When Consciousness-Centered Responses Fall Flat

When Consciousness-Centered Responses Fall Flat

Earlier today I responded to a colleague’s question on Instagram.  In her post she mentioned she was having head and neck strain. Since she is in a healing arts field, essential oils, my written comment to her suggested that she avoid overworking her masculine energy which creates tons of drive and action in favor of  bringing in more female energy that allows flow  and results to be magnetic. I suggested that she create a balance that incorporates both activity AND trusting the flow of life. This balance will take better care of her human spirit and body.

Later in the day I noticed that she saw my response and asked “how do I do that?”  I answered her there, but this simple exchange prompted me to write this post. I suggested to her that identifying human programs that have us exhausting ourselves in the name of success and productivity is one area to observe. I offered that she could explore what is meant by ‘feminine energy’ and how that works to attract or magnetize the desired outcome.

The fact is while I answered her,  and knowing her as I do, I could sense her reasonable disbelief on some level, that my proposal had any real merit. And she is not alone. I completely understand that addressing questions from a spiritually-centered perspective can come off as lopsided, meaningless and trite.

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In the realm of conscious spiritual awareness, words often fail. As humans we are third dimensionally programmed to discourse within an accepted frequency regime that is disinclined to recognize personal power and choice. It is also not a big fan of balance and wellbeing as a way of living and being. As such, to make responses to “how do I do that?” in a few short consciousness-based sentences mostly falls flat.

In my experience the other person either turns off and tunes out or, worse, gets irritated. I’ve had it all happen. The more reasonable human programmed response, if one is even made (first line of huamn programming is to NOT respond to the stated pain), would be “oh, sorry to hear you are are in pain.”, the next acceptable response would be “you could also take a warm bath or get a massage”. Those both fit with acceptable expectations for human interaction. No one is going to argue with those.

Most humans don’t want to hear what I responded with when asked “how do I do that?”. Why not? Because they don’t yet feel able to do the first steps needed. These first steps to anything energetically, consciously or spiritually related require you to notice something or become aware of something. This requirement is the first warning flag a human needs in order to sense danger that their beliefs are going to be challenged such that they need to run away from the conversation.They are being asked to go within. This inherently suggests that solutions lie within not outside of them. It also implies the long haul, no quick fix. Ugh.

A significant set of others decide to fight back when they hear the kind of response I made. Trust me, after all these years I know when another person feels defensive and would rather get passively huffy or downright negative and mean. Plus, my mad skills of perception (chuckling) can smell a sour note a mile away. There are the lovely but fewer intrepid souls who get curious and ask the next question. “What do you mean by that? Can you describe that?” Sweet relief. These souls are you dear reader. These are the humans who by changing themselves change the planet.

I get asked ‘how-to’ questions and often know I’m being asked to regurgitate a list of some sort, a recipe, for relieving a symptom or two. The plain truth is that conscious living of any kind is not a recipe or list. It’s an internal drive or call that we answer for living in a more sovereign way such that human programs are no longer unconsciously driving thoughts, feelings or actions. It is a cultivated perspective that takes dedication and practice. Lots of practice.

So yes, our kind are going to appear to those who are not ready to explore themselves in this manner to be all ‘love & light’, elusive, exclusive and without merit. I’ve increasingly accepted this to be the case now that I am no longer looking to fit neatly into broadly accepted categories for what ‘good humans’ look and sound like. Or what what helpful humans say when asked “how do I do that?”.

I’m okay with the fact, and this is a long time coming, that my best language and intent to support another soul will fail to be received in the manner it was intended, often and completely. After all each of us is already sovereign. We all heal and evolve ourselves based on the blueprint with which we arrived and with which we teach ourselves to inform and interface. It’s the true divine nature of all existence.

I write this with much love as always, Amber




Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Multidimensional Living: The Free Will Program

Before I jump into the topic of free will I thought you may like to understand how I engage the material I present from the start. I am not the type of person who does a lot of sitting meditation. I do my best connecting to Source via what some like to call a walking meditation. It has been this way for me for years. It seems that moving my body keeps it busy while I engage what is commonly termed ‘higher’ aspects of myself, although these days I don’t really refer to them this way. These days they simply present to me by long established names and identities.

It may be helpful too for you to understand that while a specific subset of humans have long interfaced and written about their engagements with the angelic realm, many of us are also now specifically identifying our engagement with what can best be called the galactic community within the sphere of consciousness processes. Many of us find various ways to introduce this experience to readers and clients. In my case, I refer to this collective most often as my Light Council.  There is much more I could write on this subject, but I’ll save that for another day.

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This morning the subject of ‘free will’ was the topic of discussion with members of my Light Council. It was Ehtu who first commented on this subject. He advised that “the physics for what is free will is highly mutable and highly programmable.” Then Aga advised that “free will IS a human program. Be sure YOU are the programmer.” It appears they both were sending home the message that yes, we humans have ‘free will’ but without our OWN input driving what that means, we are subject the the whims of those who (or that which) would seek power over that individual free will.

It was a surprise too, that Jamay weighed in on the subject as he tends to be more quiet during teachable moments like this. I liked his expression the best. He said “Where I exist ‘free’ means One and ‘will’ means Intention. I like this so much because I could feel what he was saying. The rest of the multiverse operates on this divine principle of Oneness. And I could understand how that is energetically pure Intention. Humans are only now catching up as we are moving into fifth dimensional living.

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Anthor, ever my technical instructor, demonstrated the actual mathematics involved, but I was walking and could not draw it out on paper, as he likes me to do. Nor could I do the quantum mechanics research that typically goes with his teaching. But what he showed me was a complex set of mathematical equations that when assembled looked a lot like geometrical conditions laid out in three dimensions. A blueprint for ‘free will’.

From his depiction I could see a lot of opportunity  where this blueprint could be engaged and altered as is the case with any mathematical expression. Anthor was showing this to me so that I could help us understand, from the mathematical view, how constructs such as ‘free will’ are built. And how subject they are to input, my own or that I take in from outside of myself consciously or more often the case, unconsciously.

This was a terrific discussion as so many of us are expanding our understanding for how energy works and our individual role in informing it. The simplest methodology available to humans is found in the  fundamentals of universal laws of creation, attraction or manifestation. We are also becoming more aware and adept with regard to human programming that begins at birth on our planet. As souls having a human incarnation, we’ve come to understand how much of it was ‘assumed’ versus consciously chosen during the current lifetime.

As such, we are getting much better at releasing programming that is unsuitable for us and taking on newer conditions that bring more joy, pleasure, comfort and well-being. It makes sense to me that my Council wanted to talk specifically on the ‘free will’ theme as it is bandied about quite a bit in the consciousness community at this time. Humans are awakening to the fact that free will in and of itself is a construct that needs thoughtful consideration and active engagement versus careless assumption both personally and externally.

Here’s to engaging free will in such a way that YOU drive it’s meaning and expression in your OWN life otherwise, externalized programming (as it does with so much already) will be happy to drive it for you. It is always my pleasure to share what I am learning as I learn right alongside of you. Much love, Amber