and role in the change taking place among humans and on our planetary home, Earth.

Remembering 1pablo

You have felt this pull toward some kind of permanent transition such that all of life is lived in harmony in every way imaginable and in all ways this current world does not. At times you wonder why you know things can be different when your current life has provided no evidence that this is possible. You understand that while this planet and her creatures are exquisitely beautiful, it is often painful here.

You are remembering and re-imagining a life in which cooperation among the population is a routine occurrence, where Universal Laws naturally apply and match the agreements across the entire cosmos. You recall balanced geometries and matrices held lovingly in place with ancient frequencies and wavelengths.

Yet here we are. Repeatedly cycling through lifetimes within a paradigm of marked shadow and limitation. Insult and injury normative and expected. Except you and I know something only a small number of humans currently know. Change is happening.

Positive change in human consciousness is happening now and YOU are representatives and ambassadors of it. You and me. We arrived to earth highly sensitive, highly attuned and ready to Serve this portion of the consciousness cycle fully.

In fact, you are specifically designed and prepared via your blueprint prior to birth to express this healing and recovery transition of the human species. Just by BEING you at this point in the precession of equinoxes, an oh so much more, you have ushered in the long awaited return to fifth dimensional human consciousness and beyond.

Humans have a tendency to over work, over think and over function relative to achievement. This is largely due to the duality that exists in the third dimensional life. At this time in our patriarchal paradigm, out of balance with our Divine Feminine, the biggest, fastest and hardest WINS.

As a citizen of our Collective of Light Beings, which you certainly are, you have the tricky task of releasing about twenty six thousand years of participation within a extremely limited consciousness existence. Because of this, you often forget, as you may have done recently, that holding this Truth is a practice not an end result.

Your job is to develop consciousness and learn to hold it and function within it in a day to day way. Others will learn to do this from witnessing you do so. During this last month my guess is that, like me, you confronted some very intense emotions and thoughts. You likely visited new depths of core human pain.

You also had some spectacular insights that took you to new places within spiritual understanding. I know this based on the fact that this Spring Equinox came loaded with energetic triggers designed just for this very purpose. Allow this changeover to be just that, a change.

Trust that the Cycle of Life as reflected within Source is perfectly designed to handle the task now at hand. Know that your soul’s purpose and signature is perfectly aligned with these times and conditions. You are not missing a single cue. You know what to do and when to do it for your highest good and that of others.

Continue to seek support when you need it and to care well for yourself in all ways. Seek and establish practices that provide relief and teach you to listen and respond through your heart. You are doing a great job being a human at this most powerful time in the ascending human and planetary consciousness.

Sending my love with this post. Amber




The Human Struggle with Being One

The Human Struggle with Being One

On our planet today it is usually derided spiritual sorts like us who have any real interest in the concept for being One. We have this writ deep into our soul mission and at some point in our lives we awaken to it and begin our journey to serve it here on earth. Often, for us exquisitely sensitive types. under the most difficult living conditions. The good news is that since the early nineties increasing numbers of us are mobilizing in our daily lives what it means to live as One.

We do so within a fairly brutal human framework relative to systems and norms that mirror separation to us as individuals on a quantum level. Divisions within economics, race, abilities and religions are thousands of years old. These are only some of the most well known purveyors of separation and they have done a stellar job choking off any sense that we, as humans, are a Collective. As One.

Good for All SL pablo

The vast majority of humans today are living within a painful environment that works against their very natures which is one of peace, harmony, and collective good for all. To be sure, the rest of the cosmos operates under these thriving premises. As such, all needs are met in such a way that no needs exist at all. It is simply a matter of fact such that advancement and exploration towards Source expansion is the norm. Source seeking to know and experience Itself. Alter the word Source to any you would choose. God for example.

Today’s humans on whole can not conceive of the harmony within other octaves that exist this very moment. They are sufficiently cowed by daily struggle and self-preservation and rejection and all attendant conditions. The  whole idea of Oneness appears mythical.

For some, being One as an idea is simply repugnant. Indeed many of you reading this have faced ridicule and dismissiveness repeatedly when you broached this topic with those you love. You’ve lost friends and become alienated within your communities for holding these principles close and daring to say so.

It is precisely because you have a solid grasp on what is Oneness that I am writing. It is my understanding and that of many teachers, wayshowers, lightworkers and healing artists of every path, that thanks to a predicted growing human consciousness, often referred to as ascension, the conditions for Oneness have become more highly resonant and present for more human beings. We are changing as a whole.

While there are many reasons for this, two known scientifically based facts that may be of interest to you are now coming into play for more people. The first has to do with all that is known in the world. Since ancient times there has been a way to account for known facts on the planet. Did you know that?

For hundreds of years the growth in what was known was very slow to grow. Since the nineteen sixties, however,  humans have been doubling those known facts every decade. We double this figure every year or two now. Of course, this is in large part due to speed of technology. This alone has changed the human being. Individually regardless of the usual separation-based constructs (race/religion/finances, etc.), we literally have access to and engage an astounding amount of information each day. Unprecedented.

The second item I’ll bring to your awareness is the understanding that humans on earth are only visually aware of a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic light spectrum.  You reading this understand that all of existence is made of light vibrating at varying speeds and wavelengths. As such,  most humans are literally in the dark about what else comprises life.

This tiny fraction of human visual awareness, what we can see with our eyes, leaves a vastly unseen and unknown amount of light energy outside of our common knowledge. Except, this is not true for you reading this. You, by design, are aware of much more.of the range of electromagnetic activity.

We tend to refer to this energy activity as spiritual or consciousness. It’s what we engage via meditation and prayer. It’s what we do when we intuit or channel. It’s what we conceive of when we work with chakra balancing, for example.

You know this by your relationship to what is simply termed the Unseen. You either recently or long ago created a relationship to it that has enriched and healed you. And it is fostering the condition for being One each and every time you engage it on your own or within your smaller groups and communities.

So, while we remain a tiny subset of humans on the planet who hold the vibration for what is Oneness on earth and we know that we have enormous support from Gaia and the Cosmos, it bears reminding us that what we are doing for ourselves, we are doing for all of humanity.

As we heal and grow ourselves, we heal and grow All That Is. This is the good news for the condition of Being One quickly arriving to our beloved home planet today. While we know about other lives and other places, we elected earth this go ’round and we are serving her mightily. I thank you for this. And as always send my love.- Amber



Practical Energetics: About Self Love

Practical Energetics: About Self Love

I will thank you in advance for falling deeply, madly, unabashedly in love with yourself. For as you do, you will also love me and the rest of us. This is alchemy at its finest.

I feel a bit like  singer/songwriter Paul McCartney as I write this post. In one of his late 70’s songs with the band Wings, post Beatles, he croons “You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh no…” In fact I hear it playing in some far off corner of my mind. And this all because I am about to write to you about love.

Here is the situation. When you arrived to the planet, you came front loaded with love. In fact, it was all you ever knew. Where you are from, there IS only Love. It is the gas in the vehicle by which you got here in the first place. And it is the electromagnetic stuff, some like to call God Particles, of which your atoms cling unto one another. To be sure, love goes by many names.


If you want to consciously manifest experiences in your life that give you a sense of meaning, belonging and connection, all attributes of love,  then love itself has to be first applied. Liberally in fact. If I were you I would stop worrying about sunscreen and start slathering on love. In every way imaginable.

Ah, now we come to the most important part. You can see the conundrum of the last paragraph above. Just HOW does a human apply love? While any kind of love is good love, none of it can cling to you and grow you until you have begun to practice and master one thing. SELF love. Uh oh.

And guess what you promptly forgot when you got here? Self love. In fact to be sure you forgot it, most world religions and cultural norms and mores in industrialized nations enforced the message. Do Not Love Thyself. Nope. No way. Just do not do it. Love others, yes, but while its a great idea to groom yourself and exercise each day, keep self love out of your personal equation. Unless, of course, someone else is willing to give you some of theirs.

Note: This is not the blog post where I explain why others do not give us love the way that we are taught. Not possible. Nor is it even possible that we can love another without first loving ourselves. This position will raise a few eyebrows. I will try to write on this soon.

Now back to my premise. To make it even more unlikely you would love yourself while on earth, you were advised to experience shame at the idea of doing so. As a matter of fact, some of you clearly got the message to do the opposite of loving yourself. Hate yourself. Or atleast parts of yourself. It all adds up to the same result: a drained life force. Remember, love IS the juice of life. No juice. No life.

How many of you hate how you look? Your weight? Your job? Your family members? If hate is too strong a word, how about any of its cousins, reject, dislike, disapprove, eschew. I could go on for days with words that oppose love. It is easy since I am a human living in the third dimension. Too easy. Its a frequency that has a well worn path, a groove in our collective mindset. The neural pathway to this condition is almost unbreakable. Almost.

So here is my proposal. Decide to do everything out of love for Self. Anyone reading this is a Service to Other soul and understands that we are One. We live, and have for thousands of years as reincarnating souls under a patriarchal, Service to Self/Power over Others energetic template or framework. It has been excruciating. And at times horrifying.

Within the understanding that we are One, the quantum mechanical story tells us that what you first do for yourself as a receiver ripples then out from you as a transmitter to those around you. As you heal self, you heal Us. As you love yourself, you then love Us. As you love you, you simultaneously love me. Even if I never am lucky enough to meet you.

Sending this off highly encoded with Love in the Highest. Because I can. So I do. — Amber


Practical Energetics: Your Sovereignty

Practical Energetics: Your Sovereignty

Want to know a life altering condition that humans are programmed to avoid? If you decide to take complete responsibility for yourself and begin to live from the awareness that everything occurring in this incarnation was agreed to prior to arrival to earth and you engage this agreement on a daily basis, you will achieve sovereignty.

Freedom comes from taking complete self responsibility at all times. There is complete freedom in knowing that everything existing in your life at this very moment, you manifested for your own soul’s experience. Everything.

Use the phrase ‘self responsibility’ with your average person and be prepared to be looked at with at best a blank stare, or at worse, bitter resentment. If you sit there long enough it’s likely the person will begin to argue why they are NOT responsible for their lives and what has happened to them. They will tell you all about their victimization.


For most humans the mere suggestion of what I have posed here is utterly unacceptable and abhorrent. Much argument ensues around ‘what about abuse?’ or ‘what about earthquakes and people dying?’ and ‘what about the job from which I was laid off?’, etc. From the level of self responsibility to which I refer, yes, all of this is YOU too. All agreed. All. Of. It.

In fact, the most sacred aspect of my human life today is the absolute assuredness that I am responsible for every manifested ounce of my life. This means I have nothing going on in my life that I did not at some point in my soul consciousness agree to experience or explore.

This understanding makes me resilient and hearty accepting every light and dark nuance this third dimensional life expresses. It also calls me to look outside of this dimension in order to make sense of and work with that which we humans are confronted sheerly by living here. It is both horrifying and delightful living as an embodied soul.

When I dip into my sense of sovereignty, which I do daily now, I literally feel weightless and free within this knowledge. Some of you reading this are having all kinds of questions and resistance to my words at this point. I completely understand this. But I will continue. It is my job as a teacher to do so.

This sovereign state makes me free to make changes when and where needed to the degree that I am conscious of what I am creating and choosing. Therefore I am acutely interested in my ability to be conscious of my power and capability to choose. I nurture this interest and have an insatiable drive  as a mystic, student and teacher to seek tools and insights to gain more conscious capability to create and build from within this condition.

I hold this to be True: I am, as you are, an expression of Source, and am the creator of my own life. I am the builder. I am the magician. I am the Divine Self that vibratorily holds all aspects of my nano-atomic blueprint, forgotten or remembered, within my energy body.

To be very clear, I observe you to be a reflective manufacture of my elected magnetic experience too. That old boyfriend who said “Amber, you act like this is your life and we are all just passing through it” was one hundred percent correct. Only he was complaining.

It is not popular in the predominant culture among humans to espouse that I am responsible for every aspect of my lifetime. It’s not accepted programming among humans that I, not someone or something else, holds power over me.

It is unacceptable to most people that I am as free as I know to make myself of false belief systems that limit my self perception, curiosity and imagination. It is not popular precisely because it requires self responsibility. Others do not want to hear this from me because they innately know I am talking about them too.

We agreed to become entrained at birth to be primitively adverse to assuming responsibility for ourselves. We elected to forget our sovereign selves upon which the remaining Cosmos and her Families operate. We were asked to experiment with forgetting this and many other aspects of who we are in favor of limitation, shame and suffering of every nature. Indeed we elected perceived powerlessness. In some ways we began to prefer this condition having become so familiar with it.

Once you lose the programmed belief in victimhood and messianic patriarchal ideas such as waiting to be taken care of or saved by other human or benevolent beings, you begin to face your shadows. And this life is front loaded with shadow in the name of pain and suffering. The shadows are light too but are moving energy at a lower rate than that which we refer to as ‘Light’ and are inherent to the third dimensional life.

There is no way to achieve this sovereign condition of existence without metaphorically coming face to face with many ogres at many gates. Myths are loaded with the ‘ring pass not’ aspects for reclaiming something lost hoping to be found.

Yes indeed, some of these shadowy monsters are real human beings, others are ephemeral results wreaking havoc on you mind, body and soul. Insert the concept for the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ here. For some, dark nights are a lifetime that only death resolves. For others, the achievement of sovereignty provides an imminently livable condition from which life becomes an amazingly strange delight.

There is no way around this heroic journey of self exploration.No drug, no drink, no food (or lack of it) or sexual experience will get you to a sovereign state of being this lifetime. There is no academic or professional achievement nor money or external power structure that can assist you to jump over the abyss of pain and suffering required to achieve the sovereign state while living on earth.

Why have I achieved it? Because I have complete self responsibility for my existence and what I have and continue to  bring into my life. Warts and all. The pain at times has been alternately numbing and excruciating but I know with certainty that agreed to it, created it, built it and at times, destroyed it. I know that in this same manner I invited you, reader.

I am, as you are, exploring and experiencing my life as Source coming to know itself. Am I perfect in sovereignty? Not as long as I am in human form, no. The nature of human living in the third dimensional form precludes perfection.

This means that my mates, my friends, family and professional life are all manufacture of this exploration. In this understanding is my ultimate sense of freedom. Herein too  lies the achievement of peace. It is truly a peace that surpasses human understanding. I now witness my life from a slight distance, one that neither overly joins nor overly disconnects. One that mostly observes and loves while consciously self-correcting  my course from day to day.

Sovereignty is a highly encoded vibratory condition that requires daily service. It is a quantum mathematical condition requiring a narrow focus to which I attend throughout my days. The frequencies for this state are specific just as are any other manifested state of being. As with anything immensely pleasurable I am devoted to this condition and sustain it above all else.

In fact you consciously or unconsciously work equally as hard to sustain the suffering you have in your life today. This is the impersonal nature of Existence. You build it, it will come. You create it, it will exist. You destroy it, it will change its nature in your life.

I hope this post has exposed some new themes to you or taken you a bit further in your own explorations for what it means to become sovereign too. The time is now arriving that earth’s inhabitants gain ground on who they are in the Grand Scheme and how to operate more fully as the powerful souls they truly are by Design.

Sending my love with this writing, Amber


‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

‘Service to Other Souls’ in the Workplace

All my professional life I have been a Service to Other soul in the workplace. That is because I was born one just as you were. It is my natural soul state prior to all of the third dimensional patriarchal programming that was layered upon me by agreement when I became embodied, just as was done for each of you.

Some of you who read this are only more recently realizing who you are and who you came to be. You are discovering, as I did, that the time has come to shed the programming. I know it is tough to allow your True Nature to arise to conscious awareness when it is not part of the dominant culture. It can seem excruciating when doing so amid your working life.

It can be painful as you begin to work this situation out with yourself. And it most assuredly will lead to questions about yourself and how you spend your work time earning necessary money to pay bills and, if you are one of the fortunate humans on the planet, to take a vacation. I know this because I have lived through this. Not easy. At all.

This awakening to our Service to Other selves is happening for a lot of people now. It will continue to do so for many years to come. There are still far fewer of us than there will be in generations to come. We are the forerunners of this condition at this end of the polarity spectrum.


What is a Service to Other Soul? It is the other gradated end of the naturally occurring human living design construct of energy that can be expressed as light and dark, with dark being expressed in this case as Service to Self or Power over Others. One important caution here, neither is bad or good, just different creating differing results for human beings: suffering versus peace, in my best over simplified estimation.

Bluntly, Service to Other souls are naturally concerned with how to support other humans as themselves to thrive as a collective and Power over Other souls are caught up in the programmed game for how to be divided out and seen as ‘more than’ as themselves from others for everything from skin color, region of the planet to money and status. One polarity seeks to merge the other to divide.

In this time of the long anticipated energetic shift away from thousands of the years old Service to Self/Power over Others polarity, we are now acutely and in larger numbers awakening to what it means to go about our third dimensional lives holding this transfiguring condition in place everywhere we go. Including the workplace.

The best news? There are increasing number of us Service to Others types showing up to work. This growth in numbers will only rise as the Millennials and the generations after them arrive on the work scene. Sweet relief I say. I will nod in quiet appreciation as I watch this unfold, participating as I do in this last third of my professional life.

For those of us who have been bringing the Service to Others intent and capability to work year in and year out, it has been a Service to Self world all of our careers. Exhausting. As such, as a normal human response, around us at work, colleagues are in some form of  mild to extreme hurt and anger. They are acting out, creating drama and conflict or  inflicting pain on others generally making workplaces fairly to extremely toxic places to be.

Some of you who read this are feeling the same as you absorb your work atmosphere. It’s costing you sleep, energy and general peace. Some of you feel unwell and literally physically hurting because of it. You might indulge in coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol or binge television or food. You could even be prone to arguments with those you adore because of it. Goodness knows, I can empathize. If you are in this group: seek assistance. It is available to you in many forms and price points from the conventional to the highly esoteric.

Others of you imaginative souls have figured out how to hold your high vibes without dipping into more painful conditions around you. In fact, a number of you have done something even more tricky. You blessed souls, of which I used to be one, learned how to transmute the energy in the office. This means, not only does it not drag you down, but you are able to lighten up the place with your love and kindness. If you fall into any of these  latter types, ahem, you have some teaching to do. Get busy.

For better description about the current Service to Self paradigm, if your colleagues are appearing to feel  great it is usually for one of two reasons: great acting skills, of which I certainly have had to use, or they are truly pleased with themselves, but on closer inspection it would be largely egoistic and at the expense of someone or many someones easily identified or more often than not, not so easily.

To be sure, no one gets off free from the suffering in this predominant paradigm. The seemingly unconscious Power Over Others types are roiling with self doubt, misery, and fear of not having enough, not being good enough or plainly coping with free floating shame and anxiety. These human emotions come naturally with the shadow aspect of the paradigm. Few escape it. I do not think I ever met anyone at work for whom I did not catch a whiff of some of those emotions. I have had them all too.

It is a simple fact that these feelings of pain and suffering by every name  are the most prevalent emotions on the planet at this time. It stands to reason we find them predominating our offices, warehouses and job sites of every kind regardless of discipline. As humans, we do not leave our vibratory conditions at home as we head off to work each day. We take them everywhere we go.

Even when they are not acting out of these emotions, our colleagues, and sometimes us too,  have them simmering unconsciously just beneath the surface ready to be triggered into action at any moment.  People on either end of these constructs feel victimized and worn down by work conditions that are harmful to the most resilient human spirit.

Some of us who chose, like myself, to make our way into the conventional workforce, and who could sustain its blows, are now turning back into it with a renewed sense of service and transmuting skills. These energetic times are healing us, buoying and reassuring us of our mission and complete preparedness for what we face at work.

Before you can make this turn back into business and industry or indeed sustain yourself without relational, emotional and then physical injuries, you will have to examine who you are. You will have to come to terms with what has hurt you, not just in your personal life, but yes, in your work life too.

It took me a long time to admit who I truly was even though most of my work was in the helping professions. Sometimes I would think ‘wow, for people who are so giving and well meaning, they sure can be mean to themselves and others, they can sure create suffering.’ But this is only because a number of them were, like me, Service to Other souls caught up in the heavy programming of a Service to Self world.

Sending my love and care to all of you. Wishing you only the best as you heal and emerge renewed and recharged, understanding your Mission this lifetime.

Always with love, Amber


Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

 I literally feel driven to share what I understand about consciousness. While I have had this drive simmering since childhood and shoved it sensibly and quietly into an accepted conventional education and career, I have been hit with an intensified level of urgency since 2012. In earth years that’s a long time to have something weighing on a person.

This drive has colored my daily life for so long I can hardly recall how I spent my time before it did so. It is almost all I want to talk about to anyone who will engage me. If I’m not careful I find myself weaving consciousness themes  into the most mundane conversations. Frankly, I’ve lost friends over this. Can you relate?

What has me and yes, many of you, so laser focused lately?  Thanks in no small part to the changes in our earth and atmosphere commonly referred to as Ascension in Consciousness, a smaller subset of the whole of our Collective, which itself is still quite small, is driven to boldly and lovingly support human beings to realize that their lives belong to them.


We want to show and teach others that by learning and practicing a set of fundamental esoteric consciousness principals, they can go on to affect their lives in extraordinary ways. In my case, I am a Service-to-Other being who is driven to teach to this very condition.

My guess is that you are going to identify with what I am writing as many of my readers are also discovering their own mission as healer, wayshower, lightworker, etc. Many of you are also gnashing your teeth over how to angle yourselves into this arena such that the good news and works can be shared. You are seeking new formats and forums and assessing the lay of the land for what, how and where you will teach.

As I will readily attest, our own personal work, especially since the 2012 energetic trigger has been arduous to say the least. You don’t come to earth for this very moment unless you are particularly capable of assisting in these tumultuous times. To be able to assist, you will have had many incarnations of tumult and experience from which to then teach. Old souls indeed.

We are shifting ourselves into this mission on many Paths via raised vibratory states, collapsed timeline Selves, released karmic conditions, and master level manifestation capabilities. We are growing in our understanding (remembrance) of sacred geometry and quantum energy and its mechanics. Holographic, matrixed, blueprinted knowledge now arises.

We are seeking an expression in this life that will allow us to teach the many consciousness related themes that have changed and improved our lives for the better. Indeed, we have awakened so sufficiently to our consciousness themes by many narratives that we have the sense we have no other choice but to find a way to share the information. This is the Unity Consciousness imperative woven brightly into our DNA today.

This blog post came to mind after a recent client session in which I saw mirrored back to me the same drive for the same purpose. He said almost verbatim what I have thought about daily. Humans can have better lives individually and then societally than they do. In order to do so, however, they are going to have to discover, recover and then practice some fundamentals of existence that are for most human beings, best kept secrets.

We are the Teachers. The time has come for the revelation of truths and for full disclosure about who we are as humans and who we have always been by design. Once the fissure in the psyche begins to open and the human heart engages, there is no turning back. You will, as I have been, moved along by forces you will come to know and respect. You will be, as I am, honored to take up the mantle and become a teacher. We welcome you.

Much love, Amber